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The White Tower and the Black Tower Secret Santa


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Season's Greetings, everyone!





Santa has been around for a while but what I have not witnessed is a joined Secret Santa event between the membes of the White and the Black Tower, thanks to our Green Ajah, The Amyrlin, and the Leader of the Black Tower SG - TinaHel, we could do that this year. No exploding fireballs or nasty angreals from both sites, please :wink:

Everyone is invited to join: from the Initiate, to the Asha'man, Algai or Accepted!




  1. Post your name and titles in Santa's list below and you will receive a PM with you Santa Buddie when everyone signs up. Everyone will be both a Secret Santa and a Santa Buddie.
  2. Get to know your Santa Buddie - from their profile, ask mutual friends or them - the idea is to get to know people from other SGs as well!
  3. PM me the present, the name of your Secret Buddie, and a Clue Card (3 - 4 words about yourself) until 24th dec incl.

Deadline for signing up: 21st Dec


We will give out the presents on the main thread on 25th Dec and in order to get your gift, you have to guess your Secret Santa based on the Clue Cards :tongue:


Santa's List:


1. TinaHel - the Lady Dragon from the BT Herself

2. Rhea Sedai - White Ajah Sitter, WT

3. Paetr - Civilian BT

4. Panchi - Faction Leader of Light, BT and Sitter of Red Ajah, WT

5. Kronos - Cuen'd'eren Discipline Lieutenant, WT, Asha'man, BT

6. Aidanna - Novice, WT, Civilian, BT

7. Blank - Mistress of Novices and Brown Aes Sedai Extraordinaire, WT

8. Mish, Green Aes Sedai, WT

9. Brandie - Captain General of the Green Ajah, Green Aes Sedai, WT

10. Hallia - Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, WT

11. Csarmi, Ashaman Paladin of The Light, BT

12. Mashiara Sedai - Aes Sedai of the White Ajah, WT, and Soldier of the Light, BT

13. Rey, Asha'man of the Shadow, BT and Accepted, WT

14. Gudrean  -  Accepted of the Gray Ajah WT (soon Aes Sedai) and Soldier of the BT

15. Ryrin - Sitter of the Green Ajah

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So, the sign up is over and the PMs with your Christmas buddies are sent. Please get to know your Secret buddies, so you could choose them the perfect gift. You can speak with them, ask their friends, do whatever you want - the idea is to get to know each other better and to have fun.


When you are ready (until 25th Dec), please PM me your gifts by replying to my PM message and include some short description of yourself for a clue for the others to guess. Enjoy :smile:

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