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When the storm comes, who shall you side with?

spigots or caudrens  

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  1. 1. spigots or caudrens

    • spigots
    • caudrens
    • pie spoon
    • washer woman. shaped washer.

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Well, for kicks, I'll say that if I could channel with anything resembling real strength, I'd go to the Shadow.  Somebody needs to show them what they can do with brains ... and given what they've shown, I could be Nae'blis in short order.


Where's the evil grin icon when you need it?  Ah, well, this'll do ...





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Shadow, I'm a sucker for power. Working with Lanfear :). Also I can get rid of Elayne and Faile.


Wait, the chance to rule with Lanfear forever and kill Elayne? Good god you just read my mind. That would be Christmas, Easter & My Birthday all in one. ;D

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Normaly, I would always choose the Light side, but RJ has made me hate Faile and Perrin so much, I would have to choose Dark.  The whole idea of snapping Faile's not quite to braod nose would be devine, and snipping Perrins thread for being so stupid.  And, It would be cool to toss the dice against Mat.

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If I could hook up with Lanfear


The problem with this theory is that Lanfear is kinda a one guy woman.  Even now she'd still rather just kill Rand than date anyone else.  Besides she's like a praying mantis...even if you did hook up with her somehow(I'm willing to guess her standards are pretty high (i.e. Leading channeler of Age/Holder of the Rods of Dominion, Lord of the Morning, Leader of the Resistance type of stuff)) she'd probably kill you afterward.  Besides she strikes me as sorta a dead fish in the sack (you all know the type so I won't go into detail).  That's just my opinion though.  If I had to hook up with any of the females in WoT it would have to be Berelain, or Egwene (she's had all that practice in TAR with Gawyn so she'd know what to do unlike Elayne or Nynaeve), or Myrelle (although I doubt I would survive it)

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Angel of Death. pretty historical name no? definitely power hungry myself.  but i like the long and excellent retirement plan that the Light has to offer too.  I'd say, Light, just cuz i figure they have the better chance of winning anyways.

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Why is that gross? I mean the woman is literally described as the most beautiful woman ever... sounds like fair enough reason to want to pillow friend her to the morning.


Or was your disgust with the fact that a woman said that?

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