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  1. I approve of any summary that includes the phrase "biyatch". A+++ Would consider as valid justification for a poorly used plot point again.
  2. That makes a lot more sense than Rand subconciously using his power to outwit and overpower a Forsaken with his newbie-moves. I'd forgotten that T'a'r was a place that people could go to. That also counters my unspoken quibble about Ishamael creating a fake mother that would make him feel better once saved. That probably explains a few of the things that I didn't like about the scene. I'll give the ending another re-read tonight with that in mind. I still don't think it'll make it a great ending, but at least I think it'll help me fit the ending in the established world.
  3. It's been a decade or so since I've read the series and I never did get past... whichever book it is where literally nothing happens, and the Aes Sedai all stand around a field. (Description may be inaccurate, but damnit, I remember what I remember), so anyway, time for a re-read. I enjoyed most of tEotW well enough, seeing lots of things that jogged my memory, enjoyable threads set spinning this early, so on and so forth. But then it came to the end. (Um... Eye spoilers, ahead) The ending really didn't mesh well at all with anything i remember of the story going forward. The one Forsaken death was fine, Green Man valiantly sacrificed himself to take out somebody underestimating him. One down. Then Aginor just decided to explode for no reason? Was I tired when I read it and missed a few pages, or was his death seriously a one-liner "and then flames came out of his mouth"? And flamey non-real-DarkOneDude. "Aha, I am evil! Serve me!" "No, I like puppies and rainbows, and flaming swords!" "Aha, I remain evil!" "Woah, dude, be careful with your vacuum cleaner cord here, somebody's gonna trip over it." "NOOOO, YOU HAVE FOUND MY ONE TRUE WEAKNESS WHICH I HAVE INEXPLICABLY FAILED TO ATTEMPT TO DEFEND IN ANY SIGNIFICANT MANNER! I'M MELTING! MELLLLLLLLL TIIIIIIIING" OH, WHAT A WORLD!" Three Forsaken down, without Rand even breaking a sweat. I mean, he didn't have the knowledge of Lews Therin guiding him to any inexplicable feats of wonder. He swung a flaming sword at an undefended garden hose (of eeeevil). Did RJ just not have everything worked out yet? Did he not know how to write himself out of the corner of "inept farmboy confronted by 3 living legends and masters of their art"? Am I alone in being underwhelmed by this ending? The heroes won because the heroes had to win, not because of any ingenuity or valour on their parts. I mean, I guess it's passable fantasy fare but based on my memories of the series I just had my expectations set higher.