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  1. Thanks for this. I was thinking along these lines and you said it much better than I would have.
  2. The only thing I have against Faile is her guilt trip she gives Loial and everything else involved getting Perrin through the Ways on the way to Emond's Field. Otherwise I"ve been kinda neutral on her.
  3. Moridin seems to suffer from Rand's wounds. In TGS Graendal notes that Moridin's hand seems to be bother him. Not sure if you understood what I was referring to. I realize there's a blending of sorts going on. What I'm curious about is how the bond with the superwomen and Alanna affects the situation. Does that give Moridin a boost of sorts too? or something along those lines?
  4. Do we know anything on how Rand being bonded affects Moridin?
  5. These are probably some common questions, but I'll throw them out there anyways 1. The capabilities of Perrin's superhammer 2. Role of the Sea Folk/what to expect since we haven't seen them in a while. 3. What happened to Verin's warder. 4. Is it possible to figure out what Logain is doing?
  6. knowledge about Callandor....or something else to do with Callandor
  7. About the 10th times Elayne took a bath teared me up a bit. It was so beautiful. On a more serious note The death of Jain Farstrider Rand directly after his encounter with Tam Nynavea's testing...the part where she is forced to leave Lan behind. And to a lesser extent Thom losing Sela Death of Hopper
  8. I don't remember any of Min's visions of Thom. Did she ever have any of him? Is Min's vision of Lan as a baby the only time she has a vision of the past?
  9. Pet theory I'm working on... Rand will die thanks to Fain. Fain will then distract the DO for the time being. Nyn and company will go in TAR and bring him back. To do this, you need the creator's power. They will travel by need in TAR and be forced to travel by boat to the right place. Underneath the boat is not water /Min's vision, but the creator's power (like seen in the eye of the world). The superwomen will revive Rand using this power and we will meet SuperRand (who is born literally of the creator's power) who has access to the creator's power. This is where my theory kinda needs more work. A. He will not be reborn in a body and will literally become one with the land. The land he creates will become the seal. B. He will simply use creator's power to create the seal and have superbabies.
  10. Mat POV when he has the dagger Moiraine while captured by teh Finns and/or through the doorway the first time. Finns at any time gholem at any time Slayer when he battles Perrin for the dreamspike Mesanna dethrowning Siuan Graendal when she offs Asmodean Fain torturing the Myrdraal in TGH, or meeting Black Wind the first time Taim getting set free in Saldaea Alanna bonding Rand Logain when he is cut of from One Power, anytime in ToM
  11. any time someone says "mothers milk in a cup" most ridiculous curse I've ever heard.
  12. Has it ever been confirmed who who closed the gates on Rand leaving in the beginning of TGH when the Amyrlin comes to Fal Dara?
  13. 28 male I generally like darker characters. First found out about the books about when TGS came out. Likes Mat (favorite) Fain (favorite supporting character) Nyn (only recently, hated her at first) Taim, Min, Graendal, Rand, Moridin, Siuan The Red that thanks Mat in ToM Neutral Elayne, Avi, Perrin, Verin, Galad Dislikes Egwene (most of all) Elaida (I love hating her, if that makes sense) Gawyn (most hated male) any Aes Sadai with too much arrogance and pride (so almost all the Aes Sadai and Sea Folk)
  14. What about Taim? Some people think (me included) that he could be a new forsaken. And how do you count Aginor (or is it Balty)? as a male or female lol
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