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  1. If I had to make a random guess. A gateway to some random place, clearly not Caemlyn, where Pips was stabled and then the ride south.
  2. Something RJ said about Aginor's knowledge in the present time being useless could account for that. Not having the tools to make the tools.. Maybe smaller angreal are used to make more powerful ones. I don't know, kind of like having a series of low power magnifying lenses used in a series to make a rudimentry microscope.
  3. I just don't get the observation of "nothingness". It seems like bad sci-fi of someone saying a black hole looks pretty and then the smarty pants in the room points out they're just looking at an accretion disc. But that could be said of most of the DO's influence so I choose to let it go.
  4. I LOL'd. How do you think they were able to break through the patch the first time??!
  5. Heh, the failure on your part was assuming that there was such a thing as "a little Tolstoy". War and Peace is a huge book (comparatively), I haven't been able to make it through the first couple hundred pages yet.
  6. Man, I was ok with seeing some of the lightsider's spoilers revealed but that darksider spoiler kinda threw me into a tizzy. It's going to be a long week knowing this info is coming in, not sure if I want to keep reading everything.
  7. Make sure your CC issuer knows that wherever you have it delivered to is an authorized (by you) location so they don't deny the charge. Edit: If you try to order it online, I mean.
  8. I just reread that scene the other day but don't remember a mention of weapon choice, I'll have to take another gander when I get home. My comment above was solely based off what I remember of the HotH only really commenting on Rand/LTT reborn.
  9. @Ryan52 I get what you're saying but it seems like wishful thinking. There haven't been any allusions to any hero being spun out just a short time prior to the Dragon Reborn (not that I think that is needed), so the same argument to be made for Lan could be applied to Matt and/or Perrin. In fact it would be more likely I'd say in their cases being so strongly ta'veren, arguably, but we already know they aren't spun-out heroes. If anything, his life accomplishments and possibly events of his death would make him a great candidate for the Wheel to add to its number. My $0.02 anyway.
  10. As thoroughly as he had ever been kissed before, as I recall. That Domani vixen.
  11. I'm moping over your laughter and will continue to do so until the 8th.
  12. I'm surprised you didn't use the main article picture. From the litter box of Shayol Ghul.
  13. Yep, just reread that part to refresh my memory. The failed attempt of just a circle of nine, "damaged the Gate in such a way that the Aes Sedai were pulled into--" And Loial cuts himself off in embarassment from rambling.
  14. @Viperswhip Pretty sure he just locked it by placing both leaves on the outside, anyone inside at that gate would have no way to open it. I think he explains he could let it die but couldn't bring himself to do it and Perrin just gives him an attaboy.
  15. Weren't there only like a handful of Kinswomen there to pass messages along to everyone else at FoM? And some got iced around the time the attack started so as not to give warning/run for help, with the remaining ones unable to do more than fight off the attack and heal people. I seem to remember they had to link to be strong enough to open a gateway. Also in tSR I recall Loial saying that if you remove the leaves completely that a Waygate will eventually die. I think you're right about actually destroying it, but you could also sort of starve them off.
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