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Final aMoL Predictions! Get Them Stated!


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Okay, we did this for TofM and it was fun, so here's the deal. This thread is not for discussion, its just for stating your predictions so they are on record to be applauded or lamented when aMoL comes out (all in good fun). Feel free to say if you agree with someones thought, or if you see something you've never seen before, but by and large if you want to discuss someones idea create a new thread for it.


Here are mine! Looking forward to yours! May we all giggle ourselves silly at our silliness when the book comes out (note, its often fun not to be conservative. If you hope it will happen or want it to happen go for it. We're all nerds here).


1. The Seanchan woman on the mountain with the blurry face and the too solid sword is an army led by Fortuona to Egwene's aid--the mountain (the obstacle they can overcome together) is a Shadowspawn siege of Tar Valon.


2. The Borderland Rulers will be killed early on in aMoL, either by Bashere, or by the Aes Sedai with them (despite being able to look at Rand).


3. Nynaeve will step up and take charge of most the Borderland armies as Queen of Malkier under the Pact of the Borderlands. Faile and Perrin will take the Saldaean army (and the Broken Crown).


4. Manetheren and Malkier will not return--Arafel, Shienar and Kandor will end up as one kingdom under Lan and Nynaeve--or Nynaeve and Lan's kid with however succession and the dual throne works in the Borderlands--both due to the fact that their rulers abandoned them to go south where Lan went north to save them, and Nynaeve's role in stabalizing their armies after their rulers die--Perrin will create a new nation spanning the Two Rivers to Saldaea, remaining linked to Andor in the Pact of the Griffin, but ruling as a King in his own right.


5. The Black Tower will be utterly destroyed in the Blood and Fire. Pevara and Androl will lead the survivors to Tar Valon, where they shall be welcomed (however begrudgingly). What was to be Elaida's palace will be the new Black Tower, and though the Asha'man will never become Aes Sedai the Two Towers will eventually become one institution where Aes Sedai and Asha'man stand equal. This will largely be brought about by Thom in payment to his debt to Owyn, using both his skills and the information Moiraine promised him about the Vileness--Moiraine will no doubt assist with her own skills.


6. The thing in the Tower that Nynaeve and Elayne found by Need that will help Rand is a ter'angreal that was involved in drilling the bore. It will be identified by Aviendha.


7. Fortuona will be forcibly sparked by the Graeffalump.


8. Either Thom or Gawyn will be able to learn to channel--Gawyn may have the spark. Either way one of the two will channel.


9. An Aes Sedai will end up soe'feia.


10. Verin sent Alanna to hunt Slayer.


11. Nakomi is largely irrelevant to the plot.


12. Rand having Justice is largely irrelevant to the plot.


13. Moiraine will show up Cadsuane. Cadsuane will betray grudging respect for Egwene. Cadsuane will die.


14. The Aiel WILL NOT return to the Way of the Leaf.


15. Aviendha will kill/capture the Graeffalump, perhaps freeing Fortuona at the same time (and choosing not to kill Fortuona).


16. Cyndane will be killed by Min.


17. If the Sharans invade the Waste it is as no more than a distraction to try and draw the Aiel away from Rand's side, and will be shown in no more than a handful of POV's. The Aiel will not fall for it, sending clans to delay them whilst staying by Rand's side till shade is gone.


18. Zaida is a darkfriend. Harine will oust her and defeat her coming to be Mistress of Ships and coming to see TG as more than just a situation the Atha'an Miere can benefit from.


19. The damane will not be free by the end of the book, but it will be in the works (and perhaps achieved by the time of the epilogue).


20. Rand and Moridin will swap bodies and Alivia will assist Rand in killing Moridin-in-Rand's-body (who am I to abandon this theory after so many years. :P I look forward to a good laugh about it though).



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The Red Aiel have taken over Shara since Graendal took their leaders and Rand killed them, unknowingly.


Lan dies at Tarwins Gap. Nyn turns that anger into the ultimate healing- bringing Lan back from the dead, showing Rand a way to win.


Galad, Bashere, and Bryne all submit to Mats leadership against the Shadowspawn armies prowling Randland. Mat is placed in charge of the Seanchan armies as well.

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20. Rand and Moridin will swap bodies and Alivia will assist Rand in killing Moridin-in-Rand's-body (who am I to abandon this theory after so many years. :P I look forward to a good laugh about it though).



Now for my original thoughts...


1.  The "Under this sign will he conquer" is a literal prophecy.  The yin-yang Aes Sedai symbol will literally be in the sky, white clouds in a vortex with dark clouds, when the Horn of Valere is blown and Rand battles either Moridin or Shaidar Haran (leaning towards Moridin) in the sky while that battle is linked to an epic battle on the ground let by Mat with his cannons.  The end of tGH to the 99th power.  A slightly alternative theory is that the yin-yang symbol is in the sky when Rand conquers 'death', as the original aMoL book cover showed Rand on his funeral cairn with this symbol in the sky in the background.  This memory of this battle will eventually become the inter-Age echo that causes the yin-yang symbol to be the 'ancient' symbol of Aes Sedai in the first place.


