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  1. It could have been the insult about his mother; or the implication that his family made a tradition of inbreeding; it may even have been the comment about his small pecker. Come to think of it, it was probably the small pecker thing which set the guy off. Light knows why, men were always so sensitive about that particular subject. Whatever the case, there was now a hand being swung at her – a clumsy haymaker, sure, but a declaration of aggression nonetheless. This happened every time Ellisha Falwain came out to drink away her sorrows. She had even taken precautions to not attract a
  2. Heck yeah I am! I plan to slowly activate my old characters one by one, and I have this overall arc planned in my head that will eventually see my Blue roaming the four corners of the world on a grand ol' adventure of murder, intrigue and drinking. I'll be making a planning thread in the next couple of days (when I've straightened out a few minor details), so be sure to post your own wishes and suggestions when that comes up. I'm hella rusty as it has been a few years since I've greased my creative noggin, but hopefully I can get back into the groove of things very soon
  3. Hey, thanks Jagen! I forgot a lot of things since it really has been a few years (forum-wise and WoT both. Ellisha I remember was a fresh blue who only just got her shawl, so 30-40?. And hello to you to Arie, I would most certainly be interested in doing some planning. Ellisha is my only WT character but she's pretty flexible (just like her morals) so she can be put in pretty much any situation. I can start a planning thread in the next few days and just see who else is up for a bit of literary tomfoolery.
  4. Hi! Returning old fart here. Not sure how many of you remember me or my character. Name's Sherper and I wrote a Blue Aes Sedai called Ellisha. Having sorted out my life issues and gotten it back on track (for the most part), I've decided to return to the boards and continue writing her story for a bit. So whats been happening here. It all looks so familiar yet so alien at the same time. Stuff has moved, and things have happened, I'm sure, since I've been away. Anyone feel like planning a story and in the process catch me up on what's been happening? *grin*
  5. Ellisha gave the other woman a small smile and an understanding nod. It was worth a shot anyway, and besides, the Green hadn’t outright refused her proposal. “If ever comes a time when you need my… ‘Particular set of talents,’ then just leave a message with the owner. I'll know where to find you.” She stood from her seat, her Southside dock accent back on her tongue. “And don’t try and go snooping about for me, you hear? You won’t get very far.” She took one last pull from her cup, finishing the last drops then settling it back down on the table. “Pleasure making acquaintance, Aes Sedai.
  6. Fawn’s mouth quirked in a lightning brief smile as he watched the girl run towards the last rope swing. The night’s sleep had done wonders to her performance and Fawn could see the deliberate care to which the girl took in not falling. She would make a good Infantryman one day, he thought idly as he watched her progress. Solid, dependable and stubbornly infallible: those were the traits of the humble footsloggers that made up the centrelines of the Band. With a sufficient amount of practise and yelling to mould her into shape, Fang could become one of the best. If only the Scouts hadn’t alread
  7. Yeeeeelllppp! Splash! Flop! That was the collection of sounds a recruit makes when he or she loses their balance and falls into one of the course’s various mud pits. Fawn had quickly grown acquainted with that sound as the day wore on. Leaning against a tall oak tree, protected from the majority of the mid-afternoon sun, he watched as another recruit – this one a tall blonde girl – do what was essentially a mid-air cartwheel as she too fell victim. He shook his head, raised his mug of Kaffe to his lips then took a sip. He frowned at the weak unsatisfactory taste, looked up towards the posi
  8. Trouble always came wearing heels, and in one late September afternoon as the autumn winds blew against the sides of his tent, it came sauntering in unannounced. Sergeant Edward Fawn had been about to subject himself to an hour of frankly undeserved drinking, the confiscated wine already half way to his lips, when the tent flaps opened. Fawn was the company sergeant, a non-commissioned officer and the only person who could enter the establishment in this way – apart from bloody Calder himself… “Sergeant!” the boyish lieutenant with the astonishingly feminine face gasped as he straightened up a
  9. The other woman stayed silent for a long moment, puffs of ringed smoke escaping from the tip of her pipe as her green emerald eyes searched Ellisha for… something… a recollection, perhaps. The Green gave Ellisha a piercing gaze, which conveyed her suspicions as loudly as if she’d shouted them across the table. Yet only Ellisha’s experience as Aes Sedai allowed her to detect these subtle signs, for her companion’s expressions barely changed at all during the silence. Janine was older than Ellisha, though inexperienced eyes wouldn’t have placed the two woman apart by more than ten years. Ae
  10. Four dice rattled in the cup Tom was holding by his palm. “Bet you all two silvers I’ll get it this time,” he said, holding up the contraption to the other occupants of the table. He waved it back and forth, shaking it as if he were a knight and the cup was his battle axe. “Come on! Are there no takers?” he bellowed, but the others stayed silent. Most of them had already spent their nightly allowance, and those who were still conscious – that being about half the number that had started the night – preserved enough common sense not to spend the rest. Largely out of fear for what the
  11. Best of luck! Was there something else you needed me to do?
  12. Great, she thought in the privacy of her own head as she attempted to keep her smile from going crooked. The woman obviously wasn’t taking her very seriously; a fact made certain by the sudden change of topic and the Green’s divided attention between her and the Novice who had appeared bearing wine. “I trust you are finding comfort this evening?” Loraine Sedai smiled as she tilted her gaze to be staring into Ellisha’s again. She returned the smile though couldn’t help but put a sardonic tinge into her own inner response. “Certainly, there is much comfort to be found here tonight.” Especial
  13. Ellisha returned the smile, though it came out more as a grimace. “I thank you for your concern.” She said, trying to keep her tone even and her face as smooth as possible. “It is… good. To have people that care about you.” She paused, then deciding to say no more, for now. A light breeze was blowing, lifting the sand up until they whirled around the sides of their feet. She met the other woman’s eyes, trying to figure out the thoughts and intentions behind those clear bright spheres. Could she really trust this person? Trust hurts, she knew, and she’d been hurt before. The Aes Sedai seeme
  14. Cocking an eyebrow at “The latest fashion from Cairhien,” Ellisha wondered, for not the first time in her life, what all the women in that light-forbidden-city did all day. Distant and now faded memories of geography lessons as a Novice of the Tower brought those answer all too soon back to the forefront of her mind. Apart from the questionably low neck line the blue silk dress offered, in addition, it had a certain air of flamboyance which sat in contrast with what Ellisha Sedai of the Blue Ajah usually liked in her appearance. Whatever happened to subtle modesty? “This,” she began, eye
  15. Like the eclipse of the sun, the power, died, inside her. She gasped as one second she was filled with the sweet nectar of energy, the pulsating beat of life itself; the next, only a dark deep hollowness remained. Someone wove an air shield around her, pinning her in place, but no longer did she pay any attention to that. Her insides, were empty. For once she felt… cold. With the vengeful impulses that came with holding so much of the One Power having been removed from her, Ellisha began to see herself clearly again, to think clearly again. And only when did she force herself to look up, h
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