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  1. I just wanted to chime in that i think some people aren't understanding how power levels work with a circle vs. a group of individual channellers. If you have a circle of 10 people it won't equal the combined strength of the 10 channellers, however 10 individual channellers are not stronger than a circle of 10. An example would be 10 pebbles vs a boulder.
  2. Sword-fighting in WOT is not a competitive Olympic sport. You are what you are however you got there. I rather think warders are, at least, faster or more agile and have greater awareness -- better senses or perception. The books constantly repeat how warders walk differently, a graceful animal-like walk, suggesting that the bond gives more than endurance. Also, again, warders are repeatedly described as ever vigilant -- see everything, even when they seem half asleep or minding their own business. This suggests that warders do have heightened senses, also handy in a sword-fight. Hmm... I wonder, is Bonded Gawyn now better than Galad? Their animal grace comes from learning the sword, not from the warder bond, Galad has the same grace that warders have.
  3. He has resurrected all the forsaken that he was able to resurrect, but i doubt the DO would give a third chance to anyone...
  4. you are failing to understand the dreamspike. it only prevents people that you don't want to be able to come to where it is. if you have the password or are granted permission then you can travel inside.
  5. It could be Masema. It would explain why he had that paper that Perrin used to get the forkroot. I don't think it is Masema, later in the chapter Juilin reports to Mat "It seems Suroth might have made an alliance with some king." The only king I can think of that would be dealing with the Seachan is King Roedran, and he is one of the biggest suspects of being Demandred.
  6. I'm currently doing a reread of the series and am almost done with CoT. In chapter 28 A Cluster of Rosebuds, Mat mentions that the High Lady Suroth had made an alliance with someone powerful that would give the Seachan access to many lands. Anyone else think this is Demandred under the guise of King Roedran?
  7. You can rest your case all you want but the fact of the matter is you seem to not have read TGS at all, not to mention that you are basing WAAAAAAY too much of your incorrect judgement on a single thought of Egwenes. Rands decision to go to the White Tower, or his casualness, has absolutely NOTHING to do with his channeling ability. -In TGS, before he went uber Dark, Rand met with Ituralde near the start, and Ituralde literally couldnt not agree with Rands proposal. Even in Ituraldes PoV he noted there was "a force to al'Thor." Remember this part. -In TGS Rand subconsciously made a ton of food rot, but not only did he make it rot, he made the people of Arad Doman ONLY open the crates with rotten food in them. This correlates with the comment that his Ta'verenness was at the time negative-only. Only when he went back later and told them to open the rest did they find non-rotten food, and that was after VoG when he stopped being Moridin MkII. -In TGS he pulled an accurate name out of a boy whose mind had been completely destroyed by Compulsion. By anyones standards other than Rands, that is impossible. -In TGS, after he turned Dark, he ALMOST forced Tuon to accept his terms like he did with Ituralde, the only reason Tuon could resist is that she is very strong-willed and she knew to resist because Rand was pretty evil-looking in that encounter. -In VoG, when hes about to destroy the whole thing, theres a torrent of winds flying around him. But when "Lews Therin" threw out the idea of Ilyena having been reborn the winds paused as Rand contemplated the possibility and ramifications. And then, after he was all fine and dandy and integrated and "sane" again... lo and behold, the clouds themselves parted above him. Whats the point of all this, you're thinking? The point is, that Rand spent an entire books worth of moodswings having it thrust in his face that his thoughts affects stuff. Dark thoughts, dark effects, pretty simple, yeah? And then in VoG he rediscovered his faith, which, just like most other stuff that goes on in his head, will affect the Pattern, and any thread therein. It also goes down well to remember the Sea Folk, who waaay before even TGS started agreeing to terms of an agreement involuntarily, and they accused Rand of using the Power on them because of it. But he wasnt channeling. His will was making them say those things, his will alone and nothing else. All Rand had to do at the Tower was have faith that the Aes Sedai wouldnt harm him, and they wouldnt, because the Pattern revolves around him. Egwene said in her thoughts she thought Rand could have broken free at any time, but her judgement on power levels means jack. The implication is that Egwene was wary of Rand not because of his power level, which she cant sense, but because there is a force to him as Ituralde said, which she could sense, as anyone can when it is at work. Its called being Ta'veren. Only when he acknowledges a true threat will he ever be truly threatened. Otherwise, the Pattern and time will unfold in the way it always has, which is to say, his job is not simply to lead the forces of Light, but to remain faithful to his cause, and time will unfold as it should. So if you want to call people on their "half valid points," Elan, you would do well to make some of your own that are worth their salt. Peace ^this he totally owned your assumption
  8. Egeanin is the only one that is on her way to TV that doesn't want to collar all AS, and thank you for pointing out that the face doesn't change to a different person.