2.  Androl in a circle with at least Pevara will unleash a whirlwind of death and take back the Black Tower.  Even more specifically, Androl's Traveling / Gateway talent will permit him to unleash an unstoppable wave of Deathgates that rip apart Taim's lackeys.  Taim himself will escape.  


3.  When I reach the chapter entitled "The Last Battle", I will begin playing Navras by Juno Reactor on a loop as loud as my speakers can blare until I am done reading it, causing a minimum of one of my neighbors to call the police to phone in a noise complaint.


4.  Aviendha will not conceive Rand's children until after the Body Swap.


5.  Traveling will somehow become compromised, at least partially, during the Last Battle (other than the Dreamspike).


6.  Mah'alleinir will display some unique properties.  I am guessing that fighting Shadowspawn 'charges' it in some manner, and Perrin will be able to use his emotions somehow to vent this power.  I further guess that this will cause some type of lightning / thunder effect (i.e., Thor)


7.  The Aiel will be the enforcement mechanism for the Dragon's Peace and will become 'dedicated' to Peace in a different way than the Way of the Leaf, but this will ultimately lead to them truly returning to the Way of the Leaf once the Dragon's Peace truly takes hold on society and their police function becomes irrelevant.  I think I actually stole this idea from something I read from Luckers a long time ago but it's a good one.

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Gleefully laughs...  Some predictions:


1.  Dead Characters:  Lan, Moiraine, Thom, Nynaeve (maybe), Gareth Bryne, Queen Tenobia, Davram Bashere, Morgase, Suian Sanche, Leane Shariff, Cadsuane, Rhuarc, Amys, Bair, Gaul, Tam Al'Thor, Elyas Machera, Gawyn Trakand, Androl, Selucia (possible spark causer for Fortuona), Dyelin, Birgitte, Perrin (maybe), Egwene (maybe, depends on Nynaeve & Rand living or dying), Min (maybe).


2.  Wheel of Time is broken, and time begins to move in a linear fashion.  Don't know that Dark One is necessarily dead, but no more circular time has been a big idea of mine from the beginning.  I don't care that RJ said it isn't going to happen, etc. etc., I STILL BELIEVE!


3.  Rand dies Real Death.  Rand may die and come back for a short while, but in the end, he is leaving Randland, and isn't coming back.  (alternatively to dying he could become the prison on the Dark One himself, although think it would be a bit too much of a copy of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever).


4.  1 Forsaken will survive to continue the cause of "evil" in the world, and trouble the land


5.  1 Forsaken will turn back to the Light, and it will be either Moridin or Cyndane


6.  I kind of like Sentinel's idea (or stolen idea) about the Aiel being the enforcement mechanism for the Dragon's Peace, which possibly leads them to the eventual Da'Shain Aiel of the AoL.  Except that I don't think there will ever be Da'Shain Aiel again, as the Wheel is going to Broken, but that's OK.


7.  The final sa'angreal that is more powerful than Callandor that a man may use is a sa'angreal for the True Power, usable by both males and females.


8.  Logain kills Taim, Aviendha kills Cyndane, Mat kills Slayer or Demandred


9.  Black Tower as it currently stands is destroyed, and moves to one of the following:  Dragonmount, former Blight, Illian.


10.  Nynaeve will heal death


11.  Don't know that all damane are freed, but I am really hoping we see at least a hint of a move in the right direction for Seanchan society, so that I'm not left finishing the book supremely depressed that the ascendant society post-TG is one that relies on slavery.  Talk about a downer of an ending, regardless of other events...


edit:  Additions to the list:


12.  BS's "Chekov's Gun" from tDR is Orban & Furlan, the Hunters of the Horn that Perrin & Co. meet right before Faile as they chased Rand to Tear

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This will be a long one. It is aMoL, the last book, so I want to get everything out there. I'll organize it by character.


- The Bore will be sealed perfectly using the method LTT used - with two important differences so the same mistake is not repeated. a) Saidar will be involved via links. (RJ said that is one of the reasons why the seals were imperfect.) Before anyone jumps on the whole "saidar would have been tainted as well" wagon, b) Rand will use himself - his "blood" as the buffer between the OP and the DO.

- Rand be dead and a HotH at the end of the book. (no matter how many times he may get resurrected in the book). (Possibly not bound to the precepts as compensation for his efforts).

- At one point, whether the first or second or third death, Rand will get himself killed purposely.

- Harking back to the old Mat in EotW, and things coming around full circle, Mat will pick up or use something he isn't supposed to. (Like the Dagger, but this time it will be something else). It will be incredibly dangerous and stupid, but may just work out.

