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  1. Graendals favourite

    UK in EU referendum (Brexit)

    1) nothing different
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    ah, one of three cds of argentinian tangos, and three cds of finnish dance music 3 cd, finally music done.
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    A few other songs by Garbage. As ever I go by what I have. For the now Garbage is 146 with two albums, 2.0 and Bleed like Me. I have not found a collection save a 02 or something I don't want. For a collections I want at least 5-6-7 newer songs. But of Garbage, as ever, I go by what I have:
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    I would put a translation of the song Chanson simple by Patricia Kaas yet. I always liked it though it be simple. The lyrics in French were on the video. Here: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/chanson-simple-simple-song.html This is a simple song I'm giving to you As simple as it is tender You know that sometimes the simplest words are The most difficult to hear Let yourself be guided along the words And look after your footsteps The profound abyss where we throw All these phrases that we don't say I forgive all our silences Let me bring them back to life Through a simple song that I'm giving to you You who were my best friend Since the years have passed And the future would have beome hazy Look at both of us becoming victims Of falling between the lines If every instant awakens regret If we don't ever see each other again When you think of the one that you loved Remind yourself that I live within you Remind yourself that I live within you.
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    For whatever reason I now remembered Garbage's Special, the Pretenders' Talk of the Town, and David Bowie's Stay, so here:
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    There can be tree more, from the Album Dans Ma Chair, title track, First song, "As I'm afraid of all," And Je voudrais la connaitre, to even pervertily know who it was who got your love in my stead. That last says, according to website: I would like to get to know her I would like to get to know her Find out what she is like Does she have a good figure? Is she pretty? I would like... Oh, I would like to see her To watch her for a long time To learn her story, Her background and her past Maybe this curiosity Is strange - To finally see and accept it And to stop imagining I would like to understand Even if it ruins me Because she knew how to steal you Because she has taken my place I already know her perfume And her handwriting This sweetly written note That lies forgotten in our car I also want to see the hotel Whether you put the price Whether the room was beautiful And whether the bed was big Maybe it isn't normal It's crazy, but it tempts me This desire to suffer To the limit, to death I would like to know everything And her age and her skin Everything that's different from us And what's similar, it's pathetic And to surprise you when you're with her When you're funny, when you're sweet To hear you make your promises And when you tell her about us I want to see you again To watch you in the mirror And when you kiss her To see your hips move matador-style I want your body close to hers All those forgotten gestures To find you once again Just the way I'd always loved you In this cold, in these ashes I would like to stay here And just see and understand Everything I am not
  10. Graendals favourite


