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  1. They could easily pound the iron into thin sheets for breast plates and gauntlets and shoulder pads and greaves. Don't have any clue if the weight changes though. The properties of the metal obviously do...
  2. Well since Randland is a world mirrored closely by our own, except for some obvious differences, I would expect these real life rules to apply. Most of 'Planet Earth's' rules apply in the world of Randland. So why wouldn't brain development. ALSO, in every book, movie, article, I have read, seen, watched, the soul of someone has been a spiritual thing. The brain however is something completely different, it's physical matter. Explain to me, how would Lews Therin's adult-sized brain fit in little baby Rand's head? THAT defies logic.
  3. I finally get what you are saying, and it is not true. Even if the soul created some type of the same thinking, a different body, and development of the brain since childhood, would cause a completely different mind, with different mannerisms, thoughts, and ideas.
  4. Saidar is in the way of where Flinn will have to put his Saidin. If Nynaeve's weave is untied, they will be stilled, severed again. It will need to be for Flinn to fully heal them IMO.
  5. A soul doesn't hold memories, as said before, it is just a person's "life force". Every soul is attached to the wheel of time by a metaphorical thread (which is also, metaphorically, a persons body in the World of Randland). Now, for "special" people such as heroes of the light, this thread turns into a strong cable, which is difficult to break. At the end of these threads is a glass orbs (the glass IS the person's mind and memories in this case) with the persons soul. They are hanging above a stone floor. Imagine that the wheel is now a very slow moving, very large ceiling fan on the ro
  6. I see many people talking about Terry Brooks as one of the brilliant writers. I have to disagree. I had heard about The Sword of Shannara years before I actually read it, before the First King of Shannara was published. Anyways, a friend finally got me to go to the store and buy one, I bought First King of Shannara and read it and it was pretty good, no complaints, fun to read, interesting, but it didn't have a very complex plot. Which is to be expected from a prequel. Liking it I went on to start the trilogy, and bought the Sword of Shannara, started reading it and found it very similar to TF
  7. To add to what Robert said. You may remember that some of the forsaken, or atleast Lanfear, knew what the Choedan Kal looked like. Even if they were aware of this 'need' ability, Rhuidean (as far as I remember) is unable to be seen in Tel'aran'rhiod (I think it looks like fog). Therefore, making the most powerful Sa'angreal in the world invisible. That solves the problems of the Choedan Kal remaining hidden till Rand got them. Now that he has wards, and invisibility weaves on them, I believe they would also be invisible in Tel'aran'rhiod.
  8. Agreed with Vambram. Another thing to add to his rant. When you know you are The Dragon Reborn, savior of Randland, defeater of evil, and bound to die on the rocks of Shayol Gul, that has it's toll. But when you get teeny-tiny-brained-won't-think-for-a-single-moment-or-listen-to-reason people (Seanchan, Whitecloaks, Elaida Aes Sedai, Rebels, etc) and get in the way of your plans to defeat the shadow, in the mean time, causing you to get a horrible cursed knife wound on your already bruised and scarred evil-pit-of-doom wound, AND lose your hand...... I'm done.
  9. I am three quarters through KOD in my latest reread, and the last I heard from Gawyn (and I don't think he is mentioned again) was in the prologue of Crossroads of Twilight (I THINK) and he was in a town just outside Tar Valon, Egwene and the rebels had already seiged it, so he could no get through, and he was worried Aes Sedai were going to ask the Young Ones help to break through the Rebels' ranks to Tar Valon. One thing that always puzzled me, how does Gawyn not hear the name Egwene mentioned as Amyrlin seat to the rebels. It seems unrealistic than noone had mentioned it, especially w
  10. It seems odd thinking of a world where people believe their is no powerful evil force, driving all evil.
  11. I think of a channeler's strength by numbers up to 50. For example, Egwene = 43 Nynaeve = 47 Siuan (after stilling) = 18 Rand = 48 Taim = 46 Narishma = 43 So assuming Choedan Kal is 100 times the channeler's strength. Nynaeve (with CK) = 4700 Rand (with CK) = 4800 Rand (with Callandor) = 980 and so on... I also use the same kind of theory for feeling channeling over distance. CS = Channeling strength CS = 1 = 1 pace CS = 2 = 3 paces CS = 3 = 6 paces CS = 4 = 10 paces CS = 30 = 465 paces = 0.465 miles CS = 100
  12. AHA! I know something that RAW does not (or atleast forgot). Women who can channel do not suffer from morning sickness.
  13. I doubt it will be explained in A Memory of Light. RJ probably planned it for his third prequel, the one depicting the months or so leading up to Moiraine's "in the nick of time" arrival at the Two Rivers.
  14. Certain, spells (so to speak), are more complex than let's say someone shouting FIRE! and a fireball appearing. Aes Sedai, or Asha'man, create threads of each of the five "elements" (earth, fire, water, air, spirit) in what I assume look like clear, watering threads, to an Aes Sedai/Asha'man, or fellow channeler watching them. These threads allow them to create the simplistics of channeling, and letting them direct it in the way they want it. So to create a fireball, so to speak, let's assume the channeler needs air and fire. So they create thread after thread of fire, and slowly (atleast in t
  15. The only oath not connected to channeling is the oath to not speak a word that is untrue. All other oaths would be nulled in any case, unless the person had a well of course.
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