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  1. Dogs seem ok... not sure what else to add...
  2. I realize this is a WoT only forum so it might seem weird to bring up Harry Potter... If igure figure I already brought up Game of Thrones in some other thread.... and I'm still here which mens means its at least ok.... Um, so really I actually read Wheel of Time before Harry Potter virtually certain as a matter of fact.... and quite enjoy it.... Then harry Potter comes along and is like this massive revelation/ginormous explosion of everything.... and by the time the fervor died down it's been hard to get many other series in the spto spotlight.... Just the other day though.. for sone reason or another while reading parts of Wheel of Time I'm like wait Wheel of Time has it's own kind of magic academy.... I mean really Tar Valon vs Hogwarts their both schools for magic... almost like the public vs private schol school debate..... and essentially the debate is all about which is better and why at least in my mind since I don't know if strangely enough anyone that I've seen on the internet or anywhere has even tried to have this debate. It could be that one is good for some type of wizards ands ome the other... btu I'd like to start with the idea that one is simply better... better design better ideas better everything, better outfits lets say (or lack thereof perhaps) So here's some basic points.... Hierarchy - Hogwarts: It's definitely got the edge in terms of complex hierarchies I'd say... for starters there's multiple players first years 2nd years 3rd years... then you have rival houses and stuff Hufflepuff and Ho er Raven claw and stuff like that... and then you have perhaps even different types of wizarding pagentry and stuff connected to those things like 3rd years go to Hogsmeade ands tuff like that.... lots of crazy ideas basically like that... that make it even more clear there's a lot of regalia and h changes and ideas that go into it.... - Tar Valon: Tar Valon has a clear kinda singular sorta track system in my opinion... novice... accepted... wizard... kinda... in my opinion... sorta like that more or less... it's clear what each one means and where you are goingl... and it's just sot sorta straightforward. Infrastructure - Hogwarts: Well for starters Hogwarts is a castle... a proper European medieval castle in allr espects... you have glass windows, dark corridors... you have basically all kinds of stuff on every level that is a very serious intense thing... roman cn candles... moats.... it's all very much like that in every respect... it's basically very very lage a in a kind of manorial sort of way.... it's also very isolated and is basically in a remote region of I guess Scotland or something and you have to take an incredibly long train ride to get there because it's so far away and everrything about it is so desperate and desolate in many ways I guess from that point of view. - Tar Valon - Tar Valon by comparison is like a city-state sorta feel almost with the tower being specifically dedicated to the wizarding parts but the town around it being basically normal I guess in many ways... it's more or less just a bunch of people who are like normal and not wizards or magical and they all interact with the white tower in unique ways.... so I think that's pretty different. Also the White Tower is very litterally a tower of some kind instead ofa castle much smaller you could say probably in many ways.... More or less actually I think by comparison Tar Valon is probably considered a bit barren... like it's just sorta empty... perhaps might be the wrong term but it's hallways and corridors, rooms perhaps... not necessarily the grand illustrious traditional medieval European thing... not being insulting or anything by the way! Just comparing.... Relations witht he exterior etc. -Hogwarts - Hogwarts basically has a fairly rigid view of the whole situation... seeing it as a wizarding only community at the outskirts of everything.... and just overall has all kinds of issues I guess arguably... the ministry of magic views them as troublesome and different... they are completely invisible from muggles etc it's just one kinda crazy approach in many respects.... - Tar Valon: Tar Valon's approach to humans c by comparison is more fluid... there's a lot of give and take and infact many close connections between the White Tower and the surroudning population... for example many Aes Sedai (to use the term of course now instead of wizards) take on local companions and stuff such as with Gawyn and others it feels like ther'es overlap in many respects with just the local community, then you have proper warders like lan who are definitely connected even though Lan himself isn't really at all magical and could probably be found around Tar Valon in many respects. Ok so there's a few points... I think it might be sort of an interesting topic to talk about.
  3. I'm not necessarily sure ther ewere many changes per se... if any necessarily in some ways... not deep per se... perhaps..... I think the Ajahs rather function like they are described for the most part without necessarily a ton of change sover time and stuff like that...
