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Lord of the Rings Mafia [Advanced Mafia] Town Wins!!!!

RandA lThor

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     Frodo hummed gently as he went through his house and made sure that everything was in order.  Lately, people had been inside his house, searching for large chests of treasure that had been rumored to be placed in Bag-End.  Frodo thought that he had gotten rid of the last of them, but he could never be sure.  Especially with those darned Sackville-Bagginses.  He wondered if he would ever know true happiness at Bag-End, similar to what he had felt when he was a child.  Right now, that was his biggest hope, and there was nothing that could change that.  Smiling as he finished looking in the last room, Frodo walked back out towards his kitchen.

     Thats when Frodo heard the knock on his door.  Frodo sighed, hoping that it was not another foolish attempt to try and steal treasure or get more from the house then what was given.  He peeked through the window and squealed.  Outside was a very tall man, who appeared to be extremely old, with a staff, a hat, and a large beard.  Frodo recognized Gandalf immediately, his childhood hero and opened the door for him immediately.

     After exchanging some pleasantries, Frodo asked Gandalf, "Would you be interested in sitting down for some dinner?  I have just prepared the most excellent ham and I am sure that you would find it delicious".

     "Ahh, alas Frodo, if I could, but it is not for that purpose that I decided to come and see you.  Do you, perchance, still have that silly old ring that Bilbo left here?"

     "Yes of course!  I would never lose that, just in case Bilbo wants it back."

     "Good, good.  You haven't worn it right?  No one knows?"

     "Well, yes, though I've been tempted a few times.  Those Sackville-Bagginses have all most pushed me into it.  Why?"

     "There are some questions I need answering, and some thoughts that need confirming.  May I see the Ring my dear Frodo?  It is of the utmost importance".

     "Well of course Gandalf!  Here, right here on top of the mantelpiece in this envelope."

     However, when Frodo handed Gandalf the envelope, he immediately through it in the fire.

     "Gandalf!  What are you doing?!"

     "Relax my dear Frodo, it won't even be damaged."

     Gandalf grabbed the tongs and took it from the fire.  He proffered the ring to Frodo.

     "Here, touch it.  You'll find that it is quite cool."

     Frodo gingerly took the ring in his hand, surprised that he wasn't burned by it.

     "Gandalf, this ring is changing its size?  Why is this happening?

     "This is the most important, look closely at the ring Frodo.  Do you see anything on it?"

     "Well, no, its just gold, like before."

     Gandalf sighed deeply in relief, feeling a heavy burden lift from his shoulders.  He started walking towards his seat when,

     "Wait a second, what are these symbols on the ring?"

     "That is the Elven script, but in the language of Mordor.  You will not understand it in the native tongue of Mordor, but I shall tell you in English.

     One ring to rule them all.

     One ring to find them.

     One ring to bring them all

     And in the darkness, bind them."

     Frodo shivered as the room grew darker and he lost any sense of life and vitality that he had had before.

     "What does that mean Gandalf?  I am still confused by the importance of this."

     "It means that you have found the One Ring, forged by Sauron to be the master of all the other rings, to take control over all of Middle Earth, and to destroy everything good on here.  It means, that it is time for you, to go on your own adventure"


Welcome to the Lord of the Rings mafia!  This is an advanced game, so I do not recommend for new players to start this as their first game, although I will welcome them if they wish to try.  Firstly, some basic rules for this game.


1. This is a hammer game. A lynch will be made when a majority is reached in voting and I am around to end the day. No votes or unvotes after a hammer is made will be considered. Self-votes are allowed. Voting for no lynch is not allowed.

2. Day phases will be 3 days. Nights will be 1 day. Extra time will be given in case of weekends or cloudfare attacks lasting unusually long periods of time. Please have a minimum of one larger post, or two smaller posts per phase that are game related.  Night will be given a bit of leeway.  If you are going to be gone for a short time, please let me know.  If you feel like you need to be replaced, please let me know.

3. Editing of posts is allowed.

4. If a hammer is not reached by the deadline, a random player will be lynched with no coroner report. For each of these happening, the amount of random people will increase by 1.

