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Ithi, Ayla, Talya, and other English people


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Or evidence of evilness.


List your Deeds of Evilness.




Oh ... And can we get some more Black Stone please. I've been thinking about adding a conservatory to the Palace.


I've got a list somewhere - or did I already give it to Turin?


*pats pockets*

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*links with Turin and Shields everyone else - then defrosts him*


I'm sorry - I simply don't have time to catch up with our Great Lord at the moment. I'll have my people talk to your people and pencil a time in that's convenient.


I'm sure he's very pleased with the work we are doing here and wouldn't wish for it to be interupted.


*opens a Gateway under their feet and drops them through it*


Oh. I hope none of them were Shadowspawn.




And don't forget this


*sends list after*

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*temporarily cuts Turin and Ithi off from the Source* 


Now, now...no balefire and no sending my Trolloc and Myrddraal through a Gateway. 


*takes her Shadowspawn minions back to SG and releases the Source back Turin and Ithi* 

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Also, I just had a dinner of:


Boeuf Bourgignon

Pinot Noir (Bourgogne)

Fromage blanc

Je suis content.

Mums! That means yummy! I haven´t eaten escargots in many years. Would rather have white wine though.

White wine doesn't go well with red meat.

I don't like scones. They're like evil muffins that have had all the moisture sucked out of them or something. Coffee is better than tea. Fish and chips are good but you can't eat 'em every day. Lamb and mint is weird but pleasant. Shepherd's pie is bleh. The Scottish and Irish eat even more disgusting things but they make damn fine whisky and beer so they get a pass on the food.

Haggis ftw


Also pizza crunches and munchy boxes

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