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The White Tower and the Black Tower Secret Santa


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Happy New Year To All!


Well done for Brandie guessing her generous Secret Santa - TinaHel and Kronos - Csarmi! Good job!


Mish, gift No 2 is yours indeed :smile: and the person says the following:


Well, I'm a league of legends fanatic, I have a spouse and a dog...Ummmm; I live in San Diego.  I love reading, I'm the happiest person on the planet


Who is your Secret Santa, Mish?


Panchi wins too! Number 3 is her gift from a special person who says about themselves: Panchi, this gift for you is sent with love, from one who crafts and sows with gloves!!!


So who is her/him, Panchi?

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Eight is for Csarmi indeed!


Your Secret Santa has a rhyme for a clue :smile:


Hello, my name is - - - - -


(some fun rhyming words to rhyme with ^)


When novices misbehave they come to me for a - - - - -

I choose to believe my hair is full and luscious and not - - - -

In WW2 they used a lot of armoured - - - - -




Sorry, Gud, No 5 is for another lady. Yours will be posted in the next bach :wink:

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No 5 is to me, right? *crosses fingers*

Yes, Tina, it is for you!


Your Secret Santa says:  I just recently joined the Black Tower--due to some voodoo curse--but have been a member of the White Tower for years and years. You'll find me in the Light or in the White.

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