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Welcome back to the Band Horus!


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Hey all! *waves frantically*


Thanks for the warm reception, much appreciated.


And was with the Cavalry and if they'll have me back, will be once more.


*hands out bandy to one and all*




*gulps the brew down with relish*


Ahh just as delicious as I remember!!

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*prepares for super awesome tacklesnuggle*


I have missed them and yourself aswell!!! :biggrin:


Cheers for the sunnies, BFG, it is a bit bright in here....which is fantastic!


I left when the Band was suffering something of a down turn in activity and its great to see so many peeps running around the place.


Brings a wee lil tear to the eye it does!!

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*drinks the brew*


Briddykins is just happy to see some old members coming back.  I think its awesome as well.  I get a chance to see how the band use to be.

Oh great!  Now you're going to call me Briddykins and AJ is going to call me BriMo.....  alrighty Davipoo!  :wink:   And Dice is trying to come up with one too.  *shakes head*


Now I'm off to sleep. 

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