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  1. Perrin's pretty boring lately, but at least it's in-character boring. I hope this wolf dream stuff goes somewhere soon. Brace yourself for the excitement of Perrin dreaming about making tiny metal men! You can have the whole seat to read on but you'll only need THE EDGE!
  2. There's a bit over a book and a half left. Does he keep it up the entire time, or find a balance?
  3. I just reached Mat's letter to Elayne in ToM. Ugh. Well, I guess Mat's an illiterate buffoon now. He must've taken one or two blows too many to the head recently. Also, I wonder if he's a married man now. Do you think he's a married man now? He's probably a married man now. Out of all the differences between RJ and BS, Mat's the most disappointing. The rest he's doing passable with, but poor, poor Mat.
  4. *edit* woops, next book spoilers. removed.
  5. Good incentive to do it to their dominant hand then, so that they can't do the fancy jazz hands that most AS need to pewpew.
  6. If you can't have fun while complaining, then what's the point in complaining at all? =]
  7. If you entered T'a'r in the flesh you could probably imagine the cuendillar off. Even though things revert to how they were when you leave, I'd be surprised if "Hand enclosed in block of cuendillar" is one of the variables that gets saved on open/exit. Hey, here's a question. What happens if you try to open a gateway so that the edge passes through cuendillar?
  8. Aran'gar and Delena seem like more "Let's wrap it up" wasted potential. Did Aran'gar accomplish anything with his rebirth? Aran'gar, this is the Great Lord. I have pulled you back from the brink of oblivion for a mission of utmost importance. Heed me well. I obey and serve, Great Lord. What is it you wish of me? The young Amyrlin girl... The Amgirlin... I wish you to infiltrate her camp. Position yourself close to her, ingratiate yourself, kill whoever stands in your way. Yes, of course. And then? And then... Then, my minion, you shall give her mildly inconvenient headaches. Like, really bad ones that put her in a bad mood. And then she's all grumpy after. ...Headaches, Great Lord? HEADACHES! And she'll have no idea where they come from! Teehee!
  9. Mat's plan with the backstories was just over the top. I prayed for the words to ends, but they just kept coming.
  10. Suspension of Disbelief

    If danger is directly proportional to size then I've been worrying about ebolanados for nothing. Nothing!
  11. For a super-fun prank novices could get a bowl full of iron filings, wait for somebody to fall asleep, and then dip that person's hand in it before converting it to cuendillar.
  12. Juggling 11 balls

    Yeah, I did find that interesting which should have warranted a comment, but then my mind got sidetracked with the mechanics of it all. I probably couldn't 'throw' them very high, but I expect I could flick them pretty high. Or if we're being lax with the forms of juggling, catch them, pull the knot, then slingshot them rather high.
  13. Is it ever shown 'how' the Seanchan test women? How is it that the suldam weren't caught in any reasonable testing method? If they just walked through crowds 'feeling' for women who could channel, they'd find the suldam. Several Aes Sedai report being able to tell they can channel, so that can't be their method. The most obvious method is to just slap an adam on everybody. Anybody that can walk a step, you're free to go. But they obviously don't do that or the suldam would've been found out immediately. I can't think of any test that wouldn't catch both groups at once. On a related note, what's up with the male adam? Can somebody refresh my memory on their history? There's the first one in the early books, completely separate from the Seanchan. In some museum. They try dump it in the ocean, fail, Seanchan get it. Which is supposed to matter, but then several books later it's implied that the Seanchan already have a bunch, and Cadsuane's loss of hers didn't matter because they could've just gone to the Seanchan "Male Adams 'N More Bulk Barn" and grabbed a bunch more. And weren't adam unthought of in the AOL (*you've got mail*), yet Semi somehow understands the functioning of the rarest of the rare, the male "Dominator Band" or whatever she calls it?
  14. It was also a long time ago. Is there any suggestion that he's always been a prominent assassin? Maybe in his younger days he'd be all "Whatever, you're not even my real dad Great Lord, I'm going out with Narg 'n the gang to impress all the Trolladies." One things leads to another, yada yada, next thing you know you're surrounded by a bunch of corpses and you've discovered a new hobby.