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[Blue Ajah Harry Potter Week] Quidditch Match - Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff!!

Leala Sedai

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Cedric and Crookshanks walk out onto the pitch.  Cedric zaps Crookshanks with a spell.  "Sonorus!"  He then turns his wand onto himself.  "Sonorus!"


"Right!  Welcome to the Quidditch Match!  Our match is Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff!"


He pauses to let the fans cheer.


"The illustrious Mr. Crookshanks and I will be your referees!  I will direct the goings on of the Chasers and the Keepers while Crookshanks will direct the Beaters!


"As for your teams, here they are!!"


Both teams fly out onto the pitch, circling a few times.





Seeker - Mish

Chaser - Kronos

Chaser - Bridmorgan

Chaser - Luciena

Beater - Masema

Beater - blank

Keeper - Dar




Seeker - Red

Chaser - Mashiara

Chaser - Ithi

Chaser - Turin

Beater - WWWwombat

Beater - Pralaya

Keeper - Rhea


"These teams will be duking it out for the Blue Ajah Harry Potter Week Quidditch Cup!  Which will be revealed after the match.  As far as how this game will work, please refer to the rules!"


Cedric conjures up some rules and places them in full view of the pitch.


Game Play:


1. Questions:


* I will present questions to Chasers and Keepers, Crookshanks (Cindy) will present questions for Beaters.


* When you answer a question for the game, please put your answer in a bright blue font color, so that we can readily distinguish it from cheering posts.


* Also, to make it a little easier on the referees, please post with YOUR HOUSE AND POSITION AT THE TOP.




* Here is an example of how in-game question posts will look:

A quaffle is put into play.


CHASERS:  To hit it toward the other teams goal post, answer this question:


Who is the protagonist of the "Harry Potter" series?




2.  In-Game Action:


* The first player to answer correctly will have a successful move and hit the toward the opposing team's goal post.


* A QUAFFLE must be hit toward the goal post twice in a row for it to be the Keeper's turn to answer a question.


* If a player is hit by a BLUDGER, that player cannot answer the next time a question is presented for their position, but can resume play after that one turn is missed.


* If a player answers in one of these ways:

  ~Answers a question while they are supposed to be down for the turn

  ~Answers a question meant for the other team (like answering a question meant to hit a quaffle toward their own goal post instead of intercepting it)

  ~Answers a question meant for a position that is not theirs... 

that will be considered a FOWL, and the other team will have an open shot at the appropriate goal post.


*A QUAFFLE hit successfully into a goal post is worth ten points.


3. The Snitch:


* The SNITCH will zoom by occasionally.  So, Seekers will have to be vigilant when their questions come up!


* As this is a week-long event, the game will not stop when the SNITCH is caught.


* Again, for our unusual time frame, the SNITCH will not be worth 150 points, but 50 points.




* Fans are allowed to cheer ENCOURAGEMENT to their own team.


* Please do not post bad things about the other team.  


* No "boo"ing.


* No trying to hex the other team.  Those won't work anyway.  




"Please keep in mind that this is a new event, and rules are subject to change!"


Cedric zaps the scoreboard to zero itself out.


GRYFFINDOR                          HUFFLEPUFF

160                                 70


"Mount your brooms, please!"


Cedric lifts his whistle up to his mouth and blows.

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CORRECT!  Chaser Mashiara hits the quaffle toward Gryffindor's goal post.


To hit the quaffle again towards Gryffindor's goal post, answer this question:


Name one unregistered animagus mentioned in the series.


To intercept the quaffle and keep it away from Gryffindor's goal post, answer this question:


What is the mascot of Romania's Quidditch team?

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CORRECT!  The quaffle is hit again toward the goal post.


Gryffindor Keeper: to keep the quaffle out of your goal post, answer this question:


At what year in Hogwarts do young wizards take their OWLs? (Ordinary Wizarding Levels)


*I also want to remind everyone that there is a bludger in play.  If you can answer the question correctly, I can step in for Cindy while she's away.*



a bludger is released, to hit it toward a player of your choice on the opposing team, answer this question:

What does the Hogwarts school motto stand for when translated? 


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