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  1. Not to say too much, but, jsbrads, and I am going to go beyond the rule that anything beyond the but has not significance; what happened to Owen happened to most of the lads so gentled. Their former dear neighbours were no longer so dear, they inevitably tried to lynch them. So they died, and if they had families, those probably died too. Tower law tried not to have that happen, and that even that those men got a chance, like Algarin, now where was this, didn't mean to hijack anything, keep on as you would.
  2. The Cairhienin tree, Laman was of course free to cut it down, but by doing so he destroyed a peace offering by the Aiel. The Aiel set to kill him for it, though to a lesser extent they blamed all Cairhienin.
  3. On the second, Tower Law. Tower law, they didn't follow it, and got caught. If you put it that way.
  4. Punishment was exectution if it was caught, but they could so it so it was not caught. Even now, how to verdict someone who killed someone by magic.
  5. I can yet say about the vileness. It was essentially a grey Amyrlin allowed pogrom. Tower law states that the man must be identified, brought to the Tower, tested perhaps, given justice as we see the late end on Egwene's Accepted trial, gentled and then given the allieviating treatment (thus Logain's treatment in the Tower). I make a lot of deductions, but I haven't yet even started. What the Red did, (perhaps one of them outside Elaida had had a foretelling) was to kill every male child who could be suspected of being able to channel. It may have been started by the Black, who killed the Amyrlin Moiraine and Siuan stood attendance to in New Spring, but the vileness was mostly (the black ajah killed many prominent sisters then), the vileness of killing the children, was mostly carried out by the red, a part of who then killed Sierin Vaiyu the successor of Tamra Ospenya. The Grey was implicated (not punished) in this, because of the Amyrlin, but the Hall (I think) rightly sent the Red Sitters (did they all have a part in that) into penance. Elaida avoided punishment no doubt as a new sister, though that was reflected in her orders for the Black Tower later. This what they did happened to Thom's nephew, and Moiraine a blue could know who was responsible. So the vileness was to kill or gentle without any later treatment over a thousand men or male children. Alviarin's pov mentions this, later, when Ishamael had been furious at Tamra beying killed, he raised Alviarin to head the Black Ajah, and she had to do all her convincing the black had nothing to do with killing Sierin. Later who was it was bored listening to Chesmal telling she had induced the Red to kill Sieryn. (the one who didn't liek doing embroidery but did it because then Chesmal wouldn't talk to her, Asne, I think). Chesmal had brought news of Tamra's death after all, she might have been uncovered -- pure deduction nowhere mentioned. Siuan left that note written in her lesser left hand before leaving then. Suppose Sierin acted on it and started asking questions. Chesmal knew she had lied to a breakfast-room full of people.
  6. I'll just answer a few things, concrete ones. Yea, obviously Moiraine avoided the White Tower mostly, since she had her search going, but she did clearly during the 20 years go there sometimes. Anayia did say they miss her, they get to see her too seldom, or something like that, not that they didn't see her at all since New Spring. A general might not come to face to face fighting with the Aiel. Gawyn could not have seen them, but he did say Rand fit the depctions of Aiel he had heard. He a person who had been taught the major depictions of people in all the countries, aside from their typical characterists, trades and imports. Not just regions of Andor, but all the countries. I suppose, nobility have little else to do so they might learn those things. Last you said, I think something the author wanted to bring across, but for the reader to notice: it may not be so different; it is art not a lecture. But realistic too, what you said earlier, say renaissance Europe was very cruel, particularly but not exclusively for those not nobly born.
  7. I cannot remove it, since I am not a mod of this board, but I sent the wish to administer who can do it when they have time.
  8. I think this would be better at the ordinary WoT discussion forum, if it gets wing it gets wing, but starting with those potential spoilers it doesn't here. This spot is for long term discussions, but your isn't proven that yet.
  9. We must have common sense! Or too Noble sense! I will no only promote male nudity, but I think that is probably just been failed to been mentioned.
  10. If your already doomed, you give it the best shot, as there by him, direct assault. No one knew of the Seanchan, until it was too late. It was too late to back down, so die with honour and hope by miracle achieve something.
  11. To elaborate. Bornhald knew they were in enemy territory. He knew the enemy knew of it. The longer they remain there, the more the enemy would know. The best chance of anything would be a direct attack. Of course it's all wrongheaded, Seanchan are not Shadowspawn for one, but not attacking then wastes the one possible advantage they had which was surprise. Anyway, attacking a retreating army is easier than defending against a charging one, nevermind the numbers.
  12. There are worse things than dying for a just cause. Alternative is going back to the Questioners' arms, remember he had disobeyed orders. Also, even if it was possible to retreat and run, general military understanding says it was not, if it was possible, what would he then be doing?!
  13. They had done their part by the Pattern, as far as the Pattern was concerned they could die. Before the Pattern needed them, or it would have some doing achieving the same weaving. Remember, the Pattern is ambivalent to human fate, as long as it can weave what it means to. Anyway, death is not so terrible, as vitnessed by Egwene there. Clearly, she had done her part, and was pretty satisfied. Whatever comes after. The after death Egwene was not grieving her part.
