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  1. Heya Verb! Thanks. :) Dar, I'll be staying out here. It would be nice to move back to Michigan to be with my family, but it doesn't make financial sense. I don;t have a car anymore, but here I have a job and the great public transportation system in the Bay Area that makes it so I can get around without a problem. In Michigan I'd have no job and no car to look for one, as well as no place to live. So I guess I'm stuck out here. :)
  2. That's a precaution to keep the bunnies away from the reef. Bunnies are notoriously bad at swimming.
  3. Aren't all the hobbit holes in New Zealand? Although the hobbit holes would probably have more spiders than the hotel rooms. Oxygen! I bet the oxygen isn't trying to kill anyone...
  4. Don't worry Dar, it's not you. Some people just have really dirty minds.
  5. So is the salt water not trying to kill Australians? Or is that just a given fact?
  6. Just wait until rising prices make a cup of coffee cost as much as a cup of cavier. Then the Coffee Haters Alliance will truly rule the world. Muahahahahaha!
  7. Thanks, me too. :) Yeah, it sucks, but it was for the best. Things ended before our friendship was ruined. We'd rather be in each other's lives as friends, then try to keep the romantic relationship alive and end up hating each other. Of course now I need to find a place to live, so that's been fun. :P
  8. I don't think I know you, as I've just returned after a 6 year absence, but welcome back. :)
  9. And that is why we must all conform and become Borg. Only then will we be able to enforce an inter-galactic ban on all coffee related products.
  10. Dear Reds, So after a 6 year absense I have returned to DM and the WT. Glad to see there's still some familair names around here. :)
  11. I can't stand coffee either. I find it gross. It's way too bitter. I have the same issue with tea though as well. I think it's a Supertaster thing.
  12. Women should learn self-defense for the same reason men should learn; because there are bad people in the world who will do bad things to you if given the chance. The difference is that boys are actively encouraged to do things that teach them self-defense while growing up. Martial arts, boxing, wrestling, etc. Whereas society still seems those things as something that's "too danderous" for a little girl to do. Consequently girls grow up not knowing those skills. Of course it's not anyone's fault, male or female, if someone attacks them in any way unprovoked. But people should know how to protect themselves. Telling women not to learn self-defense, and instead telling men they should have to go to classes to learn how not to rape (because that's the only logical analogue to telling a woman to go to a class to learn to defend herself), is just as bad. It's taking the position that all men are going to rape and that we need to be taught not to do it. That's just as sexist of an attitude as the attitude that women deserve to be raped if they wear sexy clothes. The vast majority of men are not evil sadistic bastards. We know that it's wrong to rape a woman, and we'd never do it. Saying "Oh, you're a man. You need to take this class to be taught not to rape," is not the answer. Not if the end result you want is gender equality and mutual respect.
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