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  1. Music is ending, and extra music becoming music, on cd to go, I think I can honour Finnish dance music, emphasis dance, lots of people have danced to it I'm sure, by making a selection off the second of three of the anthology. I'm sure Mozart wouldn't mind, though musiclly it is almost trivial. I'm sure he had the grace to not express such a sentiment, anyway, I think Mozart would smile, I'll put five or seven both in honour of Finnish music and music in general:
  2. And also ealier are much to be eexperienced.
  3. 25th and the 24th piano concertos. First very olympian, second very tragic, perhaps in the other order.
  4. Here Uchida playing Mozart, no the New Music as before;
  5. Just a few more by Streisand, I'm leaning to the Guilty, but I like to here them. I'll choose one other, and then two therein:
  6. At I believe 8th grade history, it was asked in a test or exam or what are they in lower school, who was the leaders of Russia and US: I remembered Boris Jeltsin well enough (and that was nothing political), but for some reason I could not remember Clinton What? So I wrote Hillary Clinton. I don't know if it was because the teacher was female, and she mentioned it aloud when handing back the tests, but she gave full remark.
  7. Nikolaus Harnouncourt, who passed away a few years ago, was not only known for his amazing conducting abilities. He worked and brought forth that old music be played with old instruments or a verisimilitude of them. This was different from the late 19th century, and onward, where for instance Mozart was played at full blow, when he is more effective and what he wrote for was a smaller orchestra. He was at the forefront of bringing small orchestras appreciation, and bringing appreciation to a lot of old music. He is not missed, since he's work lives on, and he achieved his life's purpose.
  8. This is it you know the Mersey: If the Mersey keep on flowing
  9. Dani Klein could become a knight in Belgium!
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