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  1. Greetings, I am looking for cards from the CCG based on the WoT books. I know of the website which sells singles, but I was looking for lots. Any information is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Spoilers How did Rand and Elan end up switching? Is this explained in a appendix somewhere? Also, when Rand can no longer touch the source but instead can impose his will to make things happen, is this because he has transcended the pattern, or is he so attuned to the one power now that he can no longer tell the difference between channeling versus not channeling? Thanks!
  3. That is correct. One of the dare I call them objectives, one is trying to achieve in Hinduism and Buddhism is to break the cycle of rebirth and achieve nirvana. It was an interesting contrast to WoT's rebirth cycle.
  4. I really enjoyed reading Egewene's rise to power in the white tower. That was one if the best chapters I've ever read. Elan was a fascinating character. I love that he chose to be forsaken solely because it made more statistical sense. I like this because of the fact we live in a scientific society. It brings up the moral question of, should we do something because it is scientifically accurate or morally accurate. I also found the rebirth cycle very interesting. As compared to the rebirth cycle we see in real life where the objective is to break the cycle. In WoT, the objective is to continue the cycle. So many fun parallels.
  5. Top 3 Characters. That is tough! (I won't include the main 3 as they are a given). 1. Lan 2. Aram 3. Bridgette Honorable mentions: The great Generals, Elan, Gaul, Chiade, Baine, Noal, Rhuarc and the list goes on. Top 3 books 1. The Dragon Reborn 2. The Last Battle 3. They all blend together from there.
  6. I was surprised to see Tam so low on the list. Maybe I missed something, but my understanding of Tam's skill is that he rivaled Lan ranking second best in his era.
  7. Greetings, I've known about WoT for a long time, have been introduced to it be when the D20 game was out, but due to a bad review from a trusted friend, I avoided actually reading the series. I have since put aside those prejudices and read the series in 21 months which is really fast for a slow reader such as myself and I must say I have been completely blown away. What an amazing ride! No one in my local community has read the series so I don't have anyone with whom to discuss what happened. Hence my coming here. I was so overwhelmed by the final book, I nearly wept in a few places. To end a series after such an emotional investment. To watch so many characters perish in the Last Battle, it was daunting. All in all, I am very pleased with what I read and sad I didn't read the series sooner. What was your original read thru like for you?
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