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  1. I realize this is a WoT only forum so it might seem weird to bring up Harry Potter... If igure figure I already brought up Game of Thrones in some other thread.... and I'm still here which mens means its at least ok.... Um, so really I actually read Wheel of Time before Harry Potter virtually certain as a matter of fact.... and quite enjoy it.... Then harry Potter comes along and is like this massive revelation/ginormous explosion of everything.... and by the time the fervor died down it's been hard to get many other series in the spto spotlight....
  2. The ONe power versus the True Power vs Saidin separately vs saidar separately II think it's all a bit much... Like I think what was intended is just to state that there is the source... period.... and then Saidar ie is se essentially just the source as used by women and Saidin is with w men... it can obviously be overcomplicated and stuff and I'm sure there's just ways of making it even more confusing but essentially that.... Rand's saidin sickness is because there is some kind of connection with male channeling and the source and the dar
  3. I'm probably not the best expert on books I actually haven't read that many trilogies or anything.... However it seems to me that this series mie might be interesting for people and in general a diversity in the tyhpes and manners of stories available seems like it's healthy for the book industry as a whole and the sub-genres of fantasy and sci-fi as well.
  4. Well I daresay I just came across this idea and it sounds kinda cool.... One of the interesting things about WoT to me I guess is it's like just the book series.. which makes it feel very pure.... it almost seems like these days if you have figures soon people we'll be wondering those are canon in some strange way or something.... but I guess that's probably being really paranoid. I think what it really boilw boils down to though is these can be additive and interesting and cool they're just figures which people can get as a way to show being a fan.
  5. I think it's just supposed to be part of the taint... not necessarily a part of Rand.
  6. They probably just come up with it on their own a lot... just random practice away from the crwo er crowd or something.
  7. Yes... In a practical leve l I'd have to say RJ Is the glue... the one who put a lot or really all of the pieces together from that POV...
  8. It seems kinda Warhammery/fascistly violent/over the top a bit... I haven't read them but it sounds like there's some dour and sour streaks and possibly not even I don't know it just seems kinda depressing perhaps...
  9. I'm not an expert.... definitely not the expert.... Well... lots of black? That seems like the start ... I think....
  10. Ok well as long as they make it tolerable.... As in.... it gets the stereotypical standard treatment of a fantasy novel by mainstreamy forces ... at least that could build interest and get people involved in it all.
  11. Anyway at the same time Dragonmount could be anywhere... it's not necessarily anything it's after all a books eries that depends on the author and how they put words together.
  12. Hm... This is one of those deeper analyses that happens with a lot of other series and it attracts all the Eglio er Elios and people but I think people assume in general WoT is fairly simple where I disagree completely I think the series as a whole has a lo tof genuine subtext and things like this that might have real meaning and interactions. Admidttedly I'm not great at this topic here but maybe if we encourage this then Wheel of Time can get a kind of treatment of this sort. For those wh who don't know there is 100% no Wheel of
  13. Why are we wondering about the adam is my only question... Biggest evil terrible thing... maybe not ever... but just a really bad thing... Probably best to just keep their attention to a minimum that's my approach.
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