  9. Egwene states that she knows what the two dreams mean, she says she will be saved by a Seachan woMAN, singular. I highly doubt that Tuon is the one that will save her. She completely despises people that are unleashed. Egeanin is still the best fit i can think of.
  10. That was my best guess for who, but now the question is how?
  11. I was just reading through Egwene's dream section of CoT, and i had forgot that she had a dream that she would be saved by a seachan woman. Right after she has this dream she has the dream of the tower being attacked by the seachan. When she wakes she says she knows what the two dreams mean, and the tower being attacked already came true. Any thoughts on how she will be saved and by whom?
  12. During the battle of the cleansing of sadin lanfear(cydane) weave fizzled in a similar way to mat's foxhead from nynaeve's ter'angreal, not cadsuane's.
  13. I always thought that it was to force Rand's potential to reach its max as soon as possible. Not sure if this is what it was intended to do originally but it was a needed side effect.
  14. I always thought that he was put under compulsion, just like Masema was.
  15. All ta'veren are temporarily. It is not something you are born with and then keeping till you die. What RJ has said about an eventual 4th ta'veren is that none of the main female characters is ta'veren, and it is extremely unlikely (but not impossible) anyone sworn to the Shadow would ever become ta'veren. I was about to say this, but you beat me to it :P Egwene is undoubtedly one of the main female characters, therefore she is not ta'veren. I feel that Egwene might be more believable if she were ta'veren in a way. The three male leads also accomplish a lot within a relatively short space of time, but at least they have the excuse of being ta'veren- as well as other things: Mat is a great general because he has the memories of many warriors and generals before him. Perrin's wife has been trained from childhood to lead, so he has someone to help him with the day to day running of the Two Rivers, and his massive alliance. Now, OK, to a certain extent, these are all written into the books so that the three ta'veren can get where the need to/ gain as much power as they need to/ perform as much awesome and epic stuff as makes the books exciting :P. But no such thing is written in for Egwene. There is no "Get knowledge quick" scheme written in for her, RJ attempts to give her training, but she becomes so good after such pitifully little training, and others with vastly more knowledge and training are made to look so stupid by comparison, that I find it grating to read. Her being ta'veren might at least explain why she outsmarts both Halls with only a few weeks/ months of advice from Siuan, despite them all having been master manipulators for centuries before she was born, but we know she isn't. I don't know, I just feel like RJ knew that he wanted Egwene to end up as Amyrlin, with Elayne as queen, Nynaeve as the uber- Healer, and presumably Aviendha as a Wise One, but whilst the other female characters had some background training/ knowledge in their eventual fields- Elayne has been trained in politics since birth, Nynaeve was a Wisdom, and has always had a passion for healing, etc- Egwene shows no signs of being any kind of political mastermind, IMO. She's Nynaeve's apprentice, but Nynaeve is hardly a master of subtle politics :P She spends the first few books as a novice/ accepted, and spends most of TDR sulking and snapping because Nynaeve has taken charge and actually seems competent at it- hell, she even admits to herself in her POV. And, perhaps because RJ doesn't want all of his main characters running around as ta'veren, I don't know, Egwene doesn't have that way of getting herself to the position. So he tried to give her training, but it seems insufficient for the skills that she gains. I think character-wise, she's fine (though I loathe her :P), but power/ knowledge/ ability- wise, she is one of the worst written main characters of the series. You give Egwene way too much credit for gaining the upper hand with the hall. Her getting the hall to declare war on the Amyrlin was not her scheme but Siuan's. Most of the politicking done by Egwene is done with Siuan orchestrating. Egwene is coached word for word in what she should say with all of her early encounters. She is not just trained by Siuan, but is her puppet except Siuan isn't trying to manipulate Egwene.
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