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Lives 2 Mafia [Nemo Edition] - The Town has dragged to a victory


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Rules of Engagement

1. We are the ModGods, our words are law; if we will it,so shall it be.


2. Editing is allowed, but beware that doing so may causeyou harm (Not from the Mods). Other players may become suspicious if you edityour posts.


3. You MAY NOT under any circumstances discuss this gameexcept on the game thread or a designated QT thread. Nor may you quote any partof any communications we may have with you or information from any QT threads.


4. This is a CORONER game. Upon death, Character, Roleand Alignment will be revealed.


5. No personal insults... play nice our little pets - or wemay compulse you with a PR


6. Day One will be 5 real life days. Days run for 72hours and nights 48 hours. Weekends are counted as half days.

7. This is a modified hammer game. There are 2 ways toreach a Lynch in this game. To reach a Quick Lynch before deadline you willneed to have 50% +2 votes on a person. If the Lynch lasts till deadline then a50% +1 will secure a Lynch. Any votes cast or recanted after the Quick LynchHammer Vote will not count. Conversely, if a majority is not reached the Lordsof Random.org will get to decide who dies. Rule 13 took effect.


8. Night will be ended when all night actions arereceived or the deadline passes - whichever happens first.


9. You get one BAH post after death - DO NOT reveal anyinformation in your BAH post or the ModGods will not be pleased.


10. Votes and unvotes MUST be colored RED, please try to remember to remove thecoloring in quoted posts if you can.


11. Any player who has not checked in by the end of DayOne will be replaced. Inactivity will not be tolerated. If you fail toparticipate after being reminded by the ModGods, you will be replaced.


12. *steals Lily's/Ama’s rule* no self-votes! And, novotes for NoLynch!


13.The ModGods reserves the right to amend these rules atany time.




15. All players must post at least 1 game related posteach day. If the ModGods feel that you are not contributing to the game youwill be given a warning. If it continues you will be replaced.

Disclaimer: Don't expect fancy scenes. hehe >.<

"Nemo, get back here!" Marlin cried. Ever since Nemo's mother died, Marlin knew he couldn't let anything happen to his one surviving kid. And when that diver took Nemo, Marlin's world crashed around him. What was he do to now?! He had barely left the anenome since Nemo was born, and now...

Now, he had to go find his son. So, he began swimming. And he wouldn't stop until he found Nemo.

But there were those that didn't want Nemo back in the ocean. And they'd deal with anyone who got in their way the same way they dealt with that harlot, Coral.

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Welcome to Lives 2 Mafia, NEMO Edition. I hope you all have as much fun playing this game as Eddie and I will have watching it. :D




1. Ama,(Bruce (Great White)), Roleblocker - Lynched Day 2, Lynched Day 3

2. Kate, Peach (starfish), Town Sheriff - NK Night 4, Random Lynched Day 7

3. Locke - Squirt (Baby Turtle), Vanillla Lynched Day 1

4. Leyrann (Chum (mako shark)), Goonie - Lynched Day 4, Lynched Day 5

5. Amegakure Ahmoondah - Lynched Day 9

6. dapianoplay3r Kate, Darla (Human girl), Traitor - Modkilled Day 10

7.Talmanes Tiinker

8. Kathleen, Marlin, Life Finder - Lynched Day 6

9. Vambram Christine (Gill), Martyr - NK Night 1, Kills herself Day 2

10. Ishmael Forsaken, Gurgle, Vanilla - NK Night 9

11. Red

12. JackD, Bubbles, Vanilla - Modkilled Night 6

13. Arlow

14. Wombat (Dory), Amnesiac Cop - NK Night 2, NK Night 3

15. Keyholder (Deb), Vanilla - NK Night 5

16. Nyn - Mawthtex - NK Night 6, NK Night 8



Links to Scenes:

Day 1

Night 1

Christine's Death

Day 2 Lynch

Night 2

Day 3 Lynch

Night 3

Day 4 Lynch

Night 4

Day 5

Night 5

Day 6

Night 6 Modkill

Night 6

Day 7

Kate replaces Dapiano

Night 7

Day 8

Night 8

Day 9

Night 9

Day 10 o_O





Final Votes Counts:


Day 1:

Player (1) - Ama

Wombat (1) - Amega

Locke (9) - Ley, Kate, Tal, Wombat, Kathleen, Key, Player, Ishy, Jack

Kate (3) - Red, Locke, Nyn


Not voting: Christine, Arlow



Day 2 FINAL Vote Count:


Ama (8) - Wombat, Ishy, Arlow, Kathleen, Moon, Key, Nyn, Tiinker

Arlow (4) - Kate, Ama, Red, Ley


Not Voting - Jack


Day 3


Vote Count:

Ama (9) - Arlow, Kath, Key, Nyn, Jack, Ley, Tiinker, Moon, Ishy


Not Voting - Ama, Kate, Wes, Red, Wombat



Day 4

Vote Count:

Kath (1) - Red

Ley (7) - Key, Mawth, Kath, Arlow, Moon, Tiinker, Kate

Red (1) - Jack


Not Voting - Player, Ishy, Ley,



Day 5

Final Vote Count:

Ley (7) - Key, Kath, Maw, Kate, Moon, Red, Ishy,


Not Voting: Player, Jack, Arlow, Ley, Tiinker


Day 6

Final Vote count:

Kath (6) - Moon, Red, Kate, Ishy, Tiinker, Arlow

Red (2) - Maw, Kath



Not voting (2)- Player, Jack,


Day 7

Vote Count:

Maw (1) - Kate

Tiink (3) - Red, Maw, Moon




Not Voting: Dap, Tiink, Ishy, Arlow



Day 8:

Tiink (5) - Red, Moon, Maw, Ishy, Arlow

Ishy (1) - Tiink

Maw (1) - Kate


Not voting:

You figure it out!



Deadline is Tuesday 2300 East Coast Oz, 0600 PST

With 7 alive, it takes 4 to lynch, 5 to Quick Lynch



Day 9


Arlow (1) - Moon

Moon (4) - Tiink, Arlow, Ishy, Kate


Deadline is Monday, 0600 PST, 2300 East Oz

With 6 alive, it takes 4 to lynch, 5 to QL.

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Sure, but you will not get any cookies!!!




Vote Count:

Kat (1) - Arlow


Not voting - Ama, Kate, Locke, Leyrann, Amegakure, dapianoplay3r, Talmanes, Kathleen, Vambram, Ishmael Forsaken, Red, JackD, Wombat, Keyholder, Nyn



Friday, Aug 26, 2000 East Coast Australia Time. :baalzamon:

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Sure, but you will not get any cookies!!!




Vote Count:

Kat (1) - Arlow

Piano (1) - Ama


Not voting - Kate, Locke, Leyrann, Amegakure, dapianoplay3r, Talmanes, Kathleen, Vambram, Ishmael Forsaken, Red, JackD, Wombat, Keyholder, Nyn



Friday, Aug 26, 2000 East Coast Australia Time. :baalzamon:




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Wow..Is that 3 or 4 votes on me out of the gate?


I take it you did notice my absence from DM this weekend and are all taking it out on me here :tongue: Anyway, I have been gone for the last few days so I'll be catching up over DM before I really get into this game. Don't worry, it shouldn't take long.


This is me just checking in. And Voting Arlow, for 3 reasons: 1) I always do. 2) He knew I was out of town, therefore it was unfair of him to vote me cause he knew I was gone, and 3) he is first vote for me, and it started an avalanche. But its pretty well all reason one :tongue:


Ok, now I'm off to check up on DM.

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