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The White Tower and the Black Tower Secret Santa


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"I'm a member of the Black and White Towers both.

But in the White I've had most of my growth.

My sword glows both Red and Green

And in the end my leadership is keen."


Sword should have let me know it was a Warder.  *lol*


It's gotta be Kronos!  He's leader of the Cuen'd'eren, and he's Warder to Red Moon and Green Brandie!  Right?  Right?

Indeed, Mashi. He is the ultimate gentleman-hero :smile: Enjoy your gift!

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No, I am, Gud. That's why I put "Green" in the clue. I have you the gardening stuff. We are going to do it again this year with Via. :)

hehe, I just thought that was cause plants are green.


Thanks Ryrin, love me some gardening stuffs   :wub:  :wub:

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