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If you won the lottery...


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I always love playing this "What If" game. I'll never actually win the lottery though, since I never buy tickets.


So if you won the lottery, say $50 million, what would you do? Would you work? Travel? Give to charity? Blow it gold toilets and clothes made from the skins of endangered animals? How would you spend it?

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assuming this is after taxes... I'd invest half of it right off, get an operation I need but can't approval for because of stupid funding issues, Get a nice flat panel TV, and get great season tickets to every sports event at OSU, even if I can't attend, so I have the option to attend. And I'd visit a bunch of away games for their baseball team, and some football games as well, and ride first class.


I'd meanwhile, after finishing my schooling, pursue amature careers in music, art, and literature.. ie publish a novel, short stories, and do gigs with my horn.


Whenever my 25 mil ran low down to under 5 mil, I'd live off the interest of the rest of it.

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Urghh, I hate these kinds of questions LOL.


I'd pay off all of my and my family's debts and make sure we all had decent cars and houses and were comfortable. I'd donate some to charity and invest a good chunk. Then I'd use the rest to travel around meeting all my wonderful friends from here who can't make it to see me. :lol:

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Good Question Kath! Well first thing's first, I'd pay of my Parent's mortgage and buy them both new cars. I'd also probably give them some money. Then I'd buy my Mum a Holiday Home in Italy.


I'd buy my Brother a car when he was 17 and pay his Tuition fees through University and probably give him some money to help him buy his first house.


Then for my friends, I'd probably buy them a nice big present each! Or I might take them on Holiday with me.


Then I'd ask the Cancer Units at the Local Hospital what new medical equipment they needed and buy that for them. I'd also probably give some money to Cancer Research UK.


Then for me I'd fund my way through University so I wouldn't leave with the £21,000 worth of debt I'm going to have at the moment, buy myself a house and a car and lots of books. I'd probably put the rest in a savings account or invest it.

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I would put most of it into savings so I would never have to work or go to school again. I would give enough of it to my parents that they could retire and live comfortably during their retirement. I would also give some to my brother so he would never have to work or go to school again. I would buy myself a house once I find someone to marry, and I'd spend my days dancing, singing, learning to play instruments, writing, teaching myself other languages, and reading both fiction and nonfiction. I would travel to as many countries as possible. The rest of the money would be donated to my favorite charities.

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I'd pay off all of my parents debt. I'd buy myself a Honda Civic Hybrid. I'd then split the remainder in half, put one half in a Savings account, and the other in a checking. Then I'd try convincing my parents to let me rent out the room I'm already living in for free.


I don't make a very good evil person when it comes to my parents.

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I would buy my mother a house, then I would pay for my nephews kindergarden, and my sisters loan.. then I would pay off my own loan, and buy a nice apartment for me and bf :D and a car.. and then I would travel around the world, to all the places I wanna see :D


and I'm sure I would do lots of other things as well, but that was the things I thought of right away!

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I'd pay off our mortgage, my student loans and any other debts we have. I'd create a trust for my sisters in law medical bills.


I'd also create a foundation for my school that we could use for development and hiring additional teachers.


Anything leftover, I'd use either for travel, or for fun.

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Fifty million is a LOT of money. :D


Hold back three million to go into the bank - 2 million for savings, 1 million in the checking account. That will do us just fine.


1. Pay the debts first. I'd say the first million would cover that with change to spare.


2. Next million - buy a nice house somewhere in Chicagoland, with a fenced backyard and a two car garage. And car. Furnish.


3. Do my part for education. Ten million would go into a general trust for public libraries and schools in depressed areas, as well as into a fund to encourage entering educational fields of study.


4. My church back home would get a cool million - after all, they raised me as much as my parents did. That'd cover paying off their construction bill and other things for a while.


That's just within the first fifteen million - I can't imagine what all I'd do with the rest.

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if only....*dreams*


The first thing would do would be give up work. Just so I could take my little girl to school and back everyday.


I would make sure friends and family were debt free with a little extra. Make sure I had a decent sized house...etc.

I would also put money in an interest account and live off that for the rest of my life.


the rest would go to fav charities

NSPCC (national society for the protection of cruelty to children

RSPCA (Royal society for the protection of cruelty to animals). And other wildlife funds around.

Cancer research

Macmilllan Fund


The spare time I would use to learn all the things I don't get time for now and to visit all the places i've always wanted to and visit DCon :D

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Well after taxes that would leave about 26 million.


So lessee.


1. buy mum a house and set up a half mil trust fund for her.

2. put aside half mil for travel

3. fix up my farm in ireland

4. put aside one million to live off the intereast of

5. split a mil between five families to make amends for mistakes

6. keep aside another mil to play with

7. invest the rest shrewdly so i can have enough money to run for president

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Hmmm... what would I do with that kinda money.


First I'd pay off the bills, put half of the remainder in some type of investment to keep earning money off of it so we never struggle again. Build a new house where we wanted it and where it was best for the kids to go to school. Set asside college and wedding funds for the girls, buy my hubby a truck he'd like to have. The rest I'd say would be for helping Shea's dad start a new biz, me start a my freelancing and fun stuff like travel.


I don't think either of us would work full time, but I don't think either of us could just stay home all day either.



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Wow, 50 million! *dreams*

I'd pay off any debts and give a sizeable sum to family and close friends.

I'd buy my boyf and I a nice house.

I'd donate to some of my favourite charities and invest some.

I'd go and visit New Zealand and Jersey ( my top two fave locations)

I'd buy my fella a state of the art pc and gadgets :roll:


How much will that leave? :P

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oh jeez! $50 million?!!


First and foremost, I'd buy my parents a house and set them up cars. My mom has always wanted a jaguar...


Then I'd pay off my sister's student loans and pay for the rest of her schooling.


I'd set up a trust for my niece's schooling.


I'd also kiss financial aid goodbye and pay for my own college!


In the way of charity, I'd buy a building for Homeward Pet Adoption Center and set them up with accomodations for tons of cats and dogs. HPAC is a no-kill shelter I used to volunteer with.


After buying a house for myself and getting a Ph. D. in Psychology, I'd be able to live out my dream and provide counseling to underprivileged youth for FREE!


Ok, so who's got the winning numbers?!

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I'd buy DM...


Haha... no... I'd probably do a lot of what other people have mentioned. Pay off bills, mortgages, set up my family (except the ones I don't like ;P ), invest some, give some to Cancer research since that's huge in my family, buy a nice house and lots of land,buy a huge computer setup for my gaming... :P , and travel.

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$50 million... I wish that I could really comprehend a number like this! Let's see, here's my list:


1. Pay off my own debt,

2. Pay of my mum's mortgage so she won't lose her house after the divorce,

3. Donate a hefty sum of money to an African hedgehog rescue,

4. Donate/use a hefty sum of money to create a state-of-the-art feline rescue,

5. Donate/use a hefty sum of money to create a centre where children could come and be safe to learn about different cultures,

6. Buy a new car or four for myself and my family,

7. Buy a cottage/mansion on Lake Michigan,

8. Buy myself a super house with a large amount of property for gardening and enjoying myself and my family outdoors.

9. Take the rest of the money and invest it wisely so that it may continue to grow. ;)


Edited to add that I would definitely continue to get my Ph.D., I wouldn't use money to get out of that! Besides, I'm getting paid to do it! Lol.

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Hee, hee. Yeah, I'm one of those people who loves thinking and learning but hates school. I don't like all the artificial trappings of school, such as tests, papers, projects, and evaluations. I would rather just learn what I want, when I want since I am happiest as an autodidact.

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