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White Tower Mafia Game Sign-Up!


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I'm going to mod a White Tower Mafia Game. Sign up here. I'm hoping to have at least 12 people. More can join if they like, I can make space. Sign-ups will go until the 10th.


1. Jade

2. Danya

3. Min

4. Vemy

5. DSage

6. Loreina

7. Kira

8. bcxanth

9. Naeann

10. Kathana

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I wanted to run a mafia game here. :(  I PM'd Kat about it a couple weeks ago and never heard back. :(  Oh well.  I'm in three games right now, so I think I'll pass. But have fun. :)


Sorry. I have a tendency to forget which PMs I've replied to and what I've said. Thats why I really prefer email.

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I know, I saw that. :(  I just kept hoping that neither one of the two people who believed in me at all would get night killed, and then you went down. :P  We'll just huddle here in our corner of shame since Min is still playing over there and so is too good for us. :P


Just kidding Min, you know I love ya. :)

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