  4. The best way to see Morgase's Justice is just a lot of stuff from book 5 fires of heaven... she has quite a few great moments I mean it's alway s possible to sorta of pick on very precise moments with individuals in life as well as in fiction and in media perhaps.... Nonetheless her character as a whole I don't know it would take awhile to analyze her in my opinion... seeing as how she has such a diverse role and so many different important aspects to her character.... Worthy basically of a whole tome of Morgase or something where everything written is discussing her character and intentions or analysis.... could be a really interesting read...
  5. The ONe power versus the True Power vs Saidin separately vs saidar separately II think it's all a bit much... Like I think what was intended is just to state that there is the source... period.... and then Saidar ie is se essentially just the source as used by women and Saidin is with w men... it can obviously be overcomplicated and stuff and I'm sure there's just ways of making it even more confusing but essentially that.... Rand's saidin sickness is because there is some kind of connection with male channeling and the source and the dark one and stuff so it all gets t boned.... That's kinda all we know... I think... For all we know there aren't any reasons why there's really like in all honesty maybe there isn't a sickness... maybe there isn't even a taint... Maybe the Dark one is just a fantastic liar and it's all presentable backstory/hearsay stuff designed to confuse everyone... I mean seriously.....
  6. Well anyway I just wanted to say this seems like a kind of interesting place for the more off tpic discussions as comapred to some of the other places where people sorta show up and stuff but ti's not really consistent.... It seems to be quite a popular thing these days at any rate.
  7. WEll yesterday was a really good game as well in my opinion... Sharks and Blues... shame for the whole game to end on the controversial no cl class on the er no call on the potential hand pass.... But outside of that just a really intense game... Sharks had the av advantage ina ll respects in the beginning seemed like they were going to go away with it.... Then Blues made a sharp comeback and it started to seem as if Sharks had no chance at all outside of the one counter goal scored in the middle there.... Basically it turned and it seemed like the Sharks had no chance until they went with no goalie int he finalll... portion there a strategy which paid off completely as they got a goal in to force OT. OT was intense as well and again no call on the final play made a lot of Blues players upset but I also think that there were a lot of good plays by the Sharks and they could have asily won anyway at least IMO. Next game between them is tomorrow!
  8. Right kinda what I had in mind basically. so I guess also I kinda like these structured thread concept;;/idea things.
  9. Not that that I know of... straightforward answer as I can give...
  10. Everyone in WoT is basically a decent/talented swordsman I think is the idea... capable of defending themselves... The series then makes clear there's a few who are exceptional... but basically Lan and Rand in the beginning are both very skilled although I think the point is at the very beginning of the book Rand and so on takes awhile to maybe get there... some practice.
  11. Even later in the series... Eye of the World still has a unique charm to me honestly.... That is to say I don't forget about it while going deeper in... I haven't really figured out which books I like the order or something.... But essentially I would definitely feel like something was missing if they weren't all accounted for on some level in that accounting... And eye of the world would definitely be in that category I think... that category of.... Basically If someone asked me to pick the best book in the series and lets say book 4 feels closer to the spirit of 1 then I would feel a bit weird going too far ahead to like book 5 as the best because I would want to be close to the first book and the tone of later books.... Uniqueness is great... can be anyway.... and I most certainly re-read Eye of the World a few times I think in various forms...
  12. I'm probably not the best expert on books I actually haven't read that many trilogies or anything.... However it seems to me that this series mie might be interesting for people and in general a diversity in the tyhpes and manners of stories available seems like it's healthy for the book industry as a whole and the sub-genres of fantasy and sci-fi as well.
  13. Well I daresay I just came across this idea and it sounds kinda cool.... One of the interesting things about WoT to me I guess is it's like just the book series.. which makes it feel very pure.... it almost seems like these days if you have figures soon people we'll be wondering those are canon in some strange way or something.... but I guess that's probably being really paranoid. I think what it really boilw boils down to though is these can be additive and interesting and cool they're just figures which people can get as a way to show being a fan. So that's nice...... Er anyway basically yeah I suppose if they're really authentic things then it probably is sort of a copyright IP thing in some way to be able to make them.... But the thing is yeah the author should be or perhaps the author's representative or perhaps both I guess can I'm almost certain get over that hurdle and yes better late than never somehow.
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