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  1. The good: - The series is finished! Feels sad, good, and odd at the same time. No more Wheel of Time books to look forward to. - Olver being rescued by Noal - Mat generaling all over the place. - Sense of excitement and dread in the books. - Graendal being at least a bit clever. - Egwene sacrificing herself. - Gawyn dying. - Tam being a badass! :D The bad: - Neo-Perrin and the endless Slayer fights. Seems just odd to me that he can switch like Slayer can (what is the point of Slayer having two bodies?) - Lanfears plot? I don't really understand why she needed Perrins help to disrupt them at the bore or why she helped him. - Moiraine's return. After so long it just felt really underwhelming.. but then again I am not sure if it could ever have been handled with the expectiations people had for it. - Doomseer (and all othe other "lets combine two words into one name" incidents) - The WTF plans with regards to Caemlyn. It's the last battle, all the badguys are holed up in one place. Why would you want to draw them out and let them lose on the countryside. Wasn't the plan for that NOT to happen? Also, how many millions of trollocs were there in Caemlyn? The bulk of the Forces of Light were supposed to be down there. Why not just level the City using channelers and cannons and be done with it - it is already lost, and burned. Mortar and bricks can be rebuilt. - Demandread switching between being brilliant and a raving lunatic. - The shadow rings seeming stacking in strenght (not really bad, but I thought it was odd)? - Lan surviving his duel, it would have been better if he had died. - Vora's sa'angreal suddenly having the same flaw as Callandor, seemed like a total asspull. Would have been better if they just fought without the sa'angreals, having Egwene knowingly go above and beyond to defeat Taim. After all Lews Therin made Dragonmount seemingly just from his own strength (no angreal needed), in other words there is a precedent for channeling insane amounts unaided when not caring for what happens afterwards. All in all, I was satisfied, it's really not a WoT book if we can't come here and complain a bit, it's part of the journey. Thank you to Team Jordan, BS, Harriet, ect for letting me finish the series, been reading and looking forward to the next book since 1997. It really feels as if I have grown up with the kids from Emonds Field. :) EDIT: Looking back at my post, I have forgotten to add a lot of what happened in the book. I was hoping we'd get some more clues as to who Androl was, and what he had done, or perhaps a bit more information on how Demandred managed to get seemingly "Light" people fight on the Dark side (this was mentioned but not expanded upon). I also loved much of Lan's chapters, felt good to have him fighting and leading, instead of riding to his doom and sulking about bringing people to die.
  2. I didn't much care for the second chapter, it wasn't as horrible as the stuff we've read from Mat's first POV, but still.. First of all, why have two POVs at all? Let us have a full topic about the Black Tower, there are two things of interest there, why not break up the chapter into exploring those issues. First part: Who is Androl, and what will be his relationship with Pevara. This was kinda done, but it was a bit hamfisted. I agree with Luckers, that it reads as if Androl is a contributing member of Dragonmount. He seemingly knows a lot about everything -- even though it appears that he has worked as a leather guy for most of his life (I know nothing about leatherwork, but from what we've read he has some mastery of the trade). Without knowing more about him, it just comes off odd. Do we really need more suspence about who the new characters are? I don't really think so. Having him and Pevara have a honest conversation where they both step out of their comfort zones to agree to work and trust eachother would be much better. It would give the reader some satisfaction as well. That said, the mystery of Androl might be propped a bit up )by us), as we have discussed the released material to death.. Second part: Continuing the liberation of the Black Tower plot. The chapter ended with news of Logain possibly having been capture and turned. I don't think that will happen at all. Mostly because really bad things don't happen to characters of his magnitude, but also because we have Mins fortelling. Logain will become some sort of hero. There is one book left. He is only really connected to the Black Tower plotline. What else could it be? Regardless of all that, the chapter would be better if the second part of the chapter focused more on what the now unified Androl-Pevara will do to fix the tower. This could also help with bringing that part of the series up to date with the other storylines. I'm starting to get tired of the different timelines, fixing that should be a priority in my mind (how a casual reader manages to keep it all coherent I'll never understand). Anyway, that was not the way it was written, instead we get half a chapter of Avi sneaking (in skirts and a white blouse??) into Elaynes camp for some crazy reason. Was this just to portray how awesome the Aiel are? We've already had 11 books telling us how these Ninjas in cotton PJs can stand up to Heavy Calvary, and other stories about their badassedness. We really don't need more. Internal monologue that she was going to teach that Warder that spotted her a lesson or whatever? Was she in cadin'sor when she snuck about? I mean, even if it is dark, you will see someone lying on the ground wearing a white algode blouse (like all the Wise Ones wear). She is asking if she has toh for clipping her nails? Elayne doesn't sense her first-sister bond? She's asking Elayne for permission to hook up with Rand? I thought after they hashed that out in Lord of Chaos they were considered equals in that regard? Elayne dismissed the Aiel from Caemlyn, but they're apparently good enough for a (suicide) mission into the city to close the waygate? Rands moronic (yet apparently soo clever) daes dae'mar letter telling her to do the opposite of what he wants in order for her to do what he wants which she already is going to do -- which again totally negates some of the suspense from chapter one -- would she stay or would she go? The last part of chapter two was a complete mess [explicative replaced] both in errors, characterization but most of all, a half chapter of the last book was spent where nothing happened. We didn't have to read any of that, no character growth, no news, no plot movement. Brandon should have had a post-it on his computer screen while writing this book: This is the last book. There are a gazillion open plots. Make every word count.
