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Just finished the series for the first time.


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Greetings, I've known about WoT for a long time, have been introduced to it be when the D20 game was out, but due to a bad review from a trusted friend, I avoided actually reading the series. I have since put aside those prejudices and read the series in 21 months which is really fast for a slow reader such as myself and I must say I have been completely blown away. What an amazing ride! No one in my local community has read the series so I don't have anyone with whom to discuss what happened. Hence my coming here. I was so overwhelmed by the final book, I nearly wept in a few places. To end a series after such an emotional investment. To watch so many characters perish in the Last Battle, it was daunting. All in all, I am very pleased with what I read and sad I didn't read the series sooner. What was your original read thru like for you?

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I think the anticipation between books kind of started to skew things a bit. At least for me. 


The first 5-6 were really good. Then things kind of started to unravel a bit, with Crossroads of Twilight the low point. RJ seemed to find his stride again with Path of Daggers, but then passed away.


The last 3 are controversial & divisive amongst the fanbase. I was glad they were written & thank Sanderson for them. But I get some of the criticism as well. 


But welcome. As an opening salvo, give us your favorite 3 characters & top 3 books.


Pour moi:

1. Moiraine Sedai

2. Min Farshaw

3. Rand


Honerable mention: Thom, Lan, Nynaeve, Loial.



1. Shadow Rising

2. Eye of the World

3. The Great Hunt


Hon Men: Lord of Chaos

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Wow. You can never repeat the first time but I learn new things each time I re-read. I discovered the series in 2010. Not all of the books were out but most. I bought them all and it was just sweet anticipation to read each book.

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Top 3 Characters. That is tough! (I won't include the main 3 as they are a given).

1. Lan

2. Aram 

3. Bridgette 


Honorable mentions: The great Generals, Elan, Gaul, Chiade, Baine, Noal, Rhuarc and the list goes on.


Top 3 books

1. The Dragon Reborn

2. The Last Battle 

3. They all blend together from there.

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I think my favourite characters are


1 Egwene al Vere Aes Sedai - Controversial, I know (I read the long and intersting  thread of arguments about her in the general discussion)

2 Perrin Aybara

3. Moirraine Damodred Aes Sedai


Books :

1. The Eye of the world: A brilliant 1st novel to get you hooked

2. New Spring (Because Moirraine is a favourite)

3 & 4. The Great Hunt and the Dragon Reborn


Honourable mentions:  reading about Egwene's triumphs with the Salidar and tower Aes Sedai respectively in The Path of Daggers and The Gathering Storm

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Hello!  Welcome to Dragonmount!


My Favorite 3 (Excluding ta'veren):

1. Min

2. Egwene (Yes, Egwene)

3. Amys


Honorable Mentions:

1. Nynaeve (She had a great character arc overall)

2. Talmanes

3. Graendal (Compelling character, TBH!)

4. Rhuarc

5. The OG: Moiraine


1. The Shadow Rising

2. Lords of Chaos (Points are deducted due to the horrifically embarrassing original cover art.)

3. Tied between A Crown of Swords and Winter's Heart


Best moments:

Rhuidean ter'angreal; Rand and Aviendha's journeys.


Any meeting of the Forsaken in Tel'aranrhiod

Egwene's triumph in the White Tower, and the purging that followed.  A satisfying end to a long-written plot line.

Age of Legend flashbacks in general as well!

All the knowledge we obtained regarding the World of Dreams

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I really enjoyed reading Egewene's rise to power in the white tower. That was one if the best chapters I've ever read. Elan was a fascinating character. I love that he chose to be forsaken solely because it made more statistical sense. I like this because of the fact we live in a scientific society. It brings up the moral question of, should we do something because it is scientifically accurate or morally accurate. 


I also found the rebirth cycle very interesting. As compared to the rebirth cycle we see in real life where the objective is to break the cycle. In WoT, the objective is to continue the cycle. So many fun parallels.

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