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  1. My predictions: 1. "To live, you must die". Rand will die, then somehow become resurrected 2. Cyndane/Lanfear will not go over to the Light, but die as the vindictive bitch she is, probably in a showdown with Perrin and co in the Dream World. 3. Birgitte dies heroically, saving Elayne. 4. Justice will play a part in the truce with the Seanchan 5. Rand will do something more permanent about the nature of the Wheel. It is as Moridin said...some day the Dark One will win, and that will end time. If there is no way to permanently stop this, the world will end sooner or later unless the threat is eliminated forever. 6. Perrin will live on to becom a great ruler, taking over Saldea and expanding its dominion. 7. Mat will live on to reclaim Seanchan together with Tuon 8. Ishy might turn back to the Light, I think this will actually be a key to victory 9. Fain will somehow play a major part in sealing away the DO for good. He is the only one that has sidestepped the pattern, making it possibe (Though unwittingly, quoted from RJ) 10. Perrin kills Slayer 11. Mat shows Demandred who is boss on the battlefield by having overall command of the Light's armies 12. The Ogier arrive to help humanity through the Ways in a critical moment 13. Male channelers are accepted as lawful citizens through one of Rand's demands for fighting at the last Battle. No more drownings, gentling, or going to spit Sightblinder in the Eye... 14. Nyneave smokes Moggy 15. Perrin saves Rand's ass in the dream world, fulfilling Min's vision 16. Rand casts away pride and kneels before Tuon, but also manage to bind her to serve him for the Last Battle in some way, fulfilling bort versions of the prophecies. 17: Cadsuane dies...heroically. 18: Aviendha and Rand have smoking hot sex and make babies 19: The terangreal that hides the bearer from the Shadow plays a major part, allowing Rand, Moirane and Nyneave to strike at Shayol Ghul without the Shadow knowing before it is too late 20. Epic showdown between Shaidar Haran, Rand and the girls, Padan Fain, and Moridin in the depths of Shayol Ghul.
  2. Nice point about the courting Death...Lan's only bride was Death before Nyneave, and he courted her often. This is again and again referred to in EoTW, it is something he is very much known for. Now, Hopper, despite his amiable nature, is like others pointed out NOT known to man. And, one dead wolf might even make more people rejoice than cry. Having Paerin transmitting hs grief on to his followers seems a bit more far-fetched...As for other candidates, Perrin, Rand and Mat er prety much excluded, with them being referred to by other names in the prophecy. And Jain Farstrider has already been thought dead for years, and it is quitte unlikely that Mat will proclaim his death to the whole world in the last days of the world. He probably has other more useful things to do;)
  3. The dark prophecy from ToM states that the broken wolf will die, and it will cause great despair to the forces of Light. These prophecies have a tedency to be fulfilled, just as the light-side propechies. I'm of the mind that only the real and final conclusion -either a propechized dark or light victory in the end is changable. Everything in the prophecies leading up to the final moment of the Last battle will come to fruition, from both sides of the coin. Now, why Lan? Rereading The Eye of the World, I noticed the continued referrals to Lan as a wolf...there are endless quotes on it. Perhaps not as prominent in later books, but it sends a powerful signal. RJ planned on a shorter series, so it fits in well with some early foreshadowing. He is also practically destined to die fighting the Dark One, it has seemed like a given before he went all family man. He is well known, a legend in the borderlands, and the death og the last Malkieri royal will surely be a hard loss, and create hopelessness. Adding to this, he is last seen charging into an army of trollocs totally outnumbered. He will have his heroic and tragic death, buying enought time for the Merrillor group to stop the invasion. Yet, there is a different plotline involving Rand that we have not seen in quite a while. Back in Tear, he tried reviving a girl, dead from Trolloc wounds. He almost succeeded...yet failed...Lanfear informed him that such a feat was impossible...without the Creator. Rand has had quite a few flashbacks to this event. Now, Rand seems imbued with a different sort of power since his Zen-moment. He has the ability to bring dead plants to life...life springs up all aroound him. Reality changes around him, as a shield from the Dark One. Why would not his new ability work on people? He can fix every wound with the One Power, all he needs is the spark of Life, which he seems to be able to call upon. What better way to inspire humanity to continue fighting? And, is not Rand a Jesus-character, who was also able to revive the dead? That Rand is something more than a mere extremely powerful channeler is evident, and further hinted at through him not being a weapon, and that "all that he is" can be seized at a crucial moment. It will fit in very well, fulfilling the dark prophecy, but also giving the Light a chance to show that is imbued with a power equal to the destructivness of the Dark, and inspirering the hope and fighting will in humanity that will be essential to winning the Last Battle.