- Mat will blow the Horn but it will be a bad time, and it will be screwed up by the Shadow. He may blow it again, with more success. But the HotH will be countered by the Shadow at least once.

- Perrin will do something stupid that will put the entire world in danger. He will survive, but get a lot of people killed because of it.

-Wolves v Darkhounds with Perrin and Slayer leading them respectively. Culminating in the assassination attempt.

- Perrin's 2nd time he has to be there to save Rand from something bad will be Slayer and the Samma N'Sei's assassination attempt.

- The Saldaean line will be toasted (Tenobia and Bashere) fairly early on (before the last 3rd) and Faile/Perrin will assume the Throne before the DO is sealed away.

- Perrin will sustain crippling injuries. He will survive the LB, but be either maimed for life or die a short while after.

- Egwene will die in a blaze of glory and remembered for her great efforts in the LB. Gawyn's death will contribute to her death, but she will go on until the battle has been won. Unfortunately, the Pattern will demand it. Both the White and Black Towers (as you will see further down) will be completely destroyed, and all form of hierarchy destroyed, in order to start the next age on equal footing. Having an established Amyrlin and M'hael would be problematic.

- Gawyn will die doing something ridiculously reckless with the Bloodknife rings. It may help out a bit.

- Galad will be lured into a trap by one of the Forsaken and get his army toasted along with himself.

- Both will survive the Last Battle.

- Nynaeve will probably deal with Moghedien.

- Lan won't restore Malkier itself, but he will be recognized as King and perhaps establish a kind of "Malkier State" within the Borderlands. (Kind of like how the TR was given to Rand/Perrin)


- The Seanchan will liberate Caemlyn under Mat as their first act in the truce Rand will make for everyone.

- The damane will not be released. Perhaps not ever, or it will be in the distant future. However, the Seanchan will stop further collaring of channelers. (Perhaps only on this side of the ocean, in accordance to Rand's truce, perhaps forever)

- Tuon will channel at some point. (Perhaps only in the epilogue.)

- Elayne will be captured and taken prisoner at some point to force Rand's hand.

- Will die in childbirth (it would be fitting considering the arc with Min's viewings and how she harps on about it and does reckless stuff.) [Deylin and Birgitte will become Stewards of Andor until the children come of age.] (Probably happening in the epilogue and a while after the LB)

- Avidendha's actions will change her vision of the future, however, the "Hook" will put doubt in the readers mind as to whether the vision will be fully avoided. (ie- Perhaps it looks like they avoided their future, but something in the final chapter points to the Aiel attacking the Seanchan or breaking the peace.)

- One of the main Wise Ones is a DF. My bet is on Amys, not Sorilea. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was Sorilea.

- The majority of the Aiel will die destroying the Samma N'Sei and the Town.


- The Song is NOT an actual song, but the lost Talent of Singing that we see in tSR flashback. One of the Aiel characters will re-discover this Talent and a number of the Aiel will have it. The one to actually re-discover it first I am thinking may be Gaul. He has ties with Ogier through Loial, and Perrin has always had ties to the Tinkers/ things Growing around him visions. Gaul fits. If not him, then any one of the already named Aiel non-channelers. Rhuarc, Sulin, Bain, Chiad. 

- Moiraine will take down Cyndane (again) because Rand is unwilling/can't kill her (again). (Possibly because Rand knows that Cyndane holds his bond, but Moiraine will know it's necessary and kill her anyway.)


- Demandred will betray the DO in some form (NOT necessarily become good) and will be the one to kill Rand (the first time).

- Will be out-General-d by Mat, but killed by Rand, after he comes back from death.

- Cyndane will take Rand's bond from Alanna. (If not Cyndane, then one of the other Forsaken.)

- One of the Forsaken will survive the Sealing of the DO. Perhaps they are killed afterwards in the book, or perhaps they will survive. Surviving the Sealing, but dying after I would say Demandred. Surviving altogether - either Graeffalump or Mogehdien.

- Moghedien helped Demandred with the invasion of Caemlyn

- Fain's role will be to kill Shaidar Haran. Rand (having used the TP) will be vulnerable to Shaidar Haran. He can't be killed by Channeling - he can just cut Rand off from the Source. Fain (in a similar fashion to the Cleansing, with opposite evils destroying each other) will be the only one capable of killing Shaidar Haran. He will either die in the process, or be swiftly dispatched afterwards. He will have no other role.

Aes Sedai/Asha'man:
- Both the White and Black Towers will be destroyed. (symoblistic (I don't care if spell check says it's not a word) of the end of male/female division. A new Hall of Servants ( I doubt it will be called that, but a combination of both male and female) will be built from the foundations of Elaida's palace and the ruins of the White Tower. The Accepted and Aes Sedai test ter'angreal will be lost/destroyed and the hierarchies of both mostly obsolete.

