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Scenes you would have liked included if unnecessary


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*edit* Topic should have been Scenes you would have liked to see *even* if unnecessary. But I can't see how to edit the topic title now that I have created. I am such a klutz sometimes:)


Here, I am just wondering what are some scenes people would have liked to read even if unimportant/unnecessary to storyline but would have just been fun to read.

Some I can think of:

  • Elayne's testing
  • Messana's POV during the cleansing
  • What happened with Elza's warder after her death - preferably his capture and questioning
  • Silvania's POV upon being raised to Keeper

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-Min and Tam meeting for the first time. Obviously, they met between Rand's breakdown and Rand's return. I'm hard pressed to think of a scene that'd go higher on my list. From the introduction, to (I hope) Min explaining Rand's romantic situation to Rand's father, to Tam approving of Min.


-The perspective of the commander on the part of the Shadow at Maradon. Bonus points if it's a member of the Black Tower or Black Ajah we've seen before.


-Rand's reunion with Perrin. We may yet see this, but Perrin has already arrived at the Fields, and Rand is there, so it's quite possible that they've already reunited off screen. I really hope not. At the very least, I want to see it in flashback.


-Rand's reunion with Hurin. "My Lord Dragon... you smell like sunshine!"


-I would LOVE to see a member of the White Tower run into one of the women bonded to the Asha'man, preferably a Red Sister. And I'd love to see a continuation of the growing friendship/respect/and maybe love growing between some of the Asha'man and their bonded Aes Sedai. There are so many places it could go. Imagine a Red sister sniffing at the idea of having the bond removed, telling the White Tower Aes Sedai that she has no intention of un-bonding her husband.


-I would have loved to see the guards at the White Tower reacting to Rand walking up. I'd also have loved to see the point at which Rand was unshielded so that he could travel back to Tear. Of course, they might have just opened a gateway and held the shield until he was on the other side.


-I want to see Seta and Bethamin in the White Tower. I'd absolutely love to see it. Almost as much as Min/Tam, but not quite there. More to the point, I want to see Egwene's reaction to seeing Seta and Seta's reaction to seeing Egwene.


-I hope to see Mat reunite with his sisters, at least briefly.


-I want to see Egwene and her family reunite. While we're on the topic, I'd like to see Rand meet the Emond's Field peoples again.


-It's obviously going to happen, but Rand and Moiraine reuniting is one of the scenes I'm most looking forward to.


-Verin and Rand reunite. Who knows what can happen in the Pit of Doom?


-Egwene, meet Cadsuane. Prepare for a spanking. Alternatively, I'd be happy to see Nynaeve reverse course and finally grow a backbone around Egwene.

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-Rand's reunion with Hurin. "My Lord Dragon... you smell like sunshine!"


Thanks for the ideas - the one with Hurin was actually one I meant to mention (I was really disappointed not to see that in TOM when he asked for him) when I thought up the post but forgot it when I actually wrote it. When making the post I was specifically thinking of things that have been and gone basically scenes that we will never get to see but that we wish we had seen.


But I like what you have done with it too by adding things we may yet see.

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Guest PiotrekS

I would love to see Rand hug Moiraine and reward her for her contributions to the Light:smile:


I would also like to see a flashback of Ishamael deciding to abandon the Light. I'd be interested in his thought process :tongue:


- Rand and Nyaneve saving Lan in Tarwin's Gap. It will probably be shown in AMoL.


-Elayne and Nynaeve explaining to Egwene that the queens of independent countries don't have to obey the Amyrlin absolutely :smile:


As Hopefire wrote, the perspective of Shadow' commander at Maradon would be cool. Nice, we're winning...Wait the moment...he can't do that, does he even know how much all these trollocs cost?...Eee,should we run?...Dead :smile:

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I want to see Egwene hork a snot-rocket

Dragonmount's Law strikes again - only took four posts this time.



No no, I'm down for Egwene - I just want to see her launch one. Sorta off the cuff random act from somebody you'd not think of as the type that would do that.


Egwene: Hey Uno

Uno: Ahoy Mother!

Egwene: How's things going over yonder

Uno: Flaming bloody er, pretty swell?

Egwene: A moment good sir *turns head, horks snot rocket

Eg: ..Where were we?

