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  1. Or maybe replace the Dragon. It's pondered in the past that the whole white tower couldn't have stopped Mashadar. Would the Forsaken have fared any better? *I seriously doubt this was considered, but it's neat to think about.
  2. Well, from a biological point of view, nearly every primate that I'm aware of spends its life trying to break the menstrual cycle in one way or another.
  3. And Shadar Haran, who was completely unutilized in anything that mattered, but surely deserves a mention for his "potential" danger.
  4. I wonder if, on the topic of Perrin crafting Mjölnir, BS ever said he was thorry.
  5. Fain probably deserves a mention. Not for being the most skilled, but the topic says dangerous.
  6. I thought Padan Fain was shaping up to be something interesting, then... Nothing really happened with him. He was brought to the final battle and killed by BS off out of a sense of obligation I suppose, but did he do anything that mattered in the last half of the series? If Perrin had managed to kill him off in the Two Rivers would that have been a better ending for him? And does anybody disagree, and think that Blackwind Faindeith learning about vaccines was a fitting end for the 14 book long buildup?
  7. But was there even enough non-Perrin stuff to believe he'd still have existed? My memory's a bit hazy on the Slayer matter but I can't think of anything he did that had to happen for the story to progress (at least, nothing that couldn't have happened slightly differently). Without the Wolf, the Wolfkiller wouldn't have been created.
  8. Good call with the Rand/Lanfear thing. I think it would've been interesting if that had been presented as something that actually went somewhere instead of just something to trigger her downfall.
  9. Sure was a lot of payoff with that one, right?
  10. Halima and Delena. It matched the raw, believable passion of the other romances, and was burned out of existence with balefire, setting an example that the others can only aspire to. ...Sorry, but you covered the only tolerable ones. Even Rand/Min was a bit out there. "Well, I guess I'm going to love him anyway so I should probably just love him." Mat and Tuon may not cause a lot of swooning, but at least they interacted in some significant manner before magically being in love.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steam_explosion " A steam explosion is an explosion caused by violent boiling or flashing of water into steam, occurring when water is ... heated by the interaction of molten metals " You might wanna stand back a bit.
  12. This makes me think immediately of the Soul Rider series. If "nonbinary protagonists" is a factor I'd definitely recommend it. I was a bit young when I read it so I can't really give an intellectual, worldly review of it but I enjoyed it. The magic system was fairly unique and it's got gender fluidity in spades. I think it would be easy to read certain excerpts and assume it's sexist in various ways but I seem to recall the takeaway being more like "hypersexualized nymph is just as valid an orientation as any other permutation", and it goes over quite a few of the permutations. (non-referer link, don't buy here, but it says "free with audible trial" so maybe you'll be interested - https://www.amazon.ca/Spirits-Flux-Anchor-Soul-Rider/dp/B071Z5H6HR/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537887015&sr=8-1&keywords=flux+and+anchor ) Probably your best bet is to find a copy in a library. If anybody else is familiar with the series I'd appreciate hearing their thoughts on it too.
  13. 1. Bela 2. Bela 3. Bela 1. The Bela Rising 2. The Gathering Bela 3. A Memory of Bela
  14. Obviously nobody has considered the fact that the dead are still walking the earth. Rand merely needed to realize that his pipe was lit because it was in actuality aflame on the funeral pyre with his corpse.
  15. Yeah, it's pretty conclusive. Purple is the colour of people's faces. "The first time Thom returned-with a second purple bruise on the other cheek" "his eyes were closed and a bloody gash on the side of his head was coming up in a purple lump." "Her hair was all in disarray, her head scarf gone, and a purple lump marred her cheek." "A purple lump the size of a hen's egg stood out beside Juilin's eye" "Areina was the youngest of the three, with steady blue eyes in a face bruised purple" "Shaidar Haran turned its attention back to the woman twitching in its fist. Her face was beginning to go purple" "Slowly Nynaeve's face turned purple" Edit: This is now my thing that I've noticed about Randland. Edit 2: Master Gill's cat is orange-and-white.
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