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Welcome back to the Band Mr White


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Welcome back to the Band Mr White.  I'm sure Mr Orange Horn or Davrick will be along some time soon to welcome you properly, but in the meantime (you'll have to make do with this).


I'm BFG of the Archers and it's a pleasure to meet you, feel free to make yourself at home, traipse in to the Pink Loincloth and wander round singing JotS to your hearts content.

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Yo Horn, it has been a while. I will message Kat and tell her to get back on here for a surprise.


Hey davrick not sure i remember you but hi.


And BB. Have you gone by another name? Or have you been around back in the 2006/2008 era of the band(I think that's when I was last here)

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Really really.


And you don't want to give me flaming shots. I remember doing bad things with them. Namely burning taverns and getting punishment for spilling drink.


FEDs it is then :innocent: I mean who would want to encourage lawlessness around these parts?

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