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  1. *huggles Mish* I'm doing well. I'm teaching again and just dealing with all that, but doing good mostly! How are you all? *grins* I'm so glad everyone is still here! I missed you all! Its so good seeing everyone!
  2. Flowers!!! Yay! Thank you Ry! Kass - I was thinking about you the other day too. Dar - You are the Keeper now? Congratulations!!!
  3. I'm back!!!! I missed everyone! Sorry I disappeared. How is everyone doing???
  4. I need to read the rest of that series - I loved the first two books, but for some reason have never gotten the others. But I love Odd Thomas. He is such a great character. I'm glad you liked it! I thought it was a great ending and really showed what a hero Tris truly was. This made me laugh though, because I was a little confused about their casting choice for Tobias as well. He looks too big and muscular or something. I have a guy friend who thinks they cast Tobias perfectly... But I can't wait to see it! So I finally finished a book again - I finished Wizard's First Rule. After my concussion and stuff it was really hard to read for a couple weeks (which was depressing me) But I'm finally feeling at least better enough that reading doesn't make me sick anymore - I call that a victory!
  5. I don't know how I missed this!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! We totally need cake to celebrate our Acceptedness I'm so glad we met here, and congratulations!
  6. Well, I finished Allegiant today. I had a feeling that was where they ending would go. I'm happy the author didn't take the easy way out. I thought the ending, while I balled my eyes out, was great. Tris exemplified what a true hero really is. I thought it was amazing. I read some reviews on amazon that said not to read the third, and just leave it at the second. I totally disagree. It was bold, and a little hard, it'll make you cry, but it was so great! I'm reading Notorious Nineteen now - a Stephanie Plum book by Janet Evanovich.
  7. I'm putting these on my list, as well as Daughter of Smoke and Bones! With Christmas and the holidays over, I can actually afford some books now and then and I always need new books. I might have to do Daughter of Smoke and Bones first, just because I'm always meaning to join in with the White's monthly book club, and I haven't gotten to get the books for it yet... I'm reading Allegiant now - I've heard mixed reviews, but so far I am really enjoying it more than I enjoyed the third book of the Hunger Games. But I do agree with what you were saying about a conclusive ending... I am wondering how it will get there since I only have about 100 pages left and should finish it by tonight.
  8. I'm totally still doing my reread, and somehow I still missed it. And I have read the Dragon Reborn more times than the later books! How did I miss this?! I always think of him with a beard though.... maybe that's why.
  9. Haha - thats it - I just watched it too! Do you read the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child? I love them! I had to check the movie out, just because it was free on Prime, and I never would have pictured Tom Cruise as Reacher. Did you know the cop behind the desk when Tom said that line was Lee Child I thought that was cool!
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