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What kind of name is Sherper?


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He opened his eyes but only a fraction, to see the muddy banks of the river staring back at him with a promise of smooth silky grass beyond. His head ached; an eruption of raw emotions hit him as he attempted to prop himself up on one elbow. What? Sodden trousers clung to his numb skin, the coat and breeches offering no protection against the evening wind.
Have to find shelter.
The thought ran through his mind but it felt distant, as if it wasn’t quite his own. With an effort, he flipped his unresponsive body around to flop on to his belly. Something dug into his ribs as he turned and his hand caught the scabbard of the steel long sword strapped to his waist. A sword? Why was he wearing a sword?

It was a full minute before he collected enough strength to finally sit up, though the effort seem to sap his strength at an alarming rate. Looking around, his breathing still ragged and forced, he gave his surroundings a second look.  This was usually when people begin to recollect how they had got there, or if that fails, try to remember what the last thing they remember is; he could not.

Where was he?  He shivered, and not just from the cold, as he stared from left to right. Who was he? He remembers hearing of people who lose their memory, caused by shock or a near death experience. But where had he heard of this? His line of questioning soon failed him, as he just couldn’t seem to concentrate on what he was trying to ask in the first place.
Like sand in the palm of your hands.

He twisted and the loosely worn long sword clinked into his lap; its pommel glinted in the half moon light.  It was a simple design, with the crosspiece being cast from durable iron and the hilt wrapped thoroughly with a continuous strip of brown leather, the sword felt durable and familiar. He bared two inches of naked steel and stared at the delicate inscribing engraved on to the blade itself.

A single word, but made of strange characters in a language he did not recognise; but when he read the whole word out in his head, its meaning seem to leap into his mind.
“Sherper” he muttered. “Sherper.”



A bit of an introduction to myself, and how I’d imagine I would be entering the strange world of The Wheel of Time. A boat washed refugee with a questionable past, and no past memories seem to be my standard formula for starting any journey.  

The name is Sherper, (not my real name) but it is the name I’ve gone with for the past five years.

I’ve only read up to the 5th book but I’m already hooked on the ideas, characters and setting of the story; and I’m sure I will definitely finish the series one day. I hope to read and get involved with what seem to be a fabulous community of people, and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

Hope to be able to get to know more of you, and please judge me tenderly. (I’ve been told my grammar and punctuation can be a bit shocking sometimes).

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Welcome to DM! You are fine, no grammar police here. :-) I love your intro and bet you would enjoy our role playing section. I'd advise against book discussion forums since you are still relatively early in the series. We have multiple social groups and you can join as many as you wish. I spend most of my time in the White Tower and Warders and all the groups have unique things to offer. Go explore and if you need anything, we are here to help.

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I thanks for replying, and glad to hear at least some people enjoy my style of writing. I have a few questions though, I’ve been looking around the white tower social group and the rules and conducts are somewhat confusing for me and I was hoping if maybe someone could clear this up.

There seem to be a lot of activities and ‘role-playing elements’ in the tower social group, i.e. bonding, channeling and the whole ranks and roles stuff for Aei sedai and warders. But it seems Mother, has made it clear that the group in her post that there is to be no emphasis on role playing. I’m fine with becoming a part of a social group that just discusses aspects of the series, but it’d be nice to understand what I can and can’t do.

Also what is a handle?
Can I use part of a WOT artwork as my avatar?


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*drools at the awesome intro* so…I really would like to drag you off to the rp side right now because your writing and story telling is Amazing and exactly the kind of thing we do there.


I think you'd have a great time writing as any kind of culture or character from WoT. But my only hold back is that you say you are only on book 5. The rp side is currently equivalent to book 8 and 9 in the sense of possible spoilers and I'd not want to spoil the books for you.


I also think that while you're checking out the social groups you may want to check out the artists writers and crafters guild. There is a great community of writers there.

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Welcome sherper, as has been pointed out the RP areas may be fun for you but there is also some light RP in the social groups which you could enjoy. Each group has a different focus so check them all out and see which one (Or ones) fit you best.

If you like to be a little goofy or just hang out the Black tower is the place to be; If you enjoy music, theatre and reviews check out the band of the Red Hand... At least those are the two I know off the top of my head since I'm in each of them.

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Hi Sherper!


Ia am so glad there are no grammar police here, my posts when I am on my phone are horrific sometimes!

I know. I try to proof read like 3 times before I post something from my phone. That's why I edit so much.

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*Grammar police ariveth* ... nothing for me to do here - how sad! :P


Welcome to DM, Sherper *grins*


*laughs* My friends do have high standards I'm afraid. They all take relatively high levels of English in their studies and I'm particularly touchy on my inability to match them just yet (English was not my native language).


*drools with kat* Hey Sherper. If you come over to the WT Rp side we'd be happy to have you heck the Warders would love a new recruit. :) I hope to see you around.


I sure do hope so! I've already written my bio but I've submitted it to the Freelancer section, as I think my character is slightly more appropriate for that.

My only question is; Can i join multiple RP groups with the same character?

Reason being, I've sort of worked out where I want my character to go in the future and part of his path does involve getting tangled up with Tar Valon. *Mumble, Mumble "Aes Sedai Strings!"*

Edited by Sherper
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My only question is; Can i join multiple RP groups with the same character?


That depends on what you have in mind by "join". Do you want to bond an Aes Sedai in the future or be bonded? If so you would need to work out with the Warders DL...sorry GL. (the groups used to be called divisions when I first joined DM and now they are called Groups it's hard to remember the switch.) So the Warders GL and the WT GL and then the FL GL, which is easy done with a big Pm.


If you just wanted to interact with characters from the other groups so say you wanted to run into a group of Aes Sedai and do a mission of one kind or another, you would just need to post on the public board of the group you wanted to interact with asking for people to come and join you. Does that make sense?


Edit: I should add here too that you can have multiple characters in the WT you can have up to three characters in the WT. I'm not sure if it's the same in the other divisions, sorry groups, but you can also have characters in different groups. So three in the FL and then a few in the Warders, or play a Novice we offer both the Salidar option or the "normal" novice option. So there are lots of choices. :)

Edited by Rasheta Ardashir
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Yeah I kind of realised I might be taking a dive down the deep end when I thought up of Nev’Win (My character). Freelancers seem to be a hard type to play due to their lack of structure and flexibility in background – perhaps not the wisest choice for a first time RP. But the thing with Nev’Win’s background is; I don’t see him fall under any other category.

I have plans for him to get entangled with some of the other social groups (i.e. White Tower, and the Children.) He has a tongue that always gets him into trouble and his tendency to land in all kinds of mischief should prove to be interesting for character development.  


**All this provided the Bio gets approved that is. Thanks for your advice all the same! **

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No problem, advice is what i'm here for. *laughs* If you need any furthur help or instruction Kathleen is the AGL for the Freelanders so she should be able to answer all your FL questions, if you don't fee comfortable going to her Mystica is Kat's GL so you could try Myst as well. Then I'm around as well, but my main knowledge is in the WT, so I probably wouldn't be as helpful for the other groups. I can always try though. *laughs*

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*joins the group drooling over the intro*


*brings a bucket*


Hiya Sherper!! I saw one of your threads over in the WT and decided to check out your intro, and I am very glad I did!! ooh, yay, a new Freelander!! If you want a Bander to play with or a novice or an illuminator, do come talk to me!!! :)


And in terms of social groups, well, I'd love to see you come visit the Band some time! I promise you drinks and much merriment and music!!

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