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Dragonmount 4.0 Mafia Game Thread [mafia win]


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Hello everybody!  Welcome and come one in!  This is a mafia, yo!



1. Play to your win condition

2. Have fun

3. This is a hybrid hammer game.  If no hammer is reached before deadline the player with the most votes will be lynched.  Ties will be randomized between tied players.  No lynch is an option if you choose to go that route.  Self-voting is also allowed if you truly feel it is necessary.

4. Days are 48 hours and Nights are 24 hours (this may be subject to change dependent upon whether or not dice annoys me and arbitrarily...Cory)

5. You may character or role claim if you wish.  Mafia have fake claims.  Please do no quote directly or screenshot any off-thread communication with the mods or your team.  You may paraphrase whatever you like unless you are told not to.

6. Please do not talk about the game outside the game thread or any QT/PM threads you are given.

7. Please bold your vote and color it red if possible.



Player List:


1. @Illian Tear

2. @dumbo

3. @Darthe

4. @Nynaeve

5. @Liitha

6. Not Bob

7. @Lavandula / @dicetosser1 (LaDice)

8. @Zanatron

9. @Cory Caboose

10. @The Crusher




This is the mod post.  Myself and my Co-mod, Arie, will edit this post as needed.  Mod notes will be posted here WITHOUT FLAVOR.  Outside of this thread, unless otherwise noted, I will be posting in the flavor of my role because yes! Arie and I will be "roleplaying!"


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Hello and welcome to the new and improved Dragonmount, a forum dedicated to the Wheel of Time!  My name is Jason Denzel, the leader of this website, but you can call me the WoT Prof. This forum is inhabited by creatures we call members.  


For some people, members are pets, others use them for fights debates, and some members are big jerky jerks who constantly complain about how we run the website.  But despite all the differences between our interests and types, all of our members love the world created by Robert Jordan.  My research has led me to study these members, publicly as part of an effort to better serve their needs, but the secret primary aspect of my research is a continual quest to drive traffic to our website!  Don't tell anybody!


To this end, allow me to introduce the new and improved Dragonmount 4.0! We’ve worked hard behind the scenes and implemented many changes.  Foremost among these are the archiving of various branches of the forums that have stagnated and are embarrassing when new members sign up in an effort to streamline our site in advance of the WoT TV Show.  We have also introduced Clubs and the ability to add Social Media to your profile because that’s what we hear the young hip kids are into these days.  Those whippersnappers!  


Anyway, the Internet has changed a lot since we opened in 1998, and it continues to evolve. Much of the Wheel of Time fandom lives on social media now, so we're adapting with the times.  We hope you like it!




Sample PM


First, tell me a little about yourself.  Are you a boy or a girl?






That’s right.  We’re not allowed to ask that question anymore.

Fine then, what’s your handle?



Ah!  Krakalakachkn - an excellent choice!


Krakalakachkn!  Your very own mafia legend is about to unfold!  A game full of lies and backstabbing awaits! Let’s go!

You are Krakalakachkn, the former Entertainment Group Leader and vanilla town.  You have a normal town win condition.  Go catch them all!

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51 minutes ago, Liitha said:

What vote you out?


Thinks is suspicious someone has a black name


Vote not bob 


Is Notbob playing???



43 minutes ago, dicetosser1 said:

he likes to lynch me while im sleeping




He knows when you are sleeping 

He knows when you're awake 

He knows if you are bad or good 

So get lunched for goodness sakes!!!!

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