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  1. ...While I am still carrying a 24 year grudge with her, Melanie Rawn is a great example of 80s/90s female gaze pioneering new aspects of the fantasy world. Her Dragon Prince/Dragon Star series are mostly equal, but strong females exist, thrive, and often rule in the stories. And her Exiles series was based in a matriarchial society. However, while book 1 was well celebrated, book 2 suffered from the fact she hasn't finished the series and probably never will. But, if you like to torture yourself, give that a try. 🙂
  2. Another good question! So far we've asked: 1. Can Ilyena channel? 2. Why was she born with 3 names? Are names handed down throughout generations? How long do those names last? Can a name be revoked? 3. Do only women take last names when marrying? Or is it based on who has the most clout?
  3. Anyone could earn a third name, as long as it was through great means. Did Harriet ever address this? Or Brandon at a Q&A or AMA?
  4. But cloudberries are a real berry, here, in our time. (our slice of the Wheel, if you will)
  5. You know, that's a really good point. I didn't consider that Gawyn was classist. However, I do think he was able to examine that ignoble thought, especially right before he returned to Egwene. I think a lot of this was that they didn't know what to do with the romance after a while. The guy wallowed in a village for soooo many books.
  6. It was addressed in the books. The backside of the gateway looks misty, and when asked about what might happen if a person were to try and step through the gateway from behind Moggy was a bit distressed by the idea. Pretty much your last sentence answers it. If you can't get the answer that way, it was the True Power doing evil True Power things.
  7. I'm on the rape side. No matter what, this was coercion in the beginning. Flip the genders around, and it's just as bad. As said above, there are many unhealthy power dynamics in the books. Morgase gave us some insights into someone who had been forced upon many times by multiple partners.
  8. I went looking in the forums, and the search bar is not cooperating, so I will ask it here. Could Ilyena channel? Was it ever written in RJ's notes? I cannot find anything for or against, but I was really curious about that.
  9. Rand got sick because he was holding the One Power to form the portal for Traveling. He pretended it was the books so not to worry Min who hadn't bonded him yet.
  10. JJLXL, yes, while they can't be seen by others, I thought it'd be a better representation for TV/Film. Thanks for pointing that out, I wasn't clear enough. I hope they keep Min too, I really liked her.
  11. GREAT looking actress, pretty much what I could have hoped for. I am furious, furious, that they put such a sad misspelling in the tweet! It's "shone" not "shown"!!!!!
  12. @imlad I agree; the Aiel should probably be a bit tall. It was a defining factor for the entire nation of people. I think the way you said it made a lot of sense and can agree. :) I am awfully tired of people saying this person can't play X character for physical characteristics though! :)
  13. 1. Hopper is now a different species. Yes he died in reality and the Wolf Dream. Now his soul is inhabiting another creature. Maybe a particularly noble bunny. 2. Rand actually planned that stuff to happen to the Black Tower as a red herring. 3. The TV series actors do NOT need to be the same height as their book counterparts. (Yeah. I said it. Tired of seeing that complaint.)
  14. So, according to you, Robert Jordan was a racist, WOT is a racist series of books, because 95% of the characters are white? And do not forget, 99.9% of the characters are heterosexual! This is so disgusting! My advice, do not read such bigot books at all! ...I...wait. What? I didn't say that. My point is that Chernobyl is a real life event, and to change ethnicities of the people within would be an odd choice. The Wheel of Time is a fictional series, and it's strange to try and put apples and oranges in comparison. Are you going to be okay? It seems to me like you're flying off some kind of handle.
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