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  1. While holding the original foxhead medallion, one could still channel and it would not melt weaves directed into it. It is only when it is touching the skin of someone, and weaves originating from someone else that the weaves are "melted"
  2. I don't necessarily know if Osan'gar was insane, but he was under immense pressures. Rand uncovered and trapped or caused the death of every other Forsaken to try and stay hidden near him. When you think of how Rand chose Dashiva right after Dumai's Wells, it would be enough to make anyone become a little paranoid and start muttering to themselves. Once you start looking for it, RJ left little hints in almost every scene where Dashiva is present as to who he really was. For me, his death at the Cleansing of the Taint was one of the saddest moments in the book, because I had grown to really
  3. Dashiva is probably one of my favorite characters because of the re-reads. The first time though, you're just confused by why this seemingly half-mad Asha'Man is acting like he knows more about the One Power than Rand. Could you imagine how he must have felt when Rand randomly chose him to be a part of the group that stays with Rand after Dumai's Wells. He gets me laughing during every re-read haha.
  4. I think Verin was somewhat playing both sides with the gift of the ring to Egwene. Pro-Light: She's a "coerced" Black Ajah, and has few options with which to fight against her sister's without being discovered. She come's across a ter'angreal that no one else knows exists. This is a tool that can enable Egwene to foil so many plot's by the Shadow. Think of what would have happened if Verin HADN'T given it to her... Pro-Shadow: By keeping back some of the notes, and Egwene ends up getting caught, and used per the original plan, then Verin can say she gave it to Egwene without the n
  5. Could also refer to Moridin picking up the blade when Rand's drops it in the heart of Shayol Ghul. And Moridin's body is what now "follows after" Rand's original body's death.
  6. Mat's nadir: Being carried into Tar Valon unconscious and hours/days from death, and having to be healed by Aes Sedai Mat's zenith: His rescue of Moraine from the ToG, and more specifically his giving up his eye to get her back. Not just rescuing an Aes Sedai (which he does more so than anybody else in the entire series, ironically), but actually sacrificing a part of himself to accomplish a goal for the greater good. Everything else he does after that is his post-zenith pinnacle, doing what we always knew he could Perrin's nadir: 1a: Finding out that his whole family was dead. 1b. a
  7. Numbness..... I don't know how to feel.... It is over... There won't be any new journeys to the Wheel of Time. It may keep on turning, but it will do so without me getting to look in on its turnings to see what happens... The constant tension of continuous battle throughout the book was fairly good, although I do feel like we didn't get to see any of the main characters resolve or deal with any of the consequences of what happened throughout the last book because of its frenetic pace. The plot of turning the "great Captains" against the Light was without a doubt the most bril
  8. Dain Bornhald is one of the more interesting minor characters in WoT for sure. I think he shows the overall trajectory of the Children of the Light better than any other character in the series. From his intimidating beginning, to his drunken almost complete self-destruction, to his self-realizations about the contradictions in his life, and finally his redemption, his life is a microcosm of that of the entire Children of the Light. He is one of the characters that have caused me in recent weeks to wonder what a book series would be like that took place during the same time as WoT, but only
  9. Such true thoughts you have stated B-Honcho. This is the first WoT book that I did not read within days of release. I finished my original "pre-aMoL" re-read about a month and a half prior to its release. However, as its release came closer and closer, I just couldn't come to grips that this epic series was ending. So what did I do? On release day, I started a slow re-read of the entire series (in the past I've read the WoT series 2-3 times a year), and have only finished aMoL last night. I am glad that I took the time to re-read the series one more time, although I am saddened that n
  10. It boggles my mind why some publishers act so anti-e-book. I understand some of their fears, but I mean, the writing is on the wall, and if they don't do something to try and use e-books to their advantage, they will end up sharing similar fate as Newspapers. Personally, I like to read my first time through on a paper copy, but for subsequent re-reads I usually use an e-reader on my phone. It also doesn't bother me as much about when the e-book goes on sale because, if I own a paper copy, I can have a digital copy as well, and will download from an outside source. The formatting isn't as c
  11. @Logoth: I'm fairly certain that Leigh Butler got authorization from Tor, or Team Jordan, etc. to do her pre-release review. That is why its one of the the few pre-release reviews out there.. I don't think Luckers has that same authorization to do so here. Some ideas on the hint: -I wonder about opening fireworks, etc., and exposing the contents to air rumor that has so far seemed to be a mistake to the characters (Mat opens a couple in tDR) could turn out to actually happen in aMoL. I believe the BWB mentions this rumor about fireworks as well, but can't seem to find my copy at the
  12. Personally I found Mat in tGS, especially his first chapter in tGS, to be quite "off". For the most part I have enjoyed BS's writing of WoT, and been pleased with the results. But that first chapter of his in tGS is the reason I am back on DM after I had taken a many year break from the site. Mat's always been a bit of a complainer, and vehemently denies publicly what the reader knows to be true, but I think BS took those aspects of Mat's personality and magnified them to the point where his Mat sounded like a caricature of himself. BS certainly improved on Mat in ToM, although I cringe ha
  13. So, suttree, are you going to be doing an early review once you've read the book?
  14. I tend to agree, but when I re-read that section, it seemed really strange how Moiraine spends all this time talking about Perrin and channeling together. If I were going to bet on one of the bigger characters starting to channel all of a sudden, I'd definitely go with Thom.
  15. Moiraine dieing again would give me little feeling toward her character. She was suppose to be dead for the last 7 books we already accepted that she died, even tho it was heavily foreshadowed otherwise. Why would you want moiraine to come back and then just die again? seems pointless. Its like getting gandalf killed at the battle helms deep we already thought he died why kill him again? it feels odd to me that so many people want her character to die. I hate that Gandalf came back, and continued to live and be such a pivital character in LotR. One of JRR Tolkien's biggest mistakes in wr
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