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  1. Round, for the reasons that we are the first age, also I am sure the horizon is mentioned in the series, you get an horizon from the curve of the land.
  2. That was my thought as well, they don't have plumming so bathing regualrly would be a luxury beyond all bar royalty and the highest nobles, Aes Sedai also probally.
  3. I had a thought from another thread on this board. If you could channel in the Age of Legends were you required to become Aes Sedai, know I presume it would have been considered a great honour to be Aes Sedai then, but what if someone didn't wish to become one. What if they had the spark? Would they be taught safely then leave the 'training place'.
  4. Yeah I had no illusions that he would be, just wondering if the souls consumed by Mashadar would be free to be reused.
  5. Reading some older posts an idea occured to me We know thats Sammael was taken my Mashadar, it is also likely that Mashadar was destroyed alongside Shadar Logoth. So is it at all possible that Sammaels soul is now free and ready to be recycled bt the Dark One?
  6. I voted other as I believe it will be the last battle of the age, but the third age will come again so there will be more third age battles.
  7. Didn't Asmodean start to 'come around' before he was off'd.
  8. My thoughts are that Fain lost his soul in Shadar Logoth (but survived due to his depth into the shadow - almost a gray man but not) so when Machin Shin tried to 'eat' his soul it couldn't, I think he controls it and is able to because Machin Shin is afraid of him (as afraid as a mindless enitity can be).
  9. They BELIEVE they will gain power and immortallity when he is free. In reality they are just a means to an end for the DO.
  10. I believe it is POSSIBLE to heal it, but I doubt we will see it in aMoL.
  11. Something I have been thinking about for a while. IIRC someone who has been severed (stilled or gentled) can still sense the sourcee but can no longer touch it, but someone who has been burnt out can no longer sense it. Am I corret in this? If so I think it would unlikely that burning out could be healed. So if it can not, do you think it is at all possible to burn someone out intentionally, leaving no chance of being healed. Also just an after thought, do we know of any man that has been burnt out?
  12. I was just thinking about this today, while listening to TSR Ch1, the Amyrlin says she wishes Rand had never heard any of the prophecies of the dragon and thus not gone after Callandor. I thought to myself, that Suian should think the same way as Moiriane (considering the Dragon has been in their plans for their entire sisterhood) that if Rand had not heard them the pattern would still find a way to make him attempt to retreave it at that time. There are other examples but I can't think of any right now.
  13. I dont have access to the BWB, but I have read the guide (which I believe is similar if not the same) and although it was a while ago I recall it counting the 4 as reincarnations of the Forsaken killed. Apart from Be'lal, Rahvin, Sammeal and Asmodean, because of balefife, mashadar and for Asmodean it is possible that he was balefired or its also possible the DO choose not to.
  14. My thoughts on the gender one were more for the ones that require channelling, such as the black rod and the three silver arches. Will they work with saidin also?
  15. I have always thought it was just paranoia on Rands part. Yes he happened to be right. But I still think it was paranoia.
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