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  1. So, according to you, Robert Jordan was a racist, WOT is a racist series of books, because 95% of the characters are white? And do not forget, 99.9% of the characters are heterosexual! This is so disgusting! My advice, do not read such bigot books at all! ...I...wait. What? I didn't say that. My point is that Chernobyl is a real life event, and to change ethnicities of the people within would be an odd choice. The Wheel of Time is a fictional series, and it's strange to try and put apples and oranges in comparison. Are you going to be okay? It seems to me like you're flying off some kind of handle.
  2. Chernobyl is a real life event. WoT is not, no matter how much we want to believe in the Wheel.
  3. I wasn't trying to insult you. I was quoting the line from The Big Lebowski. It was meant as a joke and it wasn't taken that way. I'm very sorry.
  4. Forgive me. No one has said it yet: Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man... xD
  5. If anyone is looking for a metaphor, the best comparison is that Rand is going through the stages of grief. He fluctuates through them throughout the books until he accepts that his death is inevitable.
  6. Tall with light skin and hair can be a Tarian, an Illianer, an Andoran, a Gheledan, or from Amador. IMO it's good not to beat a horse to death. I would recommend using the fez only with mustaches, or the veil and mustaches.
  7. I completely agree with you regarding Perrin's role. I felt that his entire arc was wasted with a torturous (mostly for the reader) time in Malden, and retreading the same tropes ad nauseum. Perhaps his ascendancy to the throne of Saldaea when Lord and Lady Bashere bit the dust was to be a larger part of the Last Battle, but I have a feeling the same could be said about Moiraine, the discussion and signing of the Dragon's Peace, and yes, the Last Battle too. However, I'm complaining about the hamburger I was served. I am gonna eat it... ...but I'll be dreaming of the prime rib that could have been.
  8. Perrin becomes a king when the Lords and Lady Bashere kick it in the final hours of the Last Battle. It's oblique and no one really talks about it, but its's there.
  9. That's a good question Demandred. I think of it as: The Dragon has sided with tDO before, it was mentioned that it had happened in the past. I believe it was Moridin that said that. Since it has happened, the Wheel has had to course correct when it does. Since that's the case, there are backups to make certain the Wheel always turns, even if it has to have a hiccup now and again.
  10. This one might be a bit dark, but was not done with malice. I was reflecting over my own trials with these very thoughts and wondered about how some people suffer from chronic depression...and then my mind went nutso with this thought: 12. Those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and the like, along with their increased suicide rate is because their souls were reborn in this a without a body that can access the Power. They then act as if they were severed, and so to them, life seems to have far less meaning. Their souls were just born at the wrong time. I took from this the ideas about being gentled/stilled and how when Aran'gar/Osan'gar were put into those bodies. As Osan'gar ruminated over their changes (Aran'gar was furious at that time if you recall) in these new bodies he specified that only certain vessels would do. I took to interpret that as they needed bodies that could allow them to channel though as Lanfear said in AMoL that channeling is a thing of the soul. For whatever reason, thinking of my own diagnosis of depression, this helped me to feel better.
  11. Well said, tkarrde. :) We'll have to hope that the series will be able to balance all the requirements that fans want, and newcomers will expect. I am tired of cheap titillations. I was never too fond of the GoT series, though I did read the books and watch a few of the seasons. I have never found it as deep or compelling as WoT did. The world building, the explanations, and the perspective are all so very different.
  12. Yes. Fain did not have tDO's powers; however, his were evolving. When I wrote my initial response, I kept thinking about the fall of Aridhol and how the citizenry went about looking for a way to out Dark One the Dark One. Moiraine remarked that the things done in the name of the Light were awful by the citizens of the doomed city. Eventually Mordeth was trapped in the city with Mashadar. Mordeth showed great change once Mat & Co. let him free, but I always thought that Mashadar had something to do with Mordeth's twisting, or he it, or it was a mutually beneficial relationship. Who knows what would have happened if Mordeth's power was allowed to grow, change, or evolve. I am particularly minded of the frequent repeats throughout the books that tDO is bound outside of The Pattern. Since we do not know too much of what constitutes outside of The Pattern we did see that the Dark One had some abilities, including shaping reality. While Fain may never have those possibilities, this thread has had me thinking that perhaps Fain was to be the one sealed in the Bore once Rand killed the Dark One. If he did, and was forced to eject Fain from The Pattern, would Fain change? Could he? I'd imagine he could, particularly since his soul seemed to be melded to Mordeth's. Furthering the suppositions on the evidence here, I think perhaps Fain would take the place of tDO within the Bore, and Rand et al. try to explain to everyone/simplify things to that tDO is locked up once more. This may be a particular function of The Pattern, for whatever reasons it may have. There may always need to be a Dark One trapped within the Bore, or at least, there may always need to be something trapped within the Bore for the Wheel to function. It weaves as it wills. As Rand chose not to kill tDO or Moridin and that someone (possibly the Creator) applauded him for the decision, perhaps the Wheel allowed Fain's thread to be removed from the current weaving as he was not needed. Perhaps he was just, in the end, the Pattern's ace in the hole.
  13. This is really not in the right area, considering what you really want from us. Instead, I recommend you bring your chaptered "screenplay" to somewhere more fitting on this board, or instead a site like: fanfiction.net
  14. But Fain did have powers. They kept evolving as the stories progressed. From the darkening of people's natures, to illusions in Far Madding (A place where the Power can't be used) and then of course, everything that happened on his way to Thakan'dar. He had powers, and he was evolving. Honestly, I think I prefer this over the Philosophy 090 class we got in AMoL.
  15. By the time they finish writing Season 1 and 2, (Even just wrangling one season out is gonna be difficult) cast the principle parts, scout the right locations and get everything rolling, Kiernan will be a few years older. If they do enough makeup, and play their cards right, she'll be fine. Even though she's supposed to be several years older than TTR men, it's rarely mentioned after book 6 and if you listen to the audiobooks, rarely is her voice correctly shown. I appreciate your comments. I would like to remind you that the series will probably not strictly follow the series. I see no reason that Min's stated age in the series means much of anything in the long run. It is not a major plot point like Rand's height, which you stated and I agree with. They will need someone tall for his character.
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