5. No communication with anyone outside of this game thread will be allowed unless I have given you a QT. If you have to use any other method for communication, make sure I can see it.

6. You may not quote or print screen your role PM or any part of your role PM in the game thread. You may not pretend to quote or print screen your role PM, either. Paraphasing is allowed. Lying about paraphrasing is allowed.

7. Night actions will all occur using natural action resolution.  Read about it here http://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Natural_Action_Resolution

Pretty much the same as what we do normally here at DM.

8. Once you die, you are allowed one post along the lines of "Bah, I'm dead, go (whatever side you were on)." You may not include any game information in this post, and you may not post again on the thread afterward until the game is fully completed or I sub you back in.

9. You may ask me questions but it isn't guaranteed I will give any answer other than PAFO (Play And Find Out). Most questions asked on thread will get a PAFO so it is best to ask on your role PM. If I feel it is something everyone has the right to know I ill announce it on thread.

10. Please submit any night actions in your role PM unless you have a QT, you may submit them either way in that case. Don't open a separate PM for this, use your role PM please or your Official QT.

11. Do not make things personal. This is a game and treat it as such, if you feel that someone is taking things personal or too far, take it up with me. If I think either of these is happening ill intervene regardless. Please keep in mind that anything said on thread should be considered a part of gameplay.

12. Votes and unvotes must be bold and colored red. If you want to change your vote, previous votes must be unvoted first. If you are on a phone, the voting code can be typed manually like this

[b][color=red]vote [/b][/color]

This code also works if you swap red for blue, green and purple I believe (incase you wish to reply with colour lol)

14. The MOD controls the game and therefore the players. Treat me with respect and I will be nice.

15. Role reveals and/or hints are allowed. Mass reveals will not be allowed for now. Character reveals not allowed.

16. If I have forgotten any rules, I have the ability to add them on, but I will notify all of you first.


Here are the players!


1. Turin Pippin, 1-shot cop, Mason, killed Night 6

2. Arez Peace Frodo, 1-shot BPV, Mason, Town Godfather, killed Night 4

3. Nya

4. AH Wombat Denethor, Special Case Suicider, died Day 7

5. Nolirion Faramir, Vanilla Town, lynched Day 7

6. RTE Shelob, 1-shot mirror mafia, lynched Day 3

7. Hally

8. Tina

9. Dap

10. Basel Boromir, Even night Vig, killed Night 1

11. Cloud Galadriel, Absorber, killed Night 3

12. Leyrann BB Csarmi Wormtongue, Recruited Mafia Symp with 1-shot Roleblock, lynched Day 6

13. Darthe King of the Dead, Miller, lynched Day 1

14. Tiinker Saruman, Mafia Sympathizer with 1-shot recruit and godfather potential, killed Night 1

15. BG Sam, Mason, Shelob Hunter, killed Night 3

16. Lessa Chuckles Legolas, Tracker, killed Night 5

17. Tigraine

18. Pank Turin Merry, 1-shot cop, mason, killed Night 7

19. Talya

20.WBK Sauron, Mafia Role Cop, lynched Day 4

21. Dice Gandalf, Cop, killed Night 5

22. EP Witch King of Angmar, Mafia Vote Controller, lynched Day 2

23. Despo Elrond, Doctor, killed Night 3

24. Thorkin Balrog, Mafia Strongman, lynched Day 5



1. BB

2. Chuckles

3. Vam


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I want to be in a galaxy far far away, eating second breakfast. 


Vote Nolirion.


That means hi in mafia language. :D


This is my first LotR game, I´m very excited.


Most of you know this but I will say it anyway. I´m one of those who gets blocked by Cloudflare almost every day. Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes a whole day. So if I disappear you know why.

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Official Vote Count


Noli(1): Tina

Tina(1): Noli

EP(1): Talya


Not Voting(21): Turin, Arez, Nya, AH, RTE, Hally, Dap, Basel, Cloud, Ley, Darthe, Tiinker, Pank, WBK, Dice, EP, Despo, Thorkin


With 24 alive, it takes 13 to lynch


Deadline: Not set yet

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