- Logain will lead the Asha'man in the Last Battle, earning his glory. He will either die, or retire. He won't become involved in the unification of the sexes. ( I am going to cheat and say that I can forsee Logain earning Glory for the Shadow, not the Light, as is assumed.)

- Androl/Pevera will be the model for the new age of channelling. (the Dual Bond and their attitude [they will overcome their distrust])

Cadsuane is toast doing something heroic.

- SOMEONE will tell the Aes Sedai what the Oath Rod actually was in the AoL. (I don't know how they will respond, but my hope is that if it is not completely abandoned, at least progress will be made in having the Oaths made obsolete.)

- One of the secondary characters will get devoured by Machin Shin. (My bet is on Bashere number 1, and Ituralde as a distant possibility)

- At least 2 of the remaining 4 Great Captains will die. (Byrne will survive most likely, and Ituralde for some reason. Alegmar and Bashere are my bets as toasted)

- At least 3/4 of Borderland Royalty will die.

Loial/Ogier: -
- The Ogier - perhaps with Rand's help- will play a part in Cleansing, or at least partially cleansing the Ways - making it safe to travel (or at least safer).

May add more if they come to me.


It will be fun to have a score check at the end. So far I have 40 predictions. Need 20 to pass. Unlikely. 


I have ideas and theories on other things, but either don't care enough about them or not really enough to declare them as a prediction. 

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Oooh fun. I'll take a go at it. Going with a few hunches...half of them I would rather not see happen.



8. Either Thom or Gawyn will be able to learn to channel--Gawyn may have the spark. Either way one of the two will channel.

1. I agree with Gawyn but not Thom. I'd add Lan, Gaul, and Galad as other, lesser likely candidates. 


2. A fake out in regards to Tuon being in danger/forced to channel. Instead Egwene or someone just as unlikely comes to her rescue just in time.
3. Not Nyn/Moiraine/Alanna but another AS Egwene trusts becomes Tuon's Truthspeaker. My guesses are Silviana or Siuan, if Bryne dies.


4. The Chekhov's gun from TDR will be what Perrin saw in TAR in regards to Lanfear/Ish. Cyndane defies Moridin, not out of the goodness of her heart or anything and not necessarily as a part of her turning to the light, but she will betray/screw him over in some way.


4. Perrin and Egwene both rescue Rand from slayer in TAR. If either dies it will be at this point.


5. Elayne will get kidnapped (ugh, but like, I would be shocked if she wasn't). She'll have her bbs in the time acceleration cells Mogh was trapped in.


6. When Rand breaks the seals channeling OP weaves become unreliable. Traveling disrupted. This is when TAR battles become important, since Eggs and Perrin need to shine.


7. Either Naeff or Narishma will go out in an epic warder deathrage, both die. And Narish as 'he who follows after' is a red herring. 


8. The RIP list will include... all great Generals. Galad and Gawyn. Egwene or Elayne (slim possibility). Leanne. Tam. Thom. Bode. Elyas. Amys, Rhuarc, Bair, Sorilea, Gaul/his women, and Avi's sister if she's still alive (basically almost all the Aiel we know).       


9. Rand doesn't live 400+ years. (If resurrected via TAR) He'll die a second time because the wheel requires it of him. Or he's resurrected after TG (on boat with his women) and born as a learner not a sparker, and decides he'd rather live natural lifespan peacefully without OP. Other possibilities: he'll carry injuries that cost him centuries, or (hate, hate, hate!) will burn out due to callandor not having a buffer, an intention of post-WoP AS. 


10. Baby steps on the damane reform front. They will remain leashed during TG and possibly to the very last page (maybe with wireless modifications and a degree more mobility/freedom). An agreements between Egwene/Tuon will be reached (releasing AS/suspension of advancements in Seanchan's agenda). All Seanchan channelers (learner/sparker m/f) will be property of Empress, but will attain great(er) status through time.



- Moiraine will take down Cyndane (again) because Rand is unwilling/can't kill her (again). (Possibly because Rand knows that Cyndane holds his bond, but Moiraine will know it's necessary and kill her anyway.)

Nice. I'll second it.

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Ok, I guess it's time to post these seeing as there are already rumors of  the AMOL being leaked somewhere.
I'm still working on my predictions but I'll update those in a blog post.
 These are in random order

