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  1. And what about GOT? (50–69 minutes) Game Of Thrones makes money the same way most HBO shows do, the subscription fee for the channel, and the sales of DVD's and other licensed merchandise for the show. HBO get a large chunk of revenue from things sold that are taken from the show as apposed to things based solely on the books. Shows like say The Flash or Walking Dead have to make their revenue streams from ads sold during the show. Ads that run on a episodes 1st airing are worth more than a re-run by about 30% and episodes that are re-run that are more than a season old drop a further 15% in ad revenue as the ad time becomes cheaper. If, and it's a big if, The Wheel Of Time, ends up on a broadcast network, like ABC,CBS, NBC, Fox, or The CW, the shows production values for the first couple of seasons are going to look mediocre at best. If Showtime, HBO, Netflix, or Starz say pick it up we are going to see something completely different as the budgets will be much larger. I'm not sure how old you are, but back in the 80's when there were basically only the 3 major networks before cable became a thing, shows were re-run all the time. I can remember seeing episodes of shows re-run that were older than I was. Mostly because most tv shows didn't have a linear story structure per season. Today many many shows are structured in such a way that if you have missed a couple of episodes its easy to become lost as the plot gets away from you. As such most shows don't re-run much because seasons need to be aired in a story order, for viewers to know whats going on and to keep interest in the property. Not all shows mind, but many. We can thank Babylon 5 for that. It was I believe the first full series to be run that was intended to be a tele-novel. Each episode acted like a page from a chapter each season a chapter from a book. If you missed 4 or 5 episodes it was very easy to become lost, which is why most people seem to want to avoid the series in my experience because they feel they can't just jump in and catch up. But in this day and age of netflix binging it's easy to watch shows like B5 and not be lost.
  2. The reason for the different running times is due to the lower episode count per season. This allows for more high dollar commercials to be run during the show.
  3. Just a note, in the Audio Book version of TOM Elayne is still depicted being taken up on the wall in her bed not on a litter. To watch the Dragons being demonstrated.
  4. Rand's letter was about Mattin yes but also informing him about Weiramon being a dark friend. I'm interested in knowing what Verin placed in the letter she sent to Galad.
  5. Check Dixon confirmed to me in a interview a couple of years ago that he had been contracted to adapt EVERY WoT novel into graphic novels. His art team will change and I believe Chase Conley who started back when Dabel had this property was replaced around issue 6 or 7. So the art quality and stylization seen over time will change as the art team changes. That's something to be expected especially in a series that has had this much trouble getting published in the first place. On a side note Single issues of this comic can be bought as well as a subscription from Dynamite's web site. http://www.dynamite.net/htmlfiles/
  6. The Broken Wolf Who Death has known is Slayer, Luc's clothes have wolf's all over them.
  7. In all honesty I attribute Lan's Luck to Rand. Rand needs Lan later on and I believe that Rands ta'veren twisting was effecting the pattern long before he was born. He makes note of that in the scene in The Shadow Rising just after he comes back from walking the glass columns. After Asking a few questions about what he saw he notes the number of coincidences that lead to his birth. I honestly think it was his ta'veren nature that was causing those event. Pulling the world into a path that lead to his coming and gathering together those he needed for when he would need them, Lan among them.
  8. I honestly would go with some variation of this makeup effect. Image From Star Trek Deep Space Nine
  9. Taken from www.investcomics.com Here is a link to my first Article "Click Me" Darth_Andrea
  10. There have been some developments in the ongoing saga of Dabel Brothers Publishing. First off Dabel is at least for the moment out of business. They have sold their entire publishing catalog and licenses to Dynamite Entertainment. According To a press release (posted below) Publication of the acquired Dabel titles will begin in April 2010. I would also like to note, Other sources have confirmed that as part of this deal Dynamite will pay off all of Dabel's currently outstanding debts including payments still pending to writers and artists who were no longer producing materials due to lack of payment. Darth_Andrea
  11. My Interview with Chuck Dixon about his work in the Wheel Universe has gone live now at www.Cosmicbooknews.com I hope you all enjoy it. :) Darth_Andrea
  12. In a Q&A recently Geoff Johns (Writer of Dc Comics Green Lantern) recommended that anyone wanting to get into comics read 2 books, he didn't give authors, 1 is a film book called "Shot by Shot" and the other is a book called "A Writers Journey" he said both will help in teaching you how to frame things in a manner that translate well to comics. Darth_Andrea
  13. The first part of a 3 part series has been posted at www.cosmicbooknews.com About the Wheel Of Time comics. Part 2 will be posted soon which is a Interview I did with comic writer Chuck Dixon. Check them out if you like :) Darth_Andrea
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