    Here is what she speaks on that second song: Mon opium… Mes héroïnes… …J'avoue je suis accro à la libre Coco, aux paradis sensuels de Gabrielle Chanel, J'aime à m'envoyer en l'air, à bord de l'Electra d'Amelia. Oui, j'aime me perdre, me noyer dans le fleuve de sexe, la crue des mots d'AnaÏs Nin: écrivain de l'intime et libertine Sur mes écrans, Garbo envoûtante divine défiant le temps, J'adore Marlène: éblouissante guerrière… mon fétiche en guêpière… Oui je l'avoue ces héroïnes sont mon opium, mes femmes en majuscules! Je succombe aux coups de pinceau… érotique avant-garde… de Tamara de Lempicka J'aime à m'injecter le sensuel poison de Suzy Solidor. Alors je danse, je m'étourdis, je mets mes pas dans ceux de Martha Graham, chorégraphe du désir… Ces héroïnes sont mon opium. Vous mes envolées, disparues, recluses avenue Montaigne et délaissées, vous mes héroïnes aux vies consumées, dévorées de passion… Je vous révèle mon addiction… A vous Her heroines, to whom she devotes the album. Et oui, et s'il fallait le fair S’il fallait le faire, j’arrêterais la terre J’éteindrais la lumière, que tu restes endormi S’il fallait pour te plaire lever des vents contraires Dans un désert sans vie, je trouverais la mer Et s’il fallait le faire, j’arrêterais la pluie Elle fera demi-tour le reste de nos vies S’il fallait pour te plaire t’écouter chaque nuit Quand tu parles d’amour, j’en parlerais aussi Que tu regardes encore dans le fond de mes yeux Que tu y vois encore le plus grand des grands feux Et que ta main se colle sur ma peau, où elle veut Un jour si tu t’envoles, je suivrais, si je peux Et s’il fallait le faire, je repousserais l’hiver A grands coups de printemps et de longs matins clairs S’il fallait pour te plaire, j’arrêterais le temps Que tous tes mots d’hier restent à moi maintenant Que je regarde encore dans le bleu de tes yeux Que tes deux mains encore se perdent dans mes cheveux Je ferai tout plus grand et si c’est trop ou peu J’aurais tort tout le temps, si c’est ça que tu veux Je veux bien tout donner, si seul’ment tu y crois Mon cœur veut bien saigner, si seul’ment tu le vois Jusqu’à n’être plus rien que l’ombre de tes nuits Jusqu’à n’être plus rien qu’une ombre qui te suit Et s’il fallait le faire English Translation And If It Had To Be Done If it had to be done, I would stop the earth I would turn off the light so that you stay asleep If it had to be done to please you, raising opposite winds In a desert without life, I would find the sea And if it had to be done, I would stop the rain It will turn around the rest of our lives If it had to be done to please you, listening to you every night When you speak of love, I would speak of it too So you still look into the depth of my eyes So you still see in there the biggest of the big fires And so your hand clings to my skin where it wants to If you fly away one day, I would follow if I could And if it had to be done, I would repel the winter With hard blows of springtime and long clear mornings If it had to be done to please you, I would stop the time So all your words of yesterday stay with me now So I still look into the blue of your eyes So your two hands still get lost in my hair I will make everything bigger and if it’s too much or too little I would be wrong all the time, if that’s what you want I do want to give everything, if only you believe in it My heart does want to bleed, if only you see it Until being nothing more but the shadow of your nights Until being nothing more but a shadow that follows you And if it had to be done
  11. Graendals favourite


    Et apres-t-il tous Patricia Kaas. I mean after it all Patricia Kaas. Three songs from Dans ma chair, and two from KAbaret, but I'll start with Kabaret: There is not need to worry, cause there is a rumour that she, and I supppose I, and I guess you, we're all addicted.... on heroines!
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    I could put two of the most bravura aria here again:
  13. Graendals favourite


    I said Idomeneo was Mozart's first opera masterpiece, this is his first hit, no less a masterpiece, and not less much demanding of the singers, daunting, Die Enführung aus dem Serail, the Abduction from the Seraglio (=harem). This happens in it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_Entführung_aus_dem_Serail . Full libretto translated here: http://www.operafolio.com/libretto.asp?n=Die_Entfuhrung_aus_dem_Serail&language=UK Here a version with action on stage:
  14. Graendals favourite

    Energy Drinks

    I don't really dring them. I understand I get for instance enough cofeine from tea. If I'm somewhere I don't mind drinking, but that's the same as for coffee.
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    Kun joulu on Säveltäjä: Otto Kotilainen Sanat: Alpo Noponen Kun maass´ on hanki ja järvet jäässä ja silmä sammunut auringon, kun pääsky pitkän on matkan päässä ja metsä autio, lauluton, käy lämmin henkäys talvisäässä, kun joulu on, kun joulu on. Ei huolta, murhetta kenkään muista, ei tunnu pakkaset tuikeat, vain laulu kaikuvi lasten suista, ja silmät riemusta hehkuvat, ja liekit loistavat joulupuista, kun joulu on, kun joulu on. On äiti laittanut kystä kyllä, hän lahjat antaa ja lahjat saa. Vaan seimi, pahnat ja tähti yllä ne silmiin kalleina kangastaa! Siks´ mieli hellä on kristityllä, kun joulu on, kun joulu on. This was sung at the end of the last. Of course I must then translate. I know this too tune. When the land is blanketed in snow and the lakes are frozen and it is frozen the eye of the sun, when the swallow is at a long treks journey and the forest is empty, songless, there comes in a warm breath in the winter weather as it is Christmas, it is Christmas. Not worry, not grief must anyone bear, they need not feel to hard frost, but one can hear the cries ringing from children, and their eyes shine with glee, and the flames shine from the Christmas Trees, as it is Christmas, as it is Christmas. The mother has put plenty of treats to eat, she gives the gifts and gifts she gets. Yet the manger, the straws and the star above them they gleam as precious to the eyes! So the Christian has his mind tender, as its is Christmas, as it is Christmas.