  4. Well, this info does show that his earlier works were unknown to Harriet and RJ, indeed, she only read one book before contracting him, thereby she would not have grasped the whole concept, or "the rules of the game". (which isn't revealed in full till book 3) So, parts of my theory can just be scrapped:-) I still believe in the negating and shield effects though. I'm not sure if the One Power and channeling is strictly required, although Callandor seems to have a role to play. His ability to block out the Dark One's touch doesn't seem related to him actually channeling... There will however definetely be obstacles around the area to hamper Rand, the One Power would be required to defend him while he stays in place at Shayol Gul, and perhaps linking with someone will stop him from being taken over while he is at his most vulnerable in the maw. Or, maybe the One Power is required in seemingly infinite amounts, and he might be the only one who can handle the amounts required, through his special connection to the Creator as his champion. (Which the One Power probably stems from)
  5. So, like the rest of you, I've been thinking of the last book and the closure of the series. I've have some thoughts regarding the main plot, the Light' champion vs the Dark One, and the implications. Especially the choice of Brandon Sanderson as a writer got me thinking, with his previous work on the Mistborn trilogy. I've seen quite a few theories of the nature of the Dark One and the Creator. I agree with the conclusions made by many, supported by statements from RJ and revelations in the books; namely that the Dark One and the Creator are the personifications of destruction (entropy) and it's opposite, creation. Balanced, and equal, they must be evenly matched, and I suppose one can not exist without the other. ............................................................................................................................................................... My theory is that the world and the pattern where our characters were created by the Creator, complete with a shield protecting his creation from the Dark One's influence. This is regarded as the Dark One's prison, in fact, it is really just a device that keeps him at bay from Randland. Since said entities (The Dark One and the Creator) are equal forces, the Dark One would not be able to penetrate it, "the immovable object meets the unstoppable force", acheiving a stalemate. This resembles Brandon Sandersons universe in the Mistborn series: Here there was an ancient deal between a power of creation and a power of destruction, that together created the world and it's human inhabitants. The power of destruction was supposed to be allowed to wreak havoc in this world at a later time, but the "Creator" broke the deal, and sealed the destructive force from the world, at great expense to itself. Inevtiably the shield weakens, the dark forces come into play, and a struggle ensues. It is revealed in the last book, that their "child" humanity, through a Mistborn, is able to destroy the chaos avatar since she "inhereted" destructive capabilities from "the Dark One" through his involment in the creation of humanity. This was impossible for the "Creator", since "she" did not have any destructive capabilies and was evenly matched in any case, and thus a human wielding a combination of both powers was the only option to ensure the world's continued survival. To revert back to Randland, in this Universe the Dark One can only gain entry to the world through the help of an outside force, namely humans and their use of the One Power. The humans in the Age of Legends thus tipped the balance, creating a hole in the Creator's shield, and allowing the Dark One to interfer more directly. It is stated that the One Power drives the wheel and the pattern, so this force must have been derived from the Creator, but humanity are granted access to it, and they are given free will to use it. Also as a tool of destruction that may serve the Dark One's interests... I regard the True Power as a force similar to the One Power, yet derived from the Dark One alone, his essence if you will. The Creator must have forseen this as an inevitable possibilty, and created a failsafe mechanism in the Pattern to deal with this, aka The Light's Champion. He is able to correct the imbalance through his own free will and choice, yet he might also willingly or unwillingly help the Dark One. He is connected to the land and the rest of humanity in an unique way, revealed through the changes seen during his "dark" and "light" period. It