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Memory Keeper Applications and Book Tour Information


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The final book in the Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light, will be released on January 8, 2013. This date also marks the beginning of Brandon Sanderson's A Memory of Light book tour. You can find the list of dates, locations, and venues here.


Dragonmount will be recruiting approximately 5-7 Memory Keepers for each book signing event. The Memory Keepers will get the coveted opportunity to meet with Brandon (and in some cases, Harriet McDougal Rigney) in a casual setting before the actual book signing. This usually involves meeting for a meal at a location near the signing venue. Memory Keepers will have the chance to get their books signed without having to wait in line with the crowds. They will also receive a free Memory Keepers tee shirt to commemorate their involvement with the book tour.





For more information, please read Memory Keeper Application Process and Book Tour Information for A Memory of Light, on the DM Front page.

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*wistful* I wish there was a signing closer to me than Atlanta . . . With the economy as bad as it is, fuel, food and lodging for attending the signing puts it out of the park for me. I would so apply to be a Memory Keeper if there would be a local signing or one even as close as Dothan (1.5 hour drive each way) or Pensacola (2 hour drive each way). My town (PC) never garners big names; rather hard to do so when you consider the nearest interstate is an hour away. :sad:

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Sadly, no Phoenix area stops. I'd apply to some Cali spot if I was sure if I could get time off. Best to let a local get a win.





*waves at acmeraptor*




That's according to the schedule I saw. Closest is LA or SD from what I read. Travesty indeed, Mother's milk in a cup is more like it!


*waves back at Songstress*

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