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    I usually go by an anonymous name but this time I decided to use my real one, as recently I grew to like the sound of it. Theodora means a gift from God, although I have heard from my parents I can be a punishment for their nerves instead of gift sometimes . You can call me Dora, Theo/a, Teddy, whatever you want, I am used to all nick-names and I don’t mind.

    I am 20, studying Economics in the UK and I would like to work as a Human Resources professional after I graduate. I am from Bulgaria and now I live alone but I come back to Sofia at least for 3 – 4 months because of my parents and relatives. I read a lot, usually 2 or 3 books at a time as I go along my mood at the moment but the books I enjoy the most are fantasy novels. Also, I adore extreme sports (I have done bungee jumping, sky diving, rafting so far) but not really the sporty girl – I often am too impatient to dedicate myself to something active and repetitive like visiting the gym or jogging, so I admire those people who have the discipline to do it. I used to be a full-time professional model (I am getting old and tired for this now), so apart from the negativities about this job, I have had the opportunities to travel around Europe, pay for my University and learn Spanish. My English is not the best, but I am working actively on improving it.

    I have always wanted a puppy but it was never the time or the place to afford one, so no pets, unfortunately, neither kids, nor a significant other as it would be a long-distance relationship in either way.

    The best gift for me this year would be a beautiful pet snake or a great shiny knife (collecting those).

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  1. Theodora ~ Accepted I hope I will be able to return soon Love you all
  2. Thank you everyone for the gifts and the nice words. Yes, Mother, grandma was something
  3. I am with limited or no access to internet (the hotel's wifi is terrible) at least until 15th Feb. It was unplanned, so I appologise about it - I received a trip as a birthday gift.
  4. I am in the mountains with little access to the internet - this is my Birthday Gift

  5. Thank you, Blank *picks up the 7-banded dress and the serpent ring in awe* Thank you, guys!
  6. Declaration of Self I am an ordinary Bulgarian girl who in a few days will be 21. I study Economics in the UK and I love reading fantasy books and drawing. I used to party quite a lot but in the past year I feel I have outgrown much of that and now I prefer to stay home with a nice book in hand. My grandmother introduced me to WoT (she is dead now) when I was 12 or 13, so I carry the book not only because it is the greatest saga ever written but as a link between my grandmother and me. I am so glad that I have decided to be braver and not only lurk but post on DM, as I got to know the incredible people here who with their friendly attitude helped me in times when life wasn't treating me in the best way. Declaration of Commitment I loved my time as a Novice - I met a lot of great people in the White Tower, some of which I dare say are friends that I could count on. I was honoured to be chosen as the Head of my house - Trehelion - and I hope I am living up to the expectations. Itook part in multiple events, games and discussions that we not only informative but great deal of fun, which I couldn't have had on any other place. Declaration of Intent As an Accepted I intent to be more devoted to my role as a Head of the Trehelion house. Also, I would like to participate in more events and get to know the different Ajahs in the best way, so I could find my home in one of them. I will work hard for the popularity of the White Tower and organising mutual events with the other SGs.
  7. WoT on first place, after that in no particular order: The Farseer and the Tawnie Man series by Robin Hobb, The Malazan Book of the Fallen by Erikson, all of Jane Austen and Terry Prattchet, Brandon Sanderson's work, all of Orwell, I love Wuthering Heights and Harry Potter, the Song of Fire & Ice by Martin, Winnie the Pooh (it is like a small Bible to me). I am sure just like any one of you, that the list is so long and I am forgetting something that I love very much. Usually, if I am half-way within a book and if I don't like it, I just leave it, no matter how recommended or famous the title is. Only exception - the Hobbit - and I would never put it as a fave book. LoTR is like a basic draft for what a true fantasy should be IMO. I will try The Five People You Meet in Heaven - I am always looking forward to new titles.
  8. Hally, you are an adorable couple. I knew you were beautiful but I didn't know he was such a handsome.
  9. Hi Square248, Interesting name you have! Joining a social group at first seemes a bit easier but that doesn't tsop you from joining all of them and the RP site It depends on your favourite characters and preferences - we have the White Towerw, where you could become a Warder of an Aes SEdai (no matter the gender), the Black Tower, The Shayol Ghul Shadow. I for example am part of the RP community but started with the White Tower as a Novice and in the Black one as a Soldier, so you see - it depends on you! Tell us about which group (characters) in the books you find most interesting and we could help.
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