may appear that he bends reality and shapes the world around him...but, I think it is more correct to view it like he negates the Dark One's touch. Examplified, the food decay and missing crops are effects imposed by the Dark One, all Rand does is negating this. He also states that his presence should "keep him at Bay for a short time", before he leaves an area. This is further supported by the realization he has come to; "I was never meant to be a weapon". Indeed...he is no sword...he is simply a shield, or more correct, he seems to be a focus point for the shield that keeps the Dark One at bay. He is the only one who has this ability in the whole world, and it is an ability set in place by the Creator to be able to mend holes in the shield protecting the world. This also explains the silvery light that now protects him from the taint, this is his abilty acting up on himself after he embraced the Light at Dragonmount. (Indeed, he probably wasn't finally chosen as a champion before that point) In the Age of Legends, he botched the resealing process by creating the seals. Instead, he was meant to use his unique ability as a shield focus point, negate and draw back the Dark One's touch through the Bore (which must happen at Shayol Gul, where it is felt the strongest) and allow the shield to mend itself. He is supposed to be "the flame that keeps the dark maw at bay". (Don't ask me for how long) If the seals are not broken, they will act as a rotten cork in the "bubble", keeping the Bore open despite him being there and negating the Dark One's touch. Now, this doesn't explain why the Dark One couldn't just off him early on in the series. It might be that the shield (as I regard as a bubble) might mend itself somehow, like an "auto-reset", unless someone from inside Randland stops it from happening. Since the Dark One contemplated (and succeeded in a mirror world) wiping out humanity as a whole, and still wasn't able to break free, I guess we have some support for this. That might also explain how he could turn to the Dark One earlier and serve him,(stated by Ishamael) yet the Dark One still remained sealed. The results from a "reset" rather than a closure through Rand as a negator in the Bore are probably a lot more negative for humanity as a whole, or Rand wouldn't have a role to play. The prophecies also state that "all that he is" can be seized at the moment when he attempts to seal the Bore, and I think the key to the Dark One's final break-out lies here, he seems to have tried every other option, if you refer back to Ishamael's little "chess" game. A half-victory where he is able to sustain lasting damages on humanity, upping his odds for the next tun of the wheel where he might be able to break loose, seems to be in his calculations, evident by his orders to kill Rand when he tried to cleanse the taint. (Before that, he had made sure nobody tried to kill him) It was preferrable to have the taint as an asset for a later attempt, than going all the way to Shayol Gul with the current Rand. In the end, I agree with Ishamaels philosophy, if the Wheel repeats itself again and again, and the Dark One has a chance, however slight, of getting out, he will make it eventually. Again, I compare with Brandon's earlier works, in Mistborn. There is a new force at play in the world, seemingly an opposite yet similar force of destruction, that seems to negate the effects of the Dark One. He is stated to be a unique occurence, never seen before. (Rand's wounds, the cleansing of the Taint) namely Padan Fain. This mirrors the destructive capabilities inherent in humanity, given birth by the "Dark One" of the Mistborn series. Maybe this is a potential for ending the cycle, if Padan Fain somehow connects with the DO, locking these two destructive forces in an eternal combat, (or less likely, wiping each other out), essentially leaving Randland alone. This might even break the Wheel, creating a new and linear timeline. Thus we really have a "Last Battle" at hand, not just the end of and age and a new Bore/resealing ages later. If Ishamael should realize this, we might see him returning to the Light, and playing a key role, very fitting with the general theme of redemption in the series. Maybe RJ or someone saw the philosphical similarities between his and Sandersons plot early on, add his writing capabilities and reverence for RJ, and you would have the perfect person to finish the series. He might also fill in holes left by RJ with his own, similar thoughts... Well, this make any sence to you?
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