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  1. Panchi still hasn't restored my permissions... I may have to commence harassment :)
  2. Does anyone actually still do OP battles?
  3. lol, those went quick. Number 1 for Nikon. 2, 3 and the bonus for BFG...
  4. :P Kind of went off and forgot this existed, lol. June 2nd Riddles: 1 Point: Paul's height is six feet, he's an assistant at a butcher's shop, and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh? 2 Points: Jack tells Jill, "This isn't the $5 bill you left on the the table. I found it between pages 15 and 16 of Harry Potter." Jill retorts, "You're lying and I can prove it." How did Jill know? 3 Points: What gets white as it gets dirty? Bonus Brain Teaser (1 Points) There are three switches downstairs. Each corresponds to one of the three light bulbs in the attic. You can turn the switches on and off and leave them in any position. How would you identify which switch corresponds to which light bulb, if you are only allowed one trip upstairs?
  5. I've been balefired so many times already that I am a walking temporal paradox that even the Dr. won't mess with...
  6. Good game, wolves. Sorry, town, for my lack of involvement, stuff got horrid, and it isn't done yet - in past 48 hours, I have spent 37 either at work, or in classes - gah. And finals next week :( Pretty sure I called 3rd party, BTW, and a recruit mechanic :P (from now on, never letting go of my instant suspicion...)
  7. Except that if I was lying about viewing Laine, (which I did because Turin started pointing fingers and I wanted to resolve that issue), why would I compound the lie and back Sooh's claim of Jailkeeping? It would be most un-Town to do that...
  8. LOL, that's what a ring means... Ithi, Turin says he can 'game' you...
  9. You are flailing, I AM the one who said I would believe eldrick if you flipped slimer...
  10. Because they already saw the problems people who claimed ghosts were already facing (you, eldrick, Rey (soft accusations))...
  11. Yep, you voted a symp, which as pointed out does not gain mafia Town cred, conviently didn't vote shad, and are sus-spewing one of the most town players so far. Real Towny...
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