  14. And it need not be an inconsistency in the writing, Masema was inconsistent. As seen in Samara, one time one thing is important, next time it is forgotten. It can be true too. One wouldn't expect an overall strategy from Masema.
  15. Perrin & folk were left waiting for a bit, but it would have taken a ter'angreal of communication, save those might not exist, Sammael-Sevanna and Mesaana-Alviarin, to communicate they were to be let enter. You work it out!
  16. I believe that seems incongruent, then start with what are all the things incongruent, and have thoughts on how it could be explained, check the thoughts gel with other things with Masema. (Edit: I'm no specialist on Masema, and I've done this sort of thing before, It's nicers for you... I'd just through out Graendal;) ) Good Luck!
  17. So puzzle it out then. What is written is what happened. There's a score on the background, outside, wherever, that we don't know about. You can then deduce something we don't know. There seems to be a inconsistency, but in reality there isn't. Facts are facts, aside from typos I've never known RJ to put in any errors, he had it worked out. You can work it out.
  18. Sure Masema's madness was progressive. When he and the Shienarans left the lot in the Dragon Reborn he was just moderately crazy, ie Perrin didn't like him for instance. Fires of Heaven, he evidently still allowed people around who wore weapons, probably not in his presense, it would have gotten worse. But remember the vision Masema said he had had of the saviour, I don't remember in which book. I just think he was a tool and was played as a tool by one of the Forsaken, dunno who. Masema was awfully reluctant to enter gateways, but when they meant he could stay where he needed to be, in his own mind, he didn't mind it at all. I think he was mad, but it was also methodical madness and Compulsive madness. It's not inconsistency, you can learn more about what happened behind the scenes by what he did (Awfully complicated, yea, but It's what I've done) Edit: so something is incongruent: it's not a flaw, it's a fact, it mandates something that has happened behind the scenes.
  19. Clearly all the Darkfriends of the whole age are kept there in limbo, they are tortured to be sure the knife doesn't turn in the hand, one cannot talk any Myrddraal, Draghkar, or Trolloc to turn side. They are absolutely realiable for the Dark One which is what the Dark One wants of his servants, as Verin speculated. All of them, since the Dark One never willingly relinquishes a hold he has. Perhaps, I should like to think, Verin was excluded, Ingtar was excluded, because of how they died, but the Dark One has not pity, has no mercy, will make the most of the tools he has. And most of the souls would have been left to torment until they were needed in the Last Battle. I don't know where the bodies came from, the Dark One's influence might have help grow them. Of course Trollocs, Draghkar, Myrddraal are close enough in look to humans to think they required human souls. Since Darkhounds required wolf souls. Perhaps other Shadowspawn had other animal souls. This is absolutely horrific, but I think that was how it was. (And I think Kari al'Thor, Verin Mathwin and Ingtar of House Shinowa found the Light)
  20. Well, then I was wrong. Sylvie was Lanfear. I have only one other tidbit to offer, I won't create a topic for it. Had been wondering why Ishamael made all the effort to torture the souls, aside from general evilness, it occured to me he was preparing the souls in order to prepare them to be in Trolloc or Myrddraal bodies. Or other Shadowspawn. Shadowspawn must have souls too, it strikes me someone tortured for demi-eternity might embrace the chance of being even in a Shadowspawn body. The origin of that thought process is wolves becoming Darkhounds, there must be a process there too, though the only think I know is that Slayers seemed to bend over a killed wolf. Edit: demi-eternity is nicer than semi-eternity.
  21. And lets cut the bush, it be anyone else, it is Mesaana, Semirhage would have been in Seachan lands, Graendal in Arad Doman, Moghenian, although she generally learned of many things, she leaned of it next book, that leaved Mesaana, the one who someone stated was proud of the trap in the stone of Tear, Graendal was contemptous of her also for making claims she could not deliver on. True, there's no Lanfear on this, but why should she have been involved in everything. And why woud Mesaana have talked of her dealings with Lanfear.
  22. Lanfear is so supreme or confident in her power, she always gives hints. Like in that netherland, Rand and Loyal and Hurin, she was too obviously atractive, and she called those monsters. I don't believe Lanfear would have been able to speak so the Egwene. And she spoke to her earlier, before the chapter Ter'aran'rhiod. But In that chapter, I can't see it was her, rather an unknown Forsaken.
  23. Sylvie didn't dive herself away, save thinking bad of Ishamael. She was Mesaana, not Lanfear, she has more patience.
  24. Grandal could's be she, otherwise she could, but she has interest otherwere. Now Lanfear through her pride seems to always give herself afay, if one is looking. Mesaana, obviously didn't- She was perfectly camouclaged. Lanfrear seemed to give herself away every 1 in 5 things she said, but Mesaana did not. This makes sense on the Dragon Reborn book, perhaps I not recount everything it makes sense for. And there's the later mention, I don't remember by which female Forsaken, Graendal?, that she he always seemed the weeked, she had been proud of the trap in the Stone, but she couln'dt deliver. Whether she could deliver ot not, I think Silvie was an unknown forsaken i.e. Mesaana, and ....
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