  • Rand will be captured by the Dark side in some fashion, perhaps during his attempt to kill the DO using Callandor. He will therefore have to be killed by one of the Light Siders. He will be held prisoner in TAR by Lanfear. He will be rescued after being dead for 3 days and Nynaeve will push him out of TAR thus resurrecting him.
  • Rand does not kill the DO and time remains circular. However, the sealing of the Bore this time around  will be somehow special. I don't know how but there will be a twist of some sort.
  • The Aiel will return to the Way of the Leaf after the LB. Avi convinces Rand to include the Aiel in the terms of the Peace of the Dragon. Little to nothing of Avi's Rhuidean visions come to pass.
  • I almost forgot this one. Taim is revealed to be an impostor and not the original Taim.
  • Androl links with Pevara and defeats the dreamspike in the BT.
  • Rand will become Egwene's warder, at least temporarily. Most likely in relation to the memory "Pass his bond to me". There are a couple of early foreshadowings suggesting that this might happen.
  • Fain or his power will be instrumental in the final sealing of the Bore. His power will be used to touch the DO directly. LT said that something has to touch him and touching him with OP is a bad idea. Something similar to how Flinn healed Rand and how Rand cleansed saidin will happen. Possibly, Rand's blood from his wound by Fain's dagger is spilled and helps in sealing. Or it could be that Rand will get Fain's dagger after Fain is killed and use it directly somehow.
  • Rand will not channel TP in the sealing process. I'll bet my house on this one. TP is the essence of pure evil and absolutely nothing good can come of using it.
  • Rand will merge with Moridin somehow and Rand will be the one to die, not Moridin. This will fulfill Min's viewing about Rand merging with another man and one of them dying.
  • Rand cleanses the Ways.
  • The prophecy about Rand bowing to the Crystal Throne is fulfilled.
  • Verin hid the Horn in the Two Rivers. That's what BS meant in his remark about a Chekov's gun from TDR ch 30-40 finally firing.
  • Cadsuane dies. She has no purpose after the LB is over. Bashere dies. Bashere is NOT a DF but he is killed by DFs close to him. Tenobia dies and paves way for Perrin and Faile to become rulers of Saldaea. Tam dies. Elyas dies. Talmanes dies. Gawyn dies. Egwene lives.
  • Slayer will be killed twice: once in TAR and once in the real world to take care of both of his souls. At least one of these will be done by Perrin.
  • Nynaeve or Birgitte kills Moggy. Birgitte dies and is reborn normally to be close in age with Gaidal.
  • Rand survives the LB but either goes off with Min somewhere totally removed from this world (like the Ogier world or a portal stone world) or looses all his powers, his ta'vereness, the ability to channel and his memories of past lives (same as Birgitte after being pushed out of TAR) and becomes a completely ordinary person.
  • Hawkwing's sword Justice plays a major role in the peace of the Dragon and the peace with the Seanchan (Terez' idea).
  • The Forsaken that are currently dead stay dead (brain-dead in case of Mesaana). None are brought back as they so often were before. None turn back to the Light.
  • Moiraine and Lanfear have another go at each other and Moiraine finishes what she started.
  • Tuon sees the light and the Seanchan decide to abandon the practice of leashing female channelers by the end of AMOL. Absolutely sure of this one. They also likely abandon slavery. Tuon starts channeling in AMOL. Tuon gets an Aes Sedai advisor to be her Truth Speaker.
  • Demandred is Roedran.
  • Demandred has been balefiring something in the south-west. (Terez' idea). This is part of the reason the pattern is unraveling. Faile and Perrin felt two different balescreams related to Demandred's activities.
  • Rand will bring back the Song.
  • The Black Tower will be completely destroyed. The Asha'man move to the palace Elaida was building and unite with the Aes Sedai in some fashion.
  • Channeling does not disappear after the LB.
  • Rand gives the Illian crown back to Stepaneos.
  • Somebody's mindtrap gets broken. Could be Rand's if he gets mindtrapped while trying to kill the DO (Terez' idea).
  • Malkier is restored. The viewing Min had of Lan of a babe holding a sword is of Lan's future son as a king of Malkier.
  • Verin sent Alanna to deal with the Waygate on the border of the Blight and Arafel that the Trollocs are using in the Caemlyn attack. Alanna is not Black.
  • Tuon bonds Mat (this might be delayed to the outriggers).
  • One of the Whitecloacks (most likely Bornhald) will be revealed as gay. This has been confirmed to be wrong. Ah well, I'm sure it won't be the only wrong prediction on my list.
  • The thus far unfulfilled part of a lesson Cadsuane will teach Rand and all Asha'man will involve her paralis net (particularly the part analogous to Mat's medallion) and will be something about limitations of usefulness of One Power and the fact that they can not rely on channeling to deal with every problem.
  • The spotted dice ter'angreal will make an appearance. Mat and his luck will have to duke it out with it.
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Early in the Book a massive force of Asha'Man and Aes Sedai and troops will open gateways and come to Lan's rescue led by the Bordermen leaders and armies. The Bordermen leaders will die, but Lan will survive.


Black Tower shatters after Logain comes back and unleashes hell on it. New black tower will become Eladia's palace.


