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Basel Gill

Sherlock Holmes Role Madness Mafia Town wins

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Watson walked into the rooms he shared with Sherlock Holmes at 221B Baker Street with apprehension. His friend Sherlock Holmes had seemed a bit on edge in the last couple of days. Holmes was seated at a work table with a good deal of papers laid out before him in some haphazard arrangement. Watson looked and tried to make sense of it all with no success. Finally he asked, "What's up, Holmes?"* Holmes looked up at him.


"Trouble, Watson. Have I ever told you about Professor Moriarty? A most ingenious foe. I have been tracing his current scheme for the last week or two, and I think I finally know what he is up to. Moriarty is apparently good with disguises, as good as I am. I think he has developed a plan to replace some of the good people of London with himself and some of his crew. We will need our best skills to figure out who is as they claim, and who is a villain."


"But where should we start? London is a fairly large place."


"So it is, Watson. Naturally, we must first eliminate the impossible."

*Yes, I went there.





1. This is a hammer game. A lynch will be made when a majority is reached in voting and one of us is around to end the day. No votes or unvotes after a hammer is made will be considered. Self-votes are allowed. Voting for no lynch is allowed.


2. Day phases will be 3 days. Nights will be 1 day. Extra time will be given in case of weekends.


3. Editing of posts is not allowed unless you are the mod. But you aren't the mod, I am. So is Cindy.


4. If a hammer is not reached by the voting deadline, a random player will be lynched with no coroner report.


5. No, and I mean absolutely no, communication with anyone outside of this game thread will be allowed except on a designated QT.


6. You may not quote or screen-cap your role PM or any part of your role PM in the game thread. You may not pretend to quote or screen-cap your role PM, either. Paraphasing is allowed. Lying about paraphrasing is allowed.


7. Night actions will all happen at daybreak simultaneously unless otherwise specified. Two people Night-killing each other will both die if no other role intervenes. It won't matter who sends in their action first. Actions not submitted by the deadline will be forfeited for that phase. I will only accept the first action you submit; you may not change your mind once you submit the action. Night will be open till the deadline or all actions are received.


8. Once you die, you are allowed one post along the lines of "Bah, I'm dead, go (whatever side you were on)." You may not include any game information in this post, and you may not post again on the thread afterward until the game is fully completed.


9. You may ask me questions but it isn't guaranteed I will give any answer other than PAFO (Play And Find Out). Any question asked on thread will get a PAFO so it is best to ask in PM.


10. Please submit any night actions in your role PM unless you have a QT, then you should submit them there. Don't open a separate PM for this. Also, any questions you ask in PM should go in your role PM so my inbox doesn't get clogged.


11. Do not make things personal. Bicker about the game as you normally would but personal insults will not be tolerated. If you feel that someone is taking things personal, take it up with me. Please keep in mind that anything said on thread should be considered a part of gameplay.


12. Votes must be done with the vote tags. Unvotes must be made before changing your vote. The code for voting is like this, with no spaces:

[ v ]Someone's name[ /v ]

Unvoting just goes [ unvote ]name

14. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.


15. Character/role reveals and/or hints are allowed.


16. Please only post in the game thread if you are an active player who is still alive, except for your Bah post. (See rule 8.)


This theme will focus on the literary Holmes canon as written by Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes stories in other media, and/or written works by other authors, may come into the game but don't count on it.



1. Thrax Dice 2.0

2. Len Professor Moriarty, Mafia Godfather, lynched D5

3. Mynd Wiggins, Town 1-shot Gladiator, lynched D1

4. Dawn NotBob Sherlock Holmes, Town Detective, killed N2

5. Tina

6. Turin Mary Morstan, Town Mason and One-Way Lover, killed N6

7. Despo Harold Latimer, Mafia JOAT, lynched D4

8. Hally King Wilhelm of Bohemia, Town 1-shot Governor, lynched D6

9. Chae Krak

10. Ithi Rags Inspector Lastrade, Town Cop, killed N3

11. Thane Irene Adler, Mafia Symp, Lynched D2

12. Tsuki

13. Dice Toby the Dog, Town 2-shot Oracle, killed N1

14. Charis/BFG Sir Henry Baskerville, Vanilla Town, killed N5

15. Pral John Watson, Town Doctor (non-self-protecting) and mason, killed N6

16. Salami

Edited by Basel Gill

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Final D1 vote count:
End of D1 scene:
End of N1 scene:
Final D2 vote count:
End of D2 scene:
End of N2 scene:
Final D3 vote count:
End of D3 scene:
End of N3 scene:
Final D4 vote count:
End of D4 scene:
End of N4 scene:
Final D5 vote count:
End of D5 scene:

End of N5 scene:


Final D6 vote count:



End of D6 scene:



End of N6 scene:

There is a good Holmes wiki here:

Edited by Basel Gill

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Okay, everyone may post.


Vote count:  

Not voting (16): everyone


With 16 alive, it takes 9 to lynch. No DL yet.

Edited by Basel Gill

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What exactly is Happy Fun Ball?


someone better call X to the QT, PDQ. LOL


or you can click the link. There is only a small percentage chance it results in a Rick Roll...  :unsure:

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What exactly is Happy Fun Ball?


someone better call X to the QT, PDQ. LOL


or you can click the link. There is only a small percentage chance it results in a Rick Roll...  :unsure:


What is a PDQ? The link shows a deleted video

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Ok. Thaddeus Sholto from the Sign of Four

That's what the wiki tells me.


I believe I read quite a bit of Sherlock Holmes in Hungarian when I was a kid but I don't remember much. Surely not this guy.

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He was the rich guy who had a Asian themed house and stuff. His father was a military officer and his brother was killed by the killer of the story, Jonathan Small.

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