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WoT Trivial Pursuit at the Black Tower - Starts Monday 30th January!

Ithillian Turambar

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It will be a constantly playing game regardless of the time of day. Me and Rhea will be modding it and so will be able to cover most timezones.


There will be no waiting around for other teams to answer their questions either. All teams will play concurrently.


Shall I add you Kudaran?


Added you Lenlo - welcome to the BT and to the game :biggrin:

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Ohhh...me, me I love Trivial Pursuit, used to play it so much I knew most of the answers...of course they weren't about WoT, but I also have an LotR version of the game, I'm pretty hot on that too...now WoT might be a different story....hehe.


so, that means sign me up Ithi...I'll join Meesh and Wombat.

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