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Quality of Life Updates & Suggestions

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Here's a list of some minor QOL tweaks I've made over the last couple of weeks to make DM a better experience for everyone.


1) "Spoilers" and "Tables". 

During the last update, Invision Community forum software stopped supporting BBCodes. We now have to use buttons.

If you want to make text hidden spoilers, simply highlight the text and this button image.png.

If you want to create a table, click this button. image.png

If you want to quote some text click this button image.png


2) Seeing Clubs & Club Topics while in the Forums

I know some of us still aren't used to the Club system not being in the Forum View. We've made it possible for to navigate directly to your club from the Forums, but also allow you to see the latest club posts while in the forums!



3) Seeing Forum Topics while in Clubs.

While you're in the club section, you can now see Forum Topics. This is to help


Speaking of club view. If you click the "Sort By" button, you can change the order in which the clubs are listed.



If you click the button that says filter, you can shorten the list of clubs so you only see the one's you've joined!



4) Mobile - Forums

Previously, if you clicked on Forums while on mobile, it wouldn't actually let you navigate to the forums! Now you can.



5) Reactions

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit have popularized "Likes", and "Reactions". Honestly? It's the lowest effort way possible to say "I liked what you said" without actually having to commit to writing a post. Use this new function wisely. 


You can find Reactions on the bottom right corner of posts.



6) Pronoun(s)

When you edit your profile, you'll notice you can now enter a pronoun.

Please use this wisely and with respect for others.


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