The last battle will be looking bad and Demandrad is kicking ass. The forces of the Shadow are coming strong and the light forces are having trouble because their forces are split up in different areas. Then out of a gateway the Ogier come in full force and start pushing back. Ogier will play a major role in the fighting no doubt


Matt leads the Seanchan in the last battle and Tuon meets Artur Hawking when the Horn is blown


Perrin and his wolves do work, but can't hold off the shadowspawn. Galad saves Perrin's life at some point.


Tam dies


Nyneave resurrects Rand


Rand WILL NOT bow to the crystal throne


The Aiel will repopulate the Blight and that will become their new home. The Ogier will help them with tree singing or whatever to get the Blight into normal land again. The Aiel will have a new homeland and become the police of the world. They will keep the peace.


Galina is abused to her death, but she lives to be around 600 years old....

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I will post a few.


1. Rand is dead at the end. Regardless of how many times he is ressurected.


2. Despite all of the evidence I have seen since LoC, I am going with my gut. Demandred is in Shara creating new weapons for the shadow with the Ayyad.


3. Lan dies after knocking Nynaeve up.


4. Min dies but after she is named truthspeaker.


5. Rand uses the TP as the buffer between the DO and his prison.


6. Elyas fights alongside his AS at the end.


7. Egwene dies. Hopefully horribly right after Gawyn.


8. Nynaeve kills Mogs. Avi kills Cydane. Demandred kills Rand. Logain kills Demandred and Taim.


9. Seachan agree to no more leashing but refuse to release the ones they have.


10. The Aiel will become enforcers of the Dragons Peace.


That's all for now.

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I don't know the little details, but I do have predictions for big picture things.


Rand will "permanently" defeat/destroy/trap the DO. Rand will die in some rather normal way, but come back as a HoTH and fight some incarnation of the DO in the sky. He will do something crazy, destroy the Wheel, the DO, the TP and the OP. The OP will not be truly destroyed, but become inaccessible for some reason, and obviously if the DO is destroyed one would assume the TP is inaccessible as well. He doesn't end up alive at the end of the book.


Everyone will be magicless and time will become seemingly linear as DaoineSidhe said. At some point millennia later after we nuke ourselves stupid or something, the world will "break" again, and the DO, the TP and the OP will be released onto the world again (so I guess not that linear, huh?). 


As many have said, the Tower will be destroyed, but will be rebuilt, and will be like the parliament building or whatever you want to call it. They could have two, one being Elaida's, and one could be like a House and the other a Senate. Not sure if non-USA people will get that reference, but I assume their educations are superior to ours, and they probably know more about our government than we do.


Matt will live as commander of Seanchan, and the damane issue becomes irrelevant as there is no more OP.


Faile and Perrin live as king and queen, possibly with Galad as their general, but I think he probably returns to Andor to serve the Lion Throne.


Nyn and Lan or Lan jr.live to be queen and king/prince.


Logain will kill Taim and lead the black tower to TG, will not die. Could even hold a position in my New Senate idea.


Moraine, Cad, Alanna, Elayne, Birg, most if not all forsaken, and about all other main characters die.


Eg dies, Gawyn dies soon after.


Avi, Thom and Min raise Rand's brood, Rand and Elayne's daughter take Lion Throne eventually.


Of course Nyn cures death.


Bela DOES have some actual importance. She is not the DO or a DF or the creator, but she has to friggen do something!

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4. Manetheren and Malkier will not return

Is anybody actually still suggesting that Manetheren will return after reading TOM?

11. Nakomi is largely irrelevant to the plot.


That's an opinion, not a prediction. As opinions go I would say it has been proved wrong already because Nakomi was important in Avi deciding to go through the columns twice. Do you want to change it to something more specific?
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Only because I really haven't seen anyone else suggest this elsewhere:


Rand is able to undo the 13x13'd Asha'man, whether by his general light-powered ta'veren awesomeness or by balefiring someone/something so far back that the 13x13 was actually a 13x12....




Faile is revealed as the true DO, and is locked in prison with Fain, tortured for eternity.

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4. Manetheren and Malkier will not return

Is anybody actually still suggesting that Manetheren will return after reading TOM?

11. Nakomi is largely irrelevant to the plot.

That's an opinion, not a prediction. As opinions go I would say it has been proved wrong already because Nakomi was important in Avi deciding to go through the columns twice. Do you want to change it to something more specific?


Nope I'm happy with it as it is. And it is a prediction.


And this thread isn't for discussion of the predictions, it's for stating them.

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Here's another one--there will be a wind at the end of the last chapter, and it will be the Black Wind rising to kill one of the bad guys fleeing the defeat of the Shadow through the ways--Mili Skane, burned out Alviarin or Taim maybe--possibly Fain after whatever defeat he may suffer..

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1) TAR will be critical in the endgame (details in a separate post).


2) Nynaeve will be widowed. But she will see Lan before the end.


3) The Aes Sedai and the Asha'man will invent many new battle weaves.


4) A Dreamspike will be found in the White Tower's stash.


5) Rand and Egwene will link, at one point.


