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  1. From what we are directly told, he "ends up" with none of them. But he chooses all of them at some point. . . chooses em reeeaaaall goooood lol
  2. Yeah, that Padan Fain exchange was like the most anticlimactic end to any character every written in the history of language. It was almost like BS finished the book, sent it in, and got a reply from Harriet that he forgot him. So he scribbled a few things down on a post-it note and handed it off to Team Jordan.
  3. TheVitaleMob is completely right that there are a huge majority of people on this forum that were going to hate the book regardless of how it ended. You have no idea what was actually written by BS or RJ, but because BS had a hand in it, you complain. If RJ was still here and wrote the exact same book, you would praise it as a masterpiece.
  4. Has anything been said about the encyclopedia containing things that weren't in the books? I imagine it will be mostly just that which you could glean from reading the series, unless otherwise stated.
  5. If RJ was still writing them we would still be waiting. We may have a "more complete" ending, or we may not, but either way it would still be years, if not decades, off. I assumed he would write until his death regardless if that was soon or another twenty years, and then have someone come in and finish it.
  6. But I would think that Birgitte would not have only lived on Randland, and she spends enough time with Elayne that you would think she would tell her anything she knew, as it could be relevant to the LB. Also, just because the doorways are in Randland doesn't mean that the knowledge of the snakes and foxes is limited to it, or that there are not other doorways or entry points elsewhere in the world. I guess I am just curious if it has ever been addressed in a meaningful way, or if we are supposed to just assume there are only three inhabited lands and the Land of Madmen is to be ignored?
  7. Not that I remember. . Tuon talked about it a lot, but don't think it ever happened.
  8. I can't imagine this hasn't been addressed a thousand times, but I couldn't find it. I have finished AMoL, but will keep this question spoiler free. . . Assuming "The Pattern" is not just for Randland (duh), and we have had quite a few people in the series who know more lives than their current reincarnation, wouldn't it make sense for some of them to know of other people in other places? The easy ones are Shara and Seanchan, but what of the Land of Madmen, the Blight or even some other people somewhere else? You would think people like Matt, Birgitte (and others) would have "lived lives" there.
  9. I would think it is meant to make you ponder, but if RJ had a plan for that (which I don't think he did) we are probably not supposed to be able to guess, just some random people we don't know. I do agree that they probably have to be Aiel, or maybe Seanchan, so possibly Melaine, but probably nobody of note.
  10. Being trained as a damane if I am not mistaken. Maybe she didn't fight because she was not fully "trained" yet.
  11. Yeah I totally was picturing Portal during all of that. Was thinking there was going to be some epic scene of him directing hundreds of different Gateway weaves so his friends could rain death from every direction. I guess the Dragons-In-The-Cave thing was kind of the same thing.
  12. Yeah, they told him he more than deserved it, which is obviously true. Dude pretty much saved the world, a few times.
  13. Here is pasted from predictions a couple of weeks ago, with annotations: Rand will "permanently" defeat/destroy/trap the DO. Rand will die in some rather normal way, but come back as a HoTH and fight some incarnation of the DO in the sky. He will do something crazy, destroy the Wheel, the DO, the TP and the OP. The OP will not be truly destroyed, but become inaccessible for some reason, and obviously if the DO is destroyed one would assume the TP is inaccessible as well. He doesn't end up alive at the end of the book. WRONG Everyone will be magicless and time will become seemingly linear as DaoineSidhe said. At some point millennia later after we nuke ourselves stupid or something, the world will "break" again, and the DO, the TP and the OP will be released onto the world again (so I guess not that linear, huh?). WRONG As many have said, the Tower will be destroyed, but will be rebuilt, and will be like the parliament building or whatever you want to call it. They could have two, one being Elaida's, and one could be like a House and the other a Senate. Not sure if non-USA people will get that reference, but I assume their educations are superior to ours, and they probably know more about our government than we do. WRONG Matt will live as commander of Seanchan, and the damane issue becomes irrelevant as there is no more OP. HALF-WRONG Faile and Perrin live as king and queen, possibly with Galad as their general, but I think he probably returns to Andor to serve the Lion Throne. KINDA? Nyn and Lan or Lan jr.live to be queen and king/prince. KINDA? Logain will kill Taim and lead the black tower to TG, will not die. Could even hold a position in my New Senate idea. NOT REALLY Moraine, Cad, Alanna, Elayne, Birg, most if not all forsaken, and about all other main characters die. NOT REALLY Eg dies, Gawyn dies soon after. BACKWARDS Avi, Thom and Min raise Rand's brood, Rand and Elayne's daughter take Lion Throne eventually. PROBABLY SOME? Of course Nyn cures death. OF COURSE I WAS WRONG Bela DOES have some actual importance. She is not the DO or a DF or the creator, but she has to friggen do something! SOME WOULD SAY YES. . . SHE SAVED THE HORN!!!
  14. 1) Tam at pyre 2) Lan killing Taimandred (is that theory gone now?) 3) Rand touching Elayne's belly 4) Bela's death 5) Suian/Gareth death 6) Stubbing my toe 7) Running out of Skittles 8) Egwene's death?
  15. Agreed. One of the more emotional parts for me was when Rand held Elayne's belly and thought about his kids. Would not have had much of an impact on me two years ago. Other big moment for me, Bela's death. WTF? Really?!?! You let that obnoxious w***e Faile live but not the horse that carried the Dragon Reborn before anyone even knew who he was. Hopefully she is a Hero in The Horse Dream.
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