Uno: *grins

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Tam's PoV anytime



Mat vs Couladin. Never felt so cheated by a book in all my life!


Those are both good ones. Tam's view point both for 'What has been wrought' and the scene with Cadsuane where she binds him with the power.


Mat killing Couladin would have been great to see too especially if it had been kind of accidental ie. Mat trying to get away from Couladin somehow kills him.


A pov from Sheriam as Egwene outs her would of been interesting. Plus something about all the warders of the Black Ajah sisters caught in the round-up especially the non-darkfriend ones. A scene where we see a warder have to deal both with the death of his Aes Sedai and the sudden knowledge that she was Black and he was working towards evil ends the whole time. I think that could have been a really powerful scene.

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Egwene coming face to face with Bethamin and Seta should be interesting, but I would've loved to see her forced to confront Renna again. Now that would've been a cool scene.


Most of the ones I thought of have been mentioned.


I'd also add:

Thom killing the King of Carhien for killing his girlfriend (I know it's only hinted at but I think we all know he did it).

Cleansing the Black Ajah from the rebel camp, especially Sheriam.

Mat after the building fell on him in Ebou Dar (a whole book without Mat was just painful).

Gawyn killing the Warders during the rebellion, just to see how exactly that tortured logic worked inside his pea sized brain (yeah, I'm not a Gawyn fan, pissed me off when he did that and he hasn't exactly redeemed himself much in my eyes).

I also would've loved to see more POVs of the Age of Legends.


I'm sure I could think of plenty more if I thought about it for a while.

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MMmmm, soo many things I would have liked to have seen, or hope to see in the future.


- Moridin when Rand is on Dragonmount in VoG.


- Moiraine just after she tumbled in with lanfear. Talking to her and the Finns.


- Rand/ Moiraine's 3 questions in Tear.


- Mezar/Tarna when they were 13x13 (or, if you still doubt, had their radical change in personality somehow)


- Narg when the DO names him Nae'blis :)


- the creation of Shaidar Haran


- Moridin at Shayol Ghul talkin to the DO.


- Forsaken Reaction to being freed from the prison.


- What Rand was really feeling when he was in the WT.


- Taim PoV any time from LoC onwards.


- Logain PoV


- Cadsuane PoV meeting Egwene


- Moiraine and Rand reunion


- Three Taveren together.




- Demandred PoV face to face with Rand

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Mat POV when he has the dagger


Moiraine while captured by teh Finns and/or through the doorway the first time.


Finns at any time


gholem at any time


Slayer when he battles Perrin for the dreamspike


Mesanna dethrowning Siuan


Graendal when she offs Asmodean


Fain torturing the Myrdraal in TGH, or meeting Black Wind the first time


Taim getting set free in Saldaea


Alanna bonding Rand


Logain when he is cut of from One Power, anytime in ToM

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Logain's oov at being healed and then shielded straight away. Logan's pov at being allowed to escape as he heads towards the tower.


Even Suan or Leanne's pov of being healed.


Silvania's pov of punishing Egwene.


The scene where Silvania sticks up for Egwene and gets banished to the cells.


Talene's pov where she gets caught out being a d/f.

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gholem at any time

Try TPOD chapter 2, Unweaving



I agree with many of the ones already stated.


More Semirhage from RJ.

Mazrim Taim's thoughts when Rand pins the sword and dragon on his collar.

Logain's thoughts.

Cadsuane earning her paralis net, hopefully we get a little more on that.

Alanna's letter.

Galad's letter.

Nakomi's thoughts :rolleyes:

Alviarin away from the tower in WH or the beginning of CoT.

Seta calling Egwene 'Tuli' after they meet. In fact, I really want to see what happens to everyone in that group when they reach Tar Valon.

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several of the things here mentioned have actually been shown


things I'd like to (have) see(n) are (among others):


Moiraine's time with the Finn


POV from the former Seanchan Empress prior and after being compulsed by Semirhage


POV moiraine upon meeting up with Rand, Cadsuane, Egwene, Nynaeve, Siuan, Fortuona (and vice versa for each of them)


Egwene declaring that Aes Sedai can't be Queens and vice versa, as it's a conflict of interest (I still stand by this, :tongue:) and Elayne having to make a choice.