6) Egwene will enter Rand's dream, find Cyndane there, and an epic battle in TAR will ensue.


7) Graendal and Nynaeve will battle with the OP.


8) Moiraine's return will be the turning point for the Tower in the decision on whether weaker women should be allowed to be Aes Sedai. Egwene and Nynaeve will sieze the chance to insist that this proves that ability matters more than strength.


9) Bode will convince Mat that he needs to work to change the way Seanchan treat channelers. Mat will be the central instrument in the change in Seanchan attitudes, helped by Egeanin and whatever she cooks up with the AS.


10) Elayne will be captured, and will break free herself in an epic way.


11) Aviendha will discover Singing, and find and train Aiel who have the Voice.


12) Berelain will be accepted into the Seanchan Imperial Family.


13) Perrin will be accepted as overall leader of the united forces gathered in Merrilor.


14) Demandred and Rand will have an epic OP battle.


15) The cirrent structure of the White Tower will be so severely damaged that an entirely new one will have to be built.


16) The Asha'man will become Aes Sedai, once they're cleansed of Taim's cronies. The Oath Rod will be found to not work on them, and this will accelarate the removal of AS Oaths, along with other factors.


17) Egwene and Logain will take joint leadership of the new Aes Sedai order.

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6) Egwene will enter Rand's dream, find Cyndane there, and an epic battle in TAR will ensue.


I like this, what with the tGH dreams and Ba'alzamon's comment--but, who wins? After all the Dark Prophecy says that when the Daughter of Night walks again, and her lover has died and lives again, the Shinning Walls shall kneel.

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6) Egwene will enter Rand's dream, find Cyndane there, and an epic battle in TAR will ensue.


I like this, what with the tGH dreams and Ba'alzamon's comment--but, who wins? After all the Dark Prophecy says that when the Daughter of Night walks again, and her lover has died and lives again, the Shinning Walls shall kneel.

I always felt that Prophesy was misinterpreted. The Shining Walls have knelt already... to Egwene. Egwene too can be called "Daughter of the Night" given her strong TAR associations. In tGS, she even compares her nights there to be her true days, and her days awake in prison to be her nights. Essentially, Egwene thrives at night, her great successes have all come at night. And her old lover was... Rand. 


I'm unsure who wins, but I think there's a lot of hints for this. Egwene has been very curious about Rand's wards, and she did say that some day she would figure out a way to break through them and see inside. We know she tried for a long time, but we also know she never really gives up. All that added to Lanfear (as Silvie AND herself) already having met Egwene (both in the Tower and in TAR) leads me to believe this battle has been more than adequately set up. 

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My predictions:


1. "To live, you must die". Rand will die, then somehow become resurrected


2. Cyndane/Lanfear will not go over to the Light, but die as the vindictive bitch she is, probably in a showdown with Perrin and co in the Dream World.


3. Birgitte dies heroically, saving Elayne.


4. Justice will play a part in the truce with the Seanchan


5. Rand will do something more permanent about the nature of the Wheel. It is as Moridin said...some day the Dark One will win, and that will end time. If there is no way to permanently stop this, the world will end sooner or later unless the threat is eliminated forever.


6. Perrin will live on to becom a great ruler, taking over Saldea and expanding its dominion.


7. Mat will live on to reclaim Seanchan together with Tuon


8. Ishy might turn back to the Light, I think this will actually be a key to victory


9. Fain will somehow play a major part in sealing away the DO for good. He is the only one that has sidestepped the pattern, making it possibe (Though unwittingly, quoted from RJ)


10. Perrin kills Slayer


11. Mat shows Demandred who is boss on the battlefield by having overall command of the Light's armies


12. The Ogier arrive to help humanity through the Ways in a critical moment


13. Male channelers are accepted as lawful citizens through one of Rand's demands for fighting at the last Battle. No more drownings, gentling, or going to spit Sightblinder in the Eye...


14. Nyneave smokes Moggy


15. Perrin saves Rand's ass in the dream world, fulfilling Min's vision


16. Rand casts away pride and kneels before Tuon, but also manage to bind her to serve him for the Last Battle in some way, fulfilling bort versions of the prophecies.


17: Cadsuane dies...heroically.


18: Aviendha and Rand have smoking hot sex and make babies


19: The terangreal that hides the bearer from the Shadow plays a major part, allowing Rand, Moirane and Nyneave to strike at Shayol Ghul without the Shadow knowing before it is too late


20. Epic showdown between Shaidar Haran, Rand and the girls, Padan Fain, and Moridin in the depths of Shayol Ghul.

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I know that a few of these will be wrong. Just don't know which ones, obviously.


1. Gawyn and Egwene will be involved in Rand's death, though Egwene maybe more by association. Moiraine might also be involved, but she is less clear than those two.


