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  1. I always thought of warders/AS as a fantasy version of bodyguards/celebrity. The power dynamic is very much skewed, but a warder is in many ways lucky to be the companion of this person who travels the world and dines with nobles and all the interesting folk. That said though there are some majorly messed up aspects to the bond from the warder's side that makes the relationship morally objectionable: the inevitability of death once the AS passes, the inability of the warder to mask the other's emotions unlike vice versa, and of course compulsion. Merise is that terrible boss that wan
  2. Those are cultural references not ethnic ones. You'd be hard pressed to find Persians that physically resemble Domani, they're much more like Cairhienin (pale with dark hair and dark eyes, smaller of stature...). I'm not going to claim that I've met many Persians, but I have met half a dozen, and most of them had bronze toned skin. The region is pretty diverse, however, so maybe I was wrong to make the comparison as a whole. Domani do have darker skin tones then characters ethnically native to the mainland setting, however. Most Persians have olive skin tones, not bronze, and they're
  3. Fair enough. My interpretation of Min only seeing glimpses was to account it to limitations of her ability. But fixed points make sense, though 100% probability of anything so complex is an uncomfortable notion. The DO's doing when he's partially free of his prison? That is a very small space of time altogether in the cycle, is it not?
  4. But how would we account for Min's viewings? Her viewings aren't restricted to ta'veren and they've happened all through her life. If Moraine is to be trusted, Min is seeing images and pieces of the pattern. And since Min's viewings always come true then it's pretty indicative that the pattern allows no one free will ultimately. Not even in little things like their marriage.
  5. True, those are fair points. And Egwene was all about adventure in a storybook type of way early on in the story, so it was fitting that she would go out in a blaze of glory. It's just strange to think that RJ might have thought to take her elsewhere.
  6. Who in WoT even has free? The characters are all pretty much bound by fate and whatever they do the pattern brings them back where they need to be. Rand and HotH get to live the same lives over and over, make the same mistakes. And they can't refuse, since the pattern weaves them where it wants. Rand really should've killed shai'tan.
  7. I wish he'd admit it. I'd like to know what made him decide on the death. The notion that it was done out of fan service is ridiculous, or I hope it is.
  8. My first WoT book was the Great Hunt and my first series love was the complex relationship of Siuan and Moraine, their manipulative streak, and AS politics.
  9. At first I thought Egwene's death had to have been RJ's decision, as there are many things in the books that could be interpreted as foreshadowing of that, but I'm not so sure anymore. I do think it's strange that Brandon is so reluctant to tell us anything. It's certainly possible that it was one of RJ's "either I will do this, or I might do this" type of scenarios that Brandon's mentioned before. Also, keep in mind that Brandon and Team Jordan are very good at Aes Sedai speak—Brandon told someone "I was instructed to make Cadsuane Amyrlin," but he never said by whom. It could just as easily
  10. Oh, wow, I'm kind of annoyed at BS now. Well, not really. But bummer. It's weird he decided to kill her off after Siuan's been the ultimate survivor pretty much all her life.
  11. Definitely GS. ToM was an interesting read in parts, Mat's plot was superb, but overall a mess. I'm all for battle porn but AMoL was almost nothing but. Ultimately I wish the three books had been combined into two.
  12. But are Mat, Perrin, Nynaeve, Egwene, Lan and Moiraine actually white? Aside from Lan's blue eyes and Moiraine's pale skin (common enough amongst PoC) none of them have features that identify them as white. In fact the uncommonness of blond/red hair and lighter eyes points to otherwise. Readers are the ones that see white as default unless the character is copper skinned or outright black, which funny enough doesn't account for most PoC at all. I personally thought Rand being called out as an Aiel or an Andoran noble in the earlier books was RJ prescribing European ethnicity to him, and b
  13. Has RJ ever mentioned why LTT was nicknamed the Dragon, or mentioned dragons at all? I wonder if there were ever dragons in other ages or if we are to assume the concept of dragons was derived from the Dragon shooting saidin fireballs?
  14. Ditto on the world building and history of the series, the vast scope. I started on the series as a kid and was completely mesmerized by the idea of the Dragon destroying the world and being reborn, AS history, Aemon, the HotH...And the many aspects of Seanchan, WT/AS, WCs, various nobles, Aiel, and all the other factions were interesting in the way they contrasted made Randland conflicts more interesting than more homogenous power politics. Add to that Rand's obliviousness to his insanity, Nynaeve being well, Nynaeve, and Mat's "gift" were interesting character arcs and RJ delivered.
  15. I've always thought of Nynaeve being pretty tall 5'8"ish. Also didn't figure Egwene was 5'2". Also had her around 5'6" or 5'7". Actually I'd say I pretty much had Nynaeve down as being about that height. Small woman, over-bearing personality and towering ego. But yeah, I never had Egwene down as a midget. I thought the first description we got for Nyn and Egwene via Rand in tEotW was that they were small, dark women. 5'2" isn't a midget though, that's a pretty normal height for petit women. I wish Min was there. I started off thinking she'd be around Egwene/Nyn's height but then t
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