Rand POV on anything, since we've seen none of his since VOG


Moridin POV during and after VOG


The rest of Verrin's plots being revealed


Oath Rod being used in the process of moving away from channeler's slavery in the Seanchan culture (they can be free, but must take certain oaths to assure they're 'safe' for the community. I could see this be part of the process towards having channelers be free completely with the Seanchan).


Setalle being Healed back to being a channeler by one of the Ashaman (restoring her to full power)


Tam's POV on Cadsuane and vice versa (I'd like those two to be bonded lol)


Silviana's POV during her MoN time, as a prisoner and then later on becoming Keeper and then as Keeper. Basically, the whole time she's been in the picture.


Hurin meeting Rand again and receiving his appology


Uno.... where the flaming mother's milk in a cup is he??? what's he up to?


A Trolloc's POV..... must be more than just 'Unf Meat!'


A Myrdraal's POV.....


A darkfriend making the decision to become a darkfriend. What triggers it? What happened? How did they become a DF?


An Aiel male channeler's POV post-black tower. What to do? Go to the Blight or go to the BT? How do they even figure out they can channel? What about those that don't spark but can learn? Ditto for the Seafolk male channelers. Where are they?


Talmanes' POV on anything.


Olver's POV on anything.


Olver meeting the Aiel again and their mutual reaction to each other. Especially Aviendha


Aviendha learning to swim! (would be hilarious if Olver were the one to teach her)


Talmanes playing Maiden's Kiss


Gareth Brynne having a man-to-man talk with Rhuarc


Tinker girls teaching Min the Sa'sarah.


Alivia confronting the Seanchan again as a free woman.


Leilwin Shipless renouncing her name and reclaiming her own name as a final sign of casting off her bonds to her old life.


A Seafolk woman with water foby.


Aes Sedai and Ogier creating a new Nymh. fat chance, I know..... but would be way cool.


Loial meeting with Fortuona (this may actually happen, since Rand at one point thought Loial would be important in his dealings with the Seanchan).


Reason behind the Seanchan respect for the Ogier in their lands. What's the story behind that? It's been hinted at, but never to the extend of truly explaining it.

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Seta calling Egwene 'Tuli' after they meet. In fact, I really want to see what happens to everyone in that group when they reach Tar Valon.

Yep. Another would be the perspective of Bodewhin, talking to Seta, Bethamin, Teslyn, Edesina, and Joline. To find her good-for-nothing brother is now Prince-Consort of the Seanchan Empire, has been fighting and destroying a killing machine from the Age of Legends, and is a general without any equal in the world. . . "Are we talking about the same Mat?"

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i would like to have seen more done with the effects of the cleansing. a monumental event, that should have made monumental differences in the POV's and lives of male channelers. if COT had been that, instead of a re-wind, it would have made me happy.


and a proper ending for asmo. the story told instead of dropped in an insulting offhand, 'if you can't figure it out you're a moron, and i'm done with it' kind of way.

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Things which happened offscreen and should've been shown:


- The slaughter of the Seanchan Imperial family

- The Supergirls reaction to Rand and Ishy's fight in the clouds at Falme, their realisation that Rand's the DR and their meeting with Mat, Perrin and Moiraine after the Seanchan were driven off.

- Elayne's test for Accepted

- I noticed in my last read of TGS that apparently Nynaeve briefly went to Two Rivers in her search for Perrin. This really should've been shown, her reaction to the completely changed Emond's Field, the Domani dresses and all that would've been priceless.



Scenes which hasn't happened but I'd love to see:

- "Hi, Egwene. I married the Seanchan Empress and travelled for months with this nice sul'dam called Seta."

- Elayne really should reunite with Lini at some point, so much potential for hilarity. Why didn't Lini come to Caemlyn with Morgase in ToM anyway?

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Post tSR I really wanted to see the rebuilding and defensive preparations in the TR. It would also be a chance on screen for Perrin to start getting over his whangstyness about being called "Lord".


In ToM I would have liked to see both Mat and Perrin recruiting for their armies amongst the mercenaries surrounding Caemlyn as well as Galad begining to repurpose the Children.

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- Mesaana's POV during the attack on the White Tower. Did she know it was coming? Hide under the bed?


- Alviarin's POV during the purge of the BA in the White Tower. Alviarin was a significant protagonist for a while, it's disappointing she just did a runner and we only had a glimpse of her in ToM.

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