2. Nynaeve will rip Rand out of Tel'aran'rhiod.


3. Rand will live out his days in the Westwood with Min. Visitation rights apply.


4. Moiraine will be Queen of Cairhien.


5. Aviendha will remember how to make a gateway like she did the first time. I hope she will also, independently of Androl, beat the dreamspike. For Rand, of course.


6. Perrin will be King of Saldaea by the end. (Faile will not die; she will be Queen and Perrin's claim is through her.)


7. Tuon will be bound by the Oath Rod. Not sure what for, but it will either explicitly or implicitly involve serving Rand.


8. Tuon will bond Mat.


9. Rand will die before sealing the Bore.


10. Much of the negotiation with the Seanchan will take place after Rand's death.


11. The Aiel will return to the Way of the Leaf.


12. Justice will play an important role in the truce with the Seanchan. (Been saying this ever since it was revealed that the sword was Justice. Luckers and I have a bet.)


13. Demandred's plan includes taking out all of the Great Captains at the onset of the Last Battle. He might or might not be successful.


14. Bashere will be killed, probably by his officers in the Legion of the Dragon or maybe Demandred himself. Or one of the Asha'man.


15. Roedran is Demandred's alter ego.


16. The Legion of the Dragon is heavily infiltrated by Darkfriends and will take its orders from Demandred.


17. Androl will beat the dreamspike by linking with Pevara. The technique is similar to unweaving, but in reverse, sort of.


18. There are dangers lurking from Rand's bond with Moridin. I don't know if a full merge will happen—Min said they 'seemed' to merge which might be accounted for in what we've seen already—and a swap seems even less likely, but Rand might lose control of his body. He won't end the story in Moridin's body. He might also be mindtrapped when he goes to Shayol Ghul. It can only be done there, would explain why his first trip is a disaster, would explain at least one bloodspilling, and with the foothold Moridin already has on his mind, the effects could be interesting.


19. Fain will kill Shaidar Haran. This might be Fain's role in helping Rand to seal the Bore; it could serve as a distraction. Fain might even get some gloves so he can torture Shaidar Haran for, oh, maybe three days? Fain will not be happy when Rand dies. He will know when it happens.


20. Rand will be dead for three days, though it might technically be two and a half days. As per Gawyn, the sun will rise two days late. As per Elayne, Nynaeve will hold down the sun at dawn, presumably by delaying Rand's resurrection until the right moment. As per several hints, the sky will go dark on the day of Rand's death at noon, and as per Aviendha, Moiraine, Egwene foreshadowing, the second dawn might be (by hours) at midnight. The eclipse is a warning; the sky will go dark for real when Rand dies, and the sun will rise again when he is resurrected.


21. Elayne will give birth on the day Rand is resurrected. This might be why Nynaeve delays the resurrection; Elayne will need to be able to bond Rand again as soon as he is ripped out. Nynaeve can be midwife.


22. Nynaeve will be Tuon's new Truthspeaker.


23. Dragonmount will erupt when Rand dies. Shayol Ghul might erupt as well, but definitely Dragonmount.


24. Berelain will be adopted into the Imperial Family. She will lose Galad, either because he dies or because Gawyn dies and he ends up with Egwene. :tongue:


25. Cadsuane will die in a blaze of glory, perhaps related to her foreshadowed confrontation with Sorilea.


26. Sorilea is a Darkfriend.


27. Lan will kill Slayer, in fulfillment of his oath to avenge what cannot be defended. (And also a parallel to Ragnarök.)


28. Tel'aran'rhiod will somehow be involved in the sealing of the Bore, and this is where Egwene will shine the most.


29. Verin's letter to Galad was about Luc, and everything she had learned about Slayer. She might have included suspicions about Rand, but I'm thinking her primary concern was Galad's uncle. She doesn't appear to have told him anything about the plans for Caemlyn.


30. Elayne will be almost-raped a la Kahlan. (Sorry RJ.) Hanlon will think he is going to get her but he will get offed by a higher power. Her pain will distract Rand when he is at Shayol Ghul.


31. Valan Luca will get a POV in "The Last Battle". Latelle will scatter his opponents with her stick.


32. Tuon will agree to free the damane by the end of the book, though we might not see the process really begin.


33. Tar Valon will be destroyed when Dragonmount blows and the new home for the Aes Sedai will be in Rhuidean. This is more neutral territory and does much to diminish the inherent advantage of the women in Tar Valon. The Ogier will rebuild/finish it before returning to their world, and they will plant a grove. (Rhuidean has a lake now.)


34. Farstrider got out of Ghenjei alive. The bargain said they had to leave the portal open, so if he could have found his way back to that, he could have gotten out without the ashandarei.


35. Elayne will link with Rand (or perhaps another man) and successfully copy Mat's medallion.


36. Birgitte will not die.


37. The gay male character is Androl.


38. Gawyn will end up with Laman's sword.


I might update this post later. Running out of things to predict.

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