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  1. It felt like it to me. I lean towards it being Sorilea or Bair just because I dont want it to be anything supernatural.
  2. Yes, that would be pretty brutal. Especially when we all know that it was actually Hoid in Wise One crossdresser garb.
  3. Most things about Egwene are horrible, why should this be any different?
  4. Well, it definitely wasn't the worst error in the book so its got that going for it at least. Overall, there were several fairly jarring errors but it wasnt too brutal.
  5. The copy of the question I have is from Matoyak, a Theorylander who attended, but wasn't a part of the Stormleader team. His report is here, and as you can see, Muirenn posted about it, but I was never able to get any further clarification from her. This is the advantage to keeping a database with links and stuff. ;D This is the advantage of YOU keeping a database for the rest of us to mooch off of. Luckers, thanks for linking that over at TL.
  6. I had always assumed that had been done by the Shaido in an act of anger or provocation, given Rand's revelation at the end of TSR. I always thought it was Carridin's work Niall set him to - the plague of 'Dragonsworn'. Doing atrocities and putting the blame on Rand. There's no evidence that Carridin was active that far to the East. Carridin was working in Altara and Ghealdan, not between Cairhien and Tear.
  7. Don't quote me on this but I am 100% sure that the entire population of Aiel was about 1 m before Rand, total number of warriors was 500k - including Shaido. This comes from the Glossary. I am speaking from memory so I could be wrong, but I would be willing to bet that Rand never had 500k You would be correct. Rand had in the low to mid 400s after the battle of Cairhien at best. It has gone down significantly since then. Just in the time that Rand was prisoner to Galina a "thousand more Aiel throw down their Spears a day to the Bleakness" or something close to that. Plus continued
  8. He can't be Galgan because we haven't seen his 3rd world persona yet and we have seen Galgan on-screen prior to the end of KoD. He might be in Shara (it would fit that he'd be gathering a Dreadlord Army as regular troops are cannon fodder in a war of power), he might be in Murandy (its location is pretty strategic if nothing else as its dead center on the continent and in a position to royally screw up Rand's plans and he might be with the Borderlanders (either in the Borderlands or with the 4 Rulers). We have no idea and its still driving me nuts.
  9. Not 100% but I believe the Tinkers' message was crossed off by Maria and Brandon as "not on the right track" over on Theoryland. Yup, just checked and its not that. I don't believe the Fain/Myrdraal thing has been mentioned. However, I also don't know that it fits the requirements. It DOES occur in Books 4-6 (TSR specifically) but it doesnt continue to occur from there on out. He hasn't since used that Fade as far as we know. Fain does play a huge part in the Last Battle. Hopefully its more (and better) than the Gollum role that seems to be implied at this point.
  10. I think many are far overstating Rand's numbers and far understating the Shadow's numbers. For one, Rand most definitely DOES NOT have 500K Aiel left. He didn't even have that many when he finished off Couladin in FoH. He's lost thousands since then to the Bleakness, battles, etc. He has closer to 380-400 K. He'll "hopefully" have Elayne's 200K (mostly House levies, jumped up farmers, and a core of real soldiers), The Borderlanders 200 K in the south as well as likely that same amount still on the Border (i.e. "enough to stop anything short of another Trolloc Wars"), Lan's gathering of
  11. Could just be the difference in writing style between RJ and BS. This has been happening since Rand was bonded back in... was it FoH? Rand was bonded in LoC...but the Bryne scene was written by BS whereas Rand's post bonding scenes are all strictly RJ. At this point I doubt Rand would even notice the enhanced strength/endurance. There's also the difference in their ages that another poster mentioned.
  12. Sorry...What'd I do? Terez disagreed with someone forcefully, and you backed it up with a 'yeah, pwned' comment. Have your opinions, be confident in them--but don't dismiss or denegrate your opponants. Fair enough.
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