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  1. If i get bored ill head over. Currently reading through feist and prachetts works. And lining up the divergent series and the hhgttg for later.
  2. I wouldnt call it bad. I have enjoyed sword of truth series so far. I enjoyed the first few books more than some of the later wot books. Up to the pillars of creation, but i changed to some other books to take a fantasy break.
  3. You. :-) ^ this I like But there are many a change that I notice. One thing I would like would be when I hit ctrl + enter is submits my post. I like my shortcut keys. But this could probably go in the tech/help board.
  4. Thanks all. I will hopefully jump into a mafia game or two. They look interesting and might be worth learning how to play. But will have to wait till after holidays.
  5. Yea there seems to be many changes. I left about this time in 09. It's rather interesting to see who is still here and who isn't.
  6. The addiction and friends never really leave you so here I am, back again. I think I will be mainly staying in the BoTRH but might wander around some other boards to say hi and play.
  7. Raymond Feist: Current fav with all the books relating to midkemia etc Peter V Brett: The Warded Man/The Painted Man. Good first book cant wait for more. ASOIAF: Mentioned before but still Awesome series. Terry Prachett: An epic writer Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle: The Burning City. An interesting book with some decent character work I think. Mickey Zucker Reichert: The Last Of The Renshai. An interesting read so far
  8. Lazy

    I Propose a Toast!!!

    *raises glass in salute* To the great people who have made it possible for me to log in at school. The same people who have created a great work here for all people suffering from Jordanitis to meet up and suffer together. *downs his drink* you peeps are da best
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