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  1. Shadowspawn die going through gateways. Other than that, I agree with your point. I would think it would have been a much better plan to annihilate the major cities of the world with the Sharans while the Trollocs kept the Light armies occupied. Even so, I'm not sure a battle was even required for the Shadow. The Shadow was winning, the land was dying.
  2. +1 This hits the nail on the head for me, too. There simply were no magic moments in this final book -- no edge of your seat, I must keep my eyes open to see what happens next. There were no moments where I said to myself - WOW that was COOL! On the other hand, there were plenty of WTF moments, like when Eggy invents anti-balefire mid-battle, or when I realized that, yes, this stupid trading of dream-realities is the actual confrontation with the DO, or when we skipped right over the battle for the Black Tower, or when Perrin slept through the LB. My biggest pet-peeve, however, is the
  3. Ditto. The entire series felt like watching a movie at a theater. The ending felt like watching a made-for-TV movie while folding laundry.
  4. In fairness, healing stilling was supposed to be impossible, and we never saw one of the uber-healers try to heal anyone that was burned-out. I'm not saying your assessment is incorrect, just that it's not 100% certain from the evidence available.
  5. Just out of curiosity, was there ever any mention of Demandred's sword-prowess prior to AMOL? I never thought of Demandred as having any interest in the sword, then all of a sudden he's the greatest blademaster in the series. I'm wondering if I missed something...
  6. Exactly how I was thinking. Kind of surprised more people haven' t complained about it. It just felt so incomplete. If you had been following RJ, than you knew that he would never had written a huge epilogue with everything tied up. He wanted the world to be alive and he succeded in that. There are still a lot of things to discuss. We know he wouldn't have. That doesn't make it right. And again, I think it should be clear from our posts that we aren't aching for a Harry Potter-type epilogue where we know everything's okay and all questions are answered. A proper resolution winds you do
  7. Speaking of... there were a few that would have been nice to see -- the Two-Rivers folk (male and female) and Sharina for a few.
  8. Logain's realization that he was going to have a decent future. Faile being found alive.... if only Perrin could have left her for dead....
  9. Ok, maybe I misinterpreted something, but didn't Seanchan launch another invasion of the White Tower that we never hear about?
  10. I agree that Fain needed more screen time.... and maybe to accomplish a little something more. I was waiting for him to convert some Darkhounds. I also liked the Compulsion trick on the Generals -- although it seemed like it would have been a lot tougher to pull off than they made it seem. Additionally, it seemed strange that Graendel didn't at least TRY to use compulsion on Mat... she did have access to the TP after all. Moggy getting collared wasn't right to me. Is it REALLY that easy to sneak up behind her and slap a collar on her neck? It's not that easy to sneak up on anyone,
  11. Seanchan only made a partial appearance (at a minimum the empire has to be 5 times the size currently in Randland), despite tons of on camera time. The Seafolk did next to nothing.... a few channelers worked on the Bowl of the Winds -- no other contribution of channelers or fighters, again despite tons of camera time. The Finns were completely out of the fight. The Isle of Madmen wasn't used. The ghosts that popped up all over the world were absent. The Shaido stayed in the Waste. I don't see that there was any real need to include Shara in the Last Battle, simply because it was men
  12. Taim was absolutely not Demandred. Ever. Right from his first appearance, we are given information which undermines the whole idea, and really this just bears it out. Taim's corruption of the BT and his fight with Egwene gave him plenty to do, and while Demandred in Shara didn't receive enough foreshadowing for the role it went on to play, it does make sense - the references to Shara did lead to plenty of speculation that something was going on there. Taimandred makes no sense, and it makes no sense to claim it was once the plan and the plan changed. what information? After he wa
  13. RJ stated flat out that he never intended Taim to be Demy and was surprised when people linked them so strongly. Methinketh RJ didth protest too much. +1 for Taimandred camp. I think the change ruined lots of RJ's plans as well. Taimandred was going to bring an awesome force to the LB.... instead, Taim brought tatters from the Black Tower and Demandred scooped up a nation we knew little about.
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