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  1. Wha?? I can think of 3 voice chat options off the top of my head that are free, and that handle MMO guilds, so handling DM shouldn't be a problem... Mafia is definitely taking a hit... On the other hand, I notice today's date. Well played.
  2. That's how I do it. When she puts me on my ass, I reward her :)
  3. Mind-boggling - So, teaching my niece to incapacitate ANYONE before they have a chance to hurt her is bad?? Who knew? *shrug*
  4. BWAHAHAHAHA, Fnorrll - I have a sudden image of a stuffy English butler "A Miss Katrina is here to see you, sir - Miss Hurricane Katrina" I hate you soo much. :P
  5. "Terminating a life is always wrong..." Might wanna avoid the generalizations, dear. I have a grandmother who died of bone cancer, in horrible pain because she became immune to the strongest pain meds out there... she begged to die. Would taking THAT life be wrong??
  6. Jack, Tal makes perfect sense. Shocking, me defending him after our own discourse earlier, I know. If you think birth control is wrong (ie, cause you are Catholic), then DON'T USE IT. Don't make it illegal for everyone... Drinking, smoking, abortion, same-sex marriage... a person's stance on ANY of these can come down to a moral stand-point, but here is what he is saying - Just because you think something is wrong, doesn't give you the right to impose your world view on others. There are things I believe SHOULD be enforced, regardless of what ANY group, majority or minority, wants... But there are things, that when done by adults, are between themselves and God. This is one of those issues. I am anti-abortion, but I will never vote against it. What I WILL vote for is giving the father the right to be involved. I am against homosexuality, but I vote for same-sex marriage. I have LGBT friends (and probably others that have letters that haven't yet been added to the soup). I am against drinking and smoking, but I will not outlaw it. These are all issues that don't matter. I am against child soldiers, and rape, and I would conquer all of Darfur. I am against slavery - The African countries that still practice it need to be wiped out... http://www.hope-project.org/africa/modern-slave-trade-in-africa/ THESE are the issues that we should focus on - not condom use, abortion, or what form love takes. That makes me an Imperialist, but no culture has the right to survive. Of course, if something better comes along, that means my own, as well.
  7. To add to Xthrax's statement, MIcrosoft Security Essentials is free, and they really picked up their game. While not the best, they are consistently the standard by which new programs are compared, nowadays.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lubeIPY_B3Q This must be the commercial you are thinking of. Anyone else with thoughts?
  9. Very interesting... I must admit to having not seen this trend, but I usually avoid adveertising like the plague - adblock on my PC, DVR and fast-forwarding through commercials... Now, I watch "Castle", and Fillion's character is occasionally bumbling, while Katic's character is a strong, intelligent (and SOOO sexy) character, but I think it fits the character's relationships. Can you point out the shows you are thinking of, and does the "buffoon" role have a purpose, as far as you know? Most sitcoms seem to make SOMEONE look like an idiot - I think it is a requirement. Not a tangent at all, seems quite relevant to the main point of the thread.
  10. Samus Aran is a beloved character dating back to the rise of the original Nintendo console. A strong, intergallactic bounty hunter with a cannon attached to the character's arm, the gaming community received a "shock" when, at the end of the first game, the armor comes off and you discover that the bad-ass character is a woman. (1986) Fast forward to 2014, and a debate begins - the new Super Smash Bros game (a fighting game involving characters from many genres and games) releases concept art showing Samus Aran's "new look": Old Aran, in Armor New Aran, Circa 2010 Rather than going with the armored character for this new game, Nintendo chose the 2010 version, creating a fierce debate over whether or not nintendo is "sexualizing" this character, whether or not it is disrespectful, etc. There seems to be 4 main views: 1) Who really cares? 2) Nintendo is objectifying this character, sexualizing her, and sending a negative message to girl gamers that you can't just be strong and bad-ass, you must be attractive as well. 3) Feminists are going over-board, and making mountains out of mole-hills. 4) What is wrong with sending a girl a message that she CAN be attractive while also kicking much ass. What's wrong with that? This seemed like an issue that fits the thread. Concerning the book cover: Eye-candy for the Ladies :) (and proof that men are objectified, yet there are no great protests... Perhaps men don't care, becuase it doesn't threaten hard-earned societal changes?)
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