  3. I want to see Elder Haman meet Hartha or one of the Elder Sanchean Gardeners. Find out what the deal they have with the Empress is, why they don't have the longing (or do they?).
  4. I think the oddness in Min's viewing is that Avi has seen the future, and has a chance to change it. If she follows Bair's advice, she already has. That is why Min had the feeling that something would be odd.
  5. Who is to say he didn't look for her? Who is to say that she didn't promise to stay in his tent during the battle (ie. being allowed to be on the campaign, but when you're 9 months pregnant, are you really going to be in the thick of battle?), only for him to come back and not find her? I don't have the books in front of me, but I was under the impression that she died in childbirth, not due to external violence. Thousands died at the Shining Walls, there were several hundred thousand troops in that battle. That is a lot of confusion. Shaiel could have 'escaped' from battle and up the hills towards Dragonmount (probably due to what Gitara told her before she event headed towards the Waste). Janduin could have looked for her for days after they had killed Laman and were disengaging their forces and moving back to the waste without finding her. Dragonmount is huge. I understand the text as he only left for the Blight when the Aiel had returned to the Waste (unless these kids seeking thrills were not sated by a three year campaign in the Wetlands and skulked their way north to the blight directly from the Shining Walls -- which doesn't make much sense to me).
  6. My super wacko theory: I think Nynaeve is going to heal him. In the last battle, Rand will fail spectacularly on his first attemt, and die. All hope seems to be lost. Nynaeve finds him, and having heard that Lan has died in the Gap has nothing left to live for, so she pulls a Marcus-on-Ivonova [babylon 5 reference] weave on Rand killing herself, but making Rand live again to finish the job.
  7. It's Rand, Mat and Perrin. Three becomes one. They already see colors when they think about eachother. Come on, it's all there folks!
  8. There are a few references in the books about regular Aiel going out of the Waste to either hunt Trollocs in the Blight or raid into Shinear and so forth. In war, or specially in battle, people get seperated. I don't see the issue with Janduin seemingly having failed the love of his life, giving up and going with some of the younger kids to seek death in the Blight (though they were more likely going to seek adventure, ji, or what have you).
  9. I also find the passage weirdly written. Who would talk like that? "Dreadbane." "What..?" "Dreadbane." "But.." "Dreadbane."
  10. I much prefer the original Legends version of New Spring edited by Robert Silverberg to the longer stand alone one (which was released in RJs CoT era). The Aiel shouting to a 25 year old Lan was just awkward.
  11. You wouldn't have loved it if you had to wait 2.5 years to read it, then wait almost another three to read the next one. The book might work if you just look at it as chapters in a long series, but as a book in it own self it is sorely lacking. The pacing is terrible, two of the main plots are horribly boring (that is subject to taste though) and at the end of the 800 or so pages almost nothing has happened with regards to the main plot. I don't fault RJ for it as much as his editors, they should have taken a butchering axe to it.
  12. With regards to ignoring a weave vs. ignoring a hammer or an arrow, I am not certain that they are the same. To ignore an hammer, you would have to will the hammer that the other guy is wielding out of existance. That would mean battling the other guys perception of the hammer, which could or could not work. Just getting up a shield to stop the hammer would be easier, and safer, as you cannot ignore the hammerblow once it connects. With a weave or an arrow that has been losend, I think you can will it out of existance, specially if the the caster or shooter is not fixated on having the arrow penetrate you (but then again if the shooter was doing that, why would they use a bow and not just will an arrow into existance streaming towards you?). As I mentioned earlier, we have seen arrows be poofed out of existance in T'A'R, which I assume would lend to that idea at least. Same goes for weaves, be it fireballs or balefire, they're pretty much fire and forget. The more we discuss T'A'R the more we have to search for plausible solutions to make it all work it seems.
  13. I get that after Nynaeve is on her feet and "torturing" Moghedien, that she stops trying to escape, that's the way she is. What I don't get is why she, as one of the most strongest (and certainly most skilled) dreamers would accept the a'dam in the first place, or even try to channel as her first response. They are in T'A'R, she is in her element, and she certainly knows that mere thoughts there can do more than a hundred flows. When she picks apart Birgitte on the previous page she does it seemingly all with her mind. Birgitte looses an arrow on her. It evaporates. Her bow evaporates. Here she is under threat and she uses T'A'R to her advantage, yet all that is gone a minute later. That just grates me. I won't push the issue any more though.
  14. It's not like I hate the sequence, as I said earlier I just don't like T'A'R stuff all that much. It seems to be a bit too much of "whatever the plot needs".
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