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  1. House Trakand and House Mantear are descended from Ishara through very different lines, but a relatively similar number of degrees. It may be helpful to think of it this way ... Ishara /\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ Mantear Trakand The same distance from Ishara, but not close to each other. That isn't a very precise representation, of course, but hopefully it is clear enough to convey the idea. Both houses are connected to Ishara, but not really closely to each other. So, they are technically distantly related, but the split is far more than 2 generations back. Elayne and Rand are far enough apart genetically that they would not be considered related at all by "normal" standards.
  2. Moiraine speculated that she "sees" pieces of the Pattern itself. If that is so, then what she "sees" is not in any way determinative, merely infallibly factual. Please ... please don't use the word "beam" for this ... I'm already sad.
  3. Yes ... having a good memory isn't magic. I can hear every word that people say around me, even when I'm not specifically paying attention to them, sometimes in multiple languages. But it is annoying when you catch other people trying to talk about you ... at least it's annoying to them. ;)
  4. It is hard to Travel from a ship under sail because it is moving, and like Mr Ares said, you have to know your starting point well for Traveling. Traveling to a ship is not difficult, in the sense of making a gateway to the right place, but it can be difficult, because if the ship rides a swell into the bottom edge of a gateway, it will chop up the deck of the ship. Which is why when ... ... he made the gateway a decent distance above the deck, so as not to damage the ship, which would have been bad form. Being familiar with the interior of the wagon wouldn't help him form a Traveling gateway, since the wagon changes locations. It isn't the decor you have to be familiar with, it is your location in space/time, aka the fabric of the Pattern. As for the logic of why you need to know your starting point for Traveling, and your destination for Skimming ... When you Travel, you bring your destination to you. So, you have to know where you are. When you Skim, you go to your destination, so you have to know where you're going.
  5. The viewings can also be auras, and sometimes, she gets the interpretation as part of the viewing. When she knows what it means, she is always right. When she doesn't know, she sometimes offers an opinion. She is usually very careful to be clear about the difference. But when she knows the interpretation, it is as certain as the viewing itself.
  6. Asmodean was a bad teacher. He probably could have done what Sorilea did, but showing Rand a miniature version just to demonstrate the weaves never occurred to him. He probably never thought of a gateway as something that you could make a quarter of an inch long, because he never used it that way. I know that a lot of people think that just because you know something, you can teach it, but that is far, far from the truth. Asmodean was a really bad teacher. Rand just didn't have any other options.
  7. Yes, its referred to in the prologue of Winter's Heart. Amys tells Elayne that Egwene taught the Wise Ones Traveling to repay them for their lessons about Tel'aran'rhiod.
  8. Um, no. There seems to be exactly one decently functioning steam engine in existence, and the infrastructure to create a large number doesn't exist. Um ... irrelevant? It is far from that simple. Very few people in the world can make cuendillar, and at a relatively slow rate. Each piece would have to be turned into cuendillar independently, since if it was done when they were in contact they would bind together and not be able to move. So, we would need a better design, an industrial infrastructure we don't have, dedicated resourceswe don't have, and more channelers who can make cuendillar (which we also don't have), all working full time, for a period of time we probably don't have. No steam tanks for TG. Probably not very many cannons either. Most of Mat's cannon work will probably be in Seanchan post-TG.
  9. I give Egwene a pass on Halima, actually. I mean, how exactly is she supposed to detect a woman who can channel saidin, or even know that such a thing is possible? The disappearing maids situation was easily ascribed to collateral damage in the conflict between Lelaine and Romanda. I mean, yes, its obvious to us as readers, but, lets not make Egwene responsible for what we know as readers.
  10. and The Asha'man and Aes Sedai of the Fourth Age are not the ones who re-create the Age of Legends. At some point between the end of these books and the recreation of the Age of Legends for the next turning, the ability to channel has to disappear completely, be forgotten, and reappear later. So, the Asha'man moving to Tar Valon or not has nothing to do with the recreation of the Age of Legends. Nynaeve has no plan to make Lan a "Boarderlord". She's just trying to keep him alive through Tarmon Gai'don. Malkier is dead, and will not rise again. Lan will not accept an Oath of fealty from anyone.
  11. I admire Egwene greatly, especially with how she is approaching the situation in the Tower. She has chosen the best path, without regard to the fact that it is the hardest, and she is pulling it off. I take my hat off to her (if I ever wore a hat). And frankly, Egwene and Mat would get along fairly well right now, I imagine. I'm not saying that she would go out drinking with him, or approve of him ogling women, even though he's not going to touch now. But working together? As long as she isn't freaked out by the fact that he married a Seanchan (an unfortunately real possibility) they would be able to work well together. In fact, his connection to the Seanchan may be one of the things that will allow her to get past this one last real obstacle. (Please don't misunderstand; I know that Egwene has every reason to feel the way she does about the Seanchan, and will have more when they attack. But she will have to work with them, on some level, at some point.)
  12. Actually, I countered with examples of what he actually DID, and then you reinterpreted what he said. But I honestly think you can't even see it.
