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  1. Well, women are allowed to have breasts without it being a commitment to engage in coitus.
  2. I suppose that's a less "out there" interpretation of it, and would yield to it being a more defensible position. I've always been curious every time they say that any force used against it only makes it stronger. How does the strength of something 'unbreakable' increase, and how would an average person test that? Wouldn't the theory just stop at "that stuff doesn't break" instead of needing to guess at a strength increase?
  3. If cuendillar truly cannot bend or break... Then pushing on one end will move the other end exactly simultaneously. If it had any give at all then a large enough force could bend or break it. If it had any give at all, it would behave like regular matter, and pushing on one end of a cuendillar stick would move the atoms that make it up infinitesimally closer until the pressure wave reached the end of the rod and restored it to its original size. But if nothing breaks or bends it, then the atoms don't move closer when you push it. There's not a pressure wave going down its length. Every atom along its entire length moves in sync, staying exactly the same distance from the others. You've got yourself a faster-than-light communication stick. There's not a lot that could be used for that would impress people in the Third Age, but faster than light communication, even over short distances, could do some neat things for us. Assuming we take everybody at their word on cuendillar's properties, anyway.
  4. You could create arbitrarily large forces by interlocking meter-long segments of cuendillar pipe and using it as a lever. Attach a cuendillar container to the fulcrum and have a mile-long lever, and you could probably crush coal into diamonds. If not, add more lever.
  5. The yellow AS offers to bear the child of the Asha'man that semi-heals Rand of the dagger would if he'll show her how he did it.
  6. Though with a channeler's extended lifespan, it would seem logical that cancer would be their #1 threat.
  7. Isn't that fairly significant though? Any holes that you can poke in the squishy pieces protected by armor are going to be pretty significant. Anything in the helmet area is going to end the fight, and pretty much any holes in the torso are going to cause some significant discomfort. Maybe a clean in 'n out with a needle wouldn't kill somebody, but once it's in there'll be some twisting and thrusting. Maybe give it a serrated edge for funsies. A cuendillar piercing weapon would even counter most forms of cuendillar armor. Armor's gotta have gaps or holes to be useful, and tiny weapons are better at slipping in there. To take the idea to its extreme - http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SharpenedToASingleAtom I agree that melee weapons aren't the most destructive thing that would come from cuendillar though. Simply the first.
  8. You're only thinking of making existing weapons out of cuendillar though. Think what you could do when you're no longer concerned about the weapon's strength. Take a 5 pound hammerhead. Add a 1 foot long needle that's about 1 mm thick to the end of it. Since that needle isn't going to snap off, imagine the puncturing pressure that thing is going to have if you swing it with any force. Or a semi-disposable long spear with that same needle end, only add barbs to it. Thrust that into somebody and just leave it in them, they're not getting it out on the battlefield and their mobility is ruined.
  9. Hmm. I could've sworn it would be as simple as ctrl-f, "his bed", but apparently Ol' RJ was quite fond of lots of things happening in "his bed" This hardly proves my point, but feel free to help yourself to a mental picture of Cadsuane and Rand in warderly bliss. I've got a few things to do, but I'll see if I can back up my assertions with some references a bit later.
  10. You don't see it often, but it's never far from their minds. Moiraine ruled out the horizontal hugging as a method of controlling Rand by seeing that it ended in future disaster. There are several instances where it's mentioned by Aes Sedai that slipping one of their number into Rand's bed would be a good way to get him under control. Lan gets Aes-banged as part of his feel-good therapy.
  11. Or, if I may be as forward as a Saldean farmgirl at harvest, maybe you just can't get babies that way.
  12. I'd suspect that it could be used that way intentionally, but it doesn't do it inherently. It wouldn't be much of a stretch at all to imagine the herb ladies that are in every single city/village having a common remedy that prevents such troubles, for the Powered and unPowered alike.
  13. And would you end up with a liquid, completely unable to transport oxygen? Or would it solidify the entire bloodstream, leaving you with a perfect model of the circulatory system? I suspect the first, but if a chain fuses, then perhaps the second....
  14. I'm on to A Crown of Swords now, and while the cover art is much more subdued (yay), it brings up a question I've been curious about for a while.... Did they pay a bunch of hobos some cheap booze to bind these books? I think tEotW is the only paperback in the series that isn't falling apart in some way. For aCoS, Chapter 14 and beyond are completely separated from the rest of the book, though mostly still glued to itself. I'm going to lose the first few pages of 14 the first time I try reading outside on a windy day though. I can't recall which has which, but between Fires and Shadow Rising, one of them has the cover completely separated, and one has the back cover torn off because the cover started to unglue and catch on everything weirdly. The other books in the series that aren't mid-self-destruct are well on their way to starting. Every read through causes a few more pages to separate more from the glue and hang on by their last precious half inch. I like to think I'm not terribly rough on books, but this series alone seems to crumble at my touch. Every other series I have is holding up fine. Anybody else share my experience, or am I secretly a monster? Well, me and Maedelin, the Book-Bender.