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  1. WOW! Thank you so much my new Blue Brothers and Sisters for accepting me! Thank you Sunrise, my awesome mentor! And Thank you Tress, Basel, Myst, Mish, Mirsh, Lily, Cindy, Mashi and Turin! This is so awesome
  2. I don't really stand with that. A lot of the comments seem to be so but the article doesn't come across to me like that. Though what the writer posted is how rapists are defended- and that is the part I wished to highlight.
  3. I've been reading this thread and I quite agree with what was said about rape and people objectifying women. Rape and objectifying women is wrong. Much firmer laws should be made against these rights. Laws without loopholes that do not allow people to walk free. Here is a article that I've read some time back. It touches upon that which was discussed and shows how parents defend their children conforming to the statement 'Boys will be boys'. They say that it's girls who have to keep themselves safe. This is the article-https://epiphanyinthecacophony.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/my-son-would-n
  4. I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials for the past 2 years and before that Kaspersky Internet Security. Till now I haven't had a problem with either. You could give either of the two a try. I got Norton when I bought my laptop and Avast when I got the PC. I'd wait for the trail period to get over, uninstall it and get the Microsoft or Kaspersky.
  5. I had a teacher who thought my name Robin for the last 3 years of school. Someone once told him it wasn't Robin, from the next day he called me Robert. My name is in no way beginning with R-it starts with A
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