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  1. All of this is minus Rand being the only foretold for sure rebirth of a specific soul, and the Forsaken being rebodied. Hope of my salvation and rebirth is a strong oath and idea in the series. Each character wants to be reborn when the next turning of the age comes. It is also implied that souls are reborn, as in Birgitte and Gaidal, several times per age. This could just be specific to those two as in several times per Age, or it could happen to every Farmer Frank. Are all souls reborn just to the turning of their age, or of all ages? If those who lives in the Third Age are reborn again
  2. I think part of the charm of the series is that the world is so richly detailed. It has never seemed t oo much to for the description. One of the reasons I play the Elder Scrolls games to no end is a similar fixation on expanding the world so a reader/player can totally immerse themselves if they want. The Sharans are barely mentioned compared to most other people but you can still have a good, general idea of their culture.
  3. There were 200,000 man armies during the medieval ages. People think purely Western Europe, but Eastern Europe faced the Ottoman's and the Mongols and their large armies during that time. They were also affected by the 'dark ages' to an extent.
  4. The true power is corrupted from the DO's touch. So if it is used on what the Creator made, and saidin/saidar turn the wheel, the corruption would be able to merge human stock with animal stock. Fades are throwbacks to humans from Trolloc offspring. This makes sense if the true power was used in the creation of shadowspawn. Even Aginor was surprised by the discovery of Fades
  5. A good chunk of people riff on Brandon for his writing style and how he 'ruined' the series. I don't think he ruined the series. Harriet and the rest of the staff picked the writer they felt was best for the story. Brandon's writing to me is good. He is distinct from RJ and had an unenviable task. Finish a book series beloved by millions of readers with many theories out there what was to happen in the last book. Oh, and it is also one of your favorite series. I did not envy Brandon but I was glad he was willing to do the job. He gave us closure and an ending to the WoT. His books were readabl
  6. He was quite the condtradiction to the way the Tower ranks and files. While strength of will is important to Aes Sedai, their strength in the power is what governs their interactions unless they are the head of their Ajah/Amrylin. Sitters do have precadence but from what I infered from the books they still deferred to those stronger. Androl was a good example of how the Black Tower was going to do things, quite differently from the White Tower. Strength in power alone didn't mean they were leaders. Leaders are those who do whats best for the group. Androl does everything for what is best for t
  7. I see the Red and Green Ajahs joining forces. They were opposites for so long, that the post-LB balance would be them conducting joint-operations. The Green has so much more experience dealing with males then the other Ajah's. The Reds have dealt with males who can channel specifcally. Joining their experiences/strenghts together would make sense. The only problem I could see is Logain in charge of the Black Tower now. He is anti-Red Ajah, and has a strong distrust of Aes Sedai. He could be the biggest obstacle.
  8. Does anyone know if the Horn was used in the War of Power/AoL? It was placed in the Eye with the Dragon Banner, which means it was around at the end of the Age at least. Is it an intricate part of the Pattern since the Heroes are bound to it? Or is it a ter'angreal? The Horn is something I've not seen much on in the books, just a lot of theories on it around the forums/theoryland.
  9. http://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php?kwt='androl' This is a database of all Androl interviews. Might provide insight for you.
  10. There has been speculation that Whitebridge is a ter'angreal or sa'angreal like the Chodean Kael- a powerful one that has been forgotten about/unused. It is surely from another Age and has survived the Breaking.
  11. I'm not sure if it is the same side but it could definately be foreshadowing. RJ loved doing simple things to foreshadow other events in the series.
  12. The Caemlyn front went bad right away. Even by trapping the Shadown force in the city and burning it, they still had a mass of Shadowspawn to deal with. There was also the fact they had Lan and his forces in a hopeless fight as it was. And Arafel had a huge force. The Shadow would have had a good estimate of how many channelers the Light had, but using them all at once or to break the initial waves would be pointless. Wearing out channelers to exhaustion for quick victories would only have helped the Shadow.
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