  13. Story arcs cross and rejoin all the time. Perrin has just finished the "find Masema and rescue Faile" arc. Its time for him to get involved with another one. If they go overland, they'll run right into the Borderlanders as they come south, long before they get to Caemlyn. That simply makes a conflict with a Borderlander army in Andor more likely. No shock there. It would facilitate Mat getting to the Tower of Ghenjei even more quickly, since either Grady or Neald could make a gateway. Still doesn't help them avoid the Borderlanders. Why would they all go to the Tower of Ghenjei? No one can go in except Mat, Thom, and one other person (Noal). Perrin doesn't have to do it alone. He wasn't alone at Dumai's Wells, where he faced hundreds of channelers and won. That is, of course, another possibility. Moiraine got three questions, not six. There is no reason to believe that the Eelfinn would have dealt with her in any way except to make her a prisoner, and they don't answer questions anyway. I don't see how Perrin's rescue of Rand and Mat's rescue of Moiraine are related, except in the sense that they are both part of the overall storyline.
  14. LOL ... like the people insisting that he never changed his mind about the length of the series before, because his wording was different this time? All this entire conversation proves is that people will re-interpret whatever he said, thought, or wanted to match what they say, think, and want.
  15. Neither the Wheel nor the Pattern "decides" things in the sense of a sentient person. RJ said: http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Q&A_From_Glimmers_Prologue He put the word "decided" in quotation marks for a reason; it is not the same kind of "deciding" that a sentient being does. The result appears to be a "decision", but in fact is the result of "feedback". The Wheel is a non-sentient, highly complex machine. When pressures in the Pattern are drifting outside of the design parameters, its reaction is to make someone or someones into ta'veren, or to spin a Hero into the mix, or both.
  16. I'm actually OK with the idea of other writers telling stories in the World of the Wheel, as long as it doesn't become the free for all of book of the month franchises like Star Wars. Besides, nothing anyone writes or doesn't write can do any damage to RJ's legacy. He wrote what he wrote, and it was amazing. No one can take that away. So, if some other writer gets permission to do something with the outriggers, whether it is Brandon or someone else, take it for what it will be: another writer attempting to tell a story in RJ's world. If it's good, celebrate it, and if it sucks, then don't buy it.
  17. LOL ... the same as it is now, I imagine. Stabbing people in the face is likely to get one locked up. (Read the small red print that is part of the graphic portion)
  18. Jahar has a decent chance of knowing that Rand is bonded to Alanna. He is the one who found her when she collapsed, presumably because of the 3 girls bonding, and he was with the group that Alanna directed to Far Madding. I don't think it was ever said right out, but he's had more than enough clues by now to know that she bonded Rand.
  19. LOL ... all of psychology and the sociology of symbolic interactionism have just been reduced to "blah blah blah". Dr. Brennan would be proud.
  20. Certain symbols have specific meanings to people. Perrin switching to his hammer was not a symbol of swearing off fighting altogether. For Perrin, the hammer is both a weapon and a tool for building. Whereas, for Perrin, the war ax was used only for killing. It was not an ax that would be used for chopping down trees to build a house; it was only a weapon of war. It represented killing without context. Killing someone can be necessary , but it needs to be in its place, to have a context of the possibility of something greater. For Perrin, the hammer has that context; it reminds him that, to be good, his fighting must have a purpose. It is something to be done as a necessity, not for enjoyment, or even just out of callous disregard. Someone killed with the hammer is no less dead than someone killed with the ax. Perrin is more than aware of that. But the hammer, especially for him (since he thinks of himself as a blacksmith) represents more. It doesn't deny the necessity for killing, it just puts killing in the context of a purpose. It makes killing part of a bigger picture, rather than the only thing in the picture. For Perrin, that was what the ax symbolized; not just the killing, but the endless, purposeless killing.
  21. That is my point. The "Storm" has been "Gathering" since the Eye. Nothing in that title is exclusive to this book. Which is an opinion you're entirely entitled to both have and express.
  22. First of all, I wasn't talking about myself. I am on record here as having apologized, on more than one occasion. Second, bring it. I haven't met a fight yet that I didn't enjoy and win.
  23. Unfortunately, irritating, pigheaded, and willfully ignorant opinions are opinions too. I have confronted those opinions fairly consistently by disagreeing with them. But that is far different from trying to silence them. As a mod, such sentiments have a potentially more dire meaning coming from you, since you actually have the ability to silence them. So, to you specifically, I advise (and that is all it can be, my personal advice) restraint in calling for silence. The titles haven't shown any connection to specific events so far, so I don't think our suggestions are any less valid. I chose mine, for example, from direct quotes from prophecies which are very likely to be fulfilled in the course of a particular book, and also have an application to the general theme of an approaching really hard time. "Rent in Fire and Blood" is from a prophecy about the Black Tower, but is more than general enough to correspond to the general destruction which we know, on some level, is coming. "The Trumpets of Battle"; also a direct quote from prophecy with general implications. But the sound and feel of each of those is more satisfying, to me, than the options we have seen presented.
  24. I believe you are wrong. I believe that I quoted what he said. Read the book.
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