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Welcome to the Band Wildfire!!

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Sorry, would have posted this sooner if I had read the sign up thread better... for some reason I thought you were already in the band <.< 


Anywho, so shortly someone should be along that should get you added in the right groups so you can see the private boards, but until then be sure to browse what you can see! *hands a bandy* Also there should be some people around some time to welcome you... if they don't show up soon I'll go hunt them down... Silly banders... :rolleyes: *hands a Wifi a bandy* Best brew in the band :wink: well... besides MG brew, but we only bring it out on special occasions and when we're able to steal *cough* I mean acquire it from the MG's secret stash. 


A few rules to know, no spilling brew, no channeling, and no assaulting superior officers. It is greatly frowned upon and will end in a punishment from one of our local pains I  mean Redarms, who keep the peace (and spoil all the fun). 


As you will soon see we are made of three regiments in the Band; the Cavalry(which is the best.. I mean we have horses), the Infantry (also known as the latrine diggers), and the Archers (the pointy stick flying people). I mean from that list it's easy to tell who you wanna hang out with :wink: but soon you'll start your Raw Recruit time where you will go hang out with all the different Regiments and do some fun tasks. 



So enjoy yourself! And welcome!!! :biggrin: And if you have any questions feel free to ask :wink: we don't bite.. well Bunyan (Dice's horse) does but... just stay away from him <.< 

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WIFI!!! *crashtacklehugs* Hi!!! Welcome to the Band!! *rolls the RR a keg of Bandy and a mug of bantea (my special variation ;p) Yay, you will have an amazing time here! I'm currently away on tour with very dubious wifi connection on random occasions in hotels and the like, but I will try and pop in and make sure you make the right regiment choice XD (CAVALRYYYY!!!!!)

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If you don't drink, it's not a problem ... it means more brew for us :tongue:


*plants a nice cold mug of iced tea freshly sun brewed with honey of course in wifi's hand*


BUT brew is still sacred... so no spilling it *nods nods*

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Hey Wifi!!!!!!


Glad you made it to the Best Social ORG on DM!!!!!!!!!



As a smart girl I know you will take BBs words to heart and join the mighty Cavalry, but in the meantime you will have to put up with the Infantry and archers.  Sorry about that but its gotta be done.....




Hello everyone *tackleshugs bard babe back* uhm what would you all say if I said I didn't drink.... :dry::smile::rolleyes: just saying....I know its the *thing* here but a nice cold mug of iced tea freshly sun brewed with honey of course :dry: would be nice.... :smile:



Hands wifi one of BBs Banteas.  Dont spill it tho cause then I will have to get angry and 



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well a little bit about me: I am an artist, crafter and writer.  I currently reside in a nursing home but that will hopefully change in about a year when I will get to go into a group home, I have 4 sisters and 1 brother ranging from 46 to 9 :rolleyes: , I have 2 nephews and 1 niece or 3 ni-ephews,  I have 4 four legged ni-ephews :rolleyes::laugh: , I like american footbal, gymnastics, and equestrian.  I don't watch tv, I do have netflix.  I read :rolleyes: obviously !! Anything else you want to know you will have to ask...LOL

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