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  1. Discussion

    I said of this symphony that during composing of it, Haydn, who was in England, and this is one of his great English Symphonies (Perhaps he not Schubert I forgot of the list), he heard of Mozart, and amiable friend and fellow composer, his death, and was the put aside for many days. I said the second movement is a total tribute to him, well there is a theme from Mozart's 41'st symphony there as well as a theme from one of this operas, I forget which. So that is accurate. It is not a tribute piece, but it is mindful of him as at his death. Here: This piece by Mozart is the first of his symphonic trilogy (one might make it a quadrilogy if counting the Prague symphony 2 years earlier which would then make a prequel) all of where nominally composed within two months of each other. Each seem to have a different take. Like the keys, here E flat, then G minor, then C major. Quite important in Masonry. So if, and this sinfony's lack of coda, alike the The Shadow Rising's lack of prologue seems to mean the three books before might be the prologue to it, might mean the two yet to come make a whole with it. One must interpret. I think the Prague foresaw these, but these are a progression of sinfonies. And they of course they take three different approaches to the same.
  2. Discussion

    I noticed the Mozart and Haydn and was it something else, and least Mozart 39th, Haydn me nicknamed "Mozart" Symphony won't play. Perhaps I should replace them with similar. When it was Prince I just hoped it would stay, here I thought it would and didn't listen. I'll just hear and replace.
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  5. Discussion

    Yet this one on the cool:
  6. Discussion

    One hit more:
  7. Discussion

    Four more songs won't be amiss, choosing which ones, Shoop Shoop I think, It's a Man's Man's World cause it isn't, We All Sleep Alone, and Woman's World:
  8. Discussion

    There is a lack of Cher here, I think these ones:
  9. Russia probe

    At any time Europe would be supporting UK but here we might hesitate.
  10. Russia probe

    Again I go on a tangent, but I'll say here anyway, because I thought of in this context. Norway and Iceland havent joined EU mainly because of fishing rights, all EU fishers can fish anywhere. Whilst Switzerland hasn't joined mainly because of their banking industry, the rules are much stricter in the EU; their agriculture and other trade would benefit from joining, but they fear their banking industry income might suffer.
  11. Russia probe

    I think I was thinking more of diplomatic and economic muskle than military, but you may be right; different views should be considered.
  12. Russia probe

    I suppose that is an ultimatum, but it is the truth. There'll be little good will for Britain with all the exceptions to the rules they've had, if they leave. As it is, those exceptions must go if they decide to stay. They were, they were leaving, are again, if that happens they must have the same rules as any new member. Price of being ridiculous. Otherwise, they are left on their own.
  13. Russia probe

    Sorry, but for any Brit I'll make this absolutely clear: You leave an alliance. We won't be at war after that. that would take a declaration. So we are at peace. But no agreements are withstanding. All were done through EU. Some cooperation is expected. If you wish the EU's help on something, expect to have to pay for it. Russia here, why should we give a fig on what has happened in Britain. If Brexit does happen, of course.
  14. Russia probe

    Not sure, I'm alwais for Britain, the music shows it. But politically, EU looking on UK versus Russia: let them see how little muscle they have against Russia whilst EU tweedles their thumbs. I think Russia knows this, it is even harder on UK.
  15. Discussion

    These don't really fit here (conceptuyally, though there might be a higher concept I haven't realised), as far as I know, but